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BBC1 London

4:30pm-5:15pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 15 Episode 14/20

Antiques Road Trip

In Southport, Merseyside, Christina Trevanion makes a purchase with a Scouting connection, while James Braxton takes a gamble on two Cantonese jardinieres, one of which is damaged

Category: Antiques/Collectibles

BBC1 London
4:30pm-5:15pm (45 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments


Because serrell was making a loss and all profits are for charity, its occurred to me that perhaps "the bids on the book "are in fact the producers of the programme.
suspicious.   8:15am Wed 18 Oct


Serrell had such luck a terracotta pair of lions so cracked and filled with white polifiller. He paid £100 for them and some idiot paid £480 its beyond belief??????
CORKY.   9:57am Tue 17 Oct


Serrell and friend today, look out for another load of tripe. Half price paid on most, and pittences made for the poor old charity.
Q.C.   2:33pm Mon 16 Oct


Bare feet and rolled up trousers. James braxton was the weirdo.
magpie.   7:03pm Fri 13 Oct

the cackling hen

Not bothered to watch the programme this week, l cannot stand the Cackling Hen, ie trevino, she is so up herself, shes almost as bad as weirdo Raskin,
MIKEM   4:29pm Fri 13 Oct

Double acts

I like thesee double acts as there is always plenty of humour. Going out and about is good and the banter with the sellers is cheery too. A very easy going afternoon prog.
reuben   5:29pm Wed 11 Oct


Lets face it if Christina cannot beat Braxton she may as well pack it in and stick to auctioneering.
PEPY   6:19pm Tue 10 Oct


Christina delightful but no expert, J. Braxton a twin brother of Benny Hill with his cap on backwards, looks like an accident waiting to happen??
CAPYBARA.   6:45pm Sun 8 Oct


Experts? Hansen and Raskin Sharp compete waste of time, god help the charity that would have to rely on them. Pair of childish idiots, would someone please replace them.
MORTIMER.   10:06am Sat 7 Oct


bring on the next two - don't bother!
taffy   4:14pm Fri 6 Oct