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6:25am-6:50am Thu 12 Oct

Coronation Street

Kevin gets annoyed when Sally keeps standing him up, and Hilda is sad to find her old friend Ada is in hospital

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

6:25am-6:50am (25 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

misery guts.

Cannot stand Marys daughter in law. Miserable cow.
jade   10:31pm Mon 16 Oct


Chesney in hospital and that irritating child Summer in hospital. Each picked up on coronation street in separate ambulances as the same time. Then turn over to EastEnders, Jayne and Stacey both in hospital. I fail to understand how Max is allowed to wander in and out as he pleases.
Unbelievable   9:22pm Mon 16 Oct

Scottish connection

Two of the current storylines are very similar to those in River City from about three years ago. Did one of the Corrie scriptwriters, used to write for that show ?
Observant   8:07pm Mon 16 Oct

Say no more

Dimwit Sinead, creepy Phelan, deadly Ches, boring Peter......need I say more?
Briggsy   7:59pm Mon 16 Oct

Re. The so-called Chef's whites

What about Kevin Webster' is overalls? Not a sign of any grease! In the early programs in the 90's he was covered from head to foot in oil and grease after a days work!
EJ   3:23am Mon 16 Oct

Vic Reeves

never has been funny!
reuben   5:33pm Sun 15 Oct

Vic Reeves.

What's the point of having vic Reeves in the soap? Trying too hard to be funny and failing big time. Stick him in phelans cellar along with Sean and then have phelan forget that they are there.
janey.   12:36pm Sun 15 Oct

Irish Connection

Interesting to see Liam Reid from Red Rock, appear as an angry husband in Friday's episode.
Surprised   7:41pm Sat 14 Oct

Clever boy Pat

Reading the comments, I must be the only viewer enjoying Pat Phelan's horror story. There are many twists and turns, including Daniel being outsmarted by a superior mind, albeit a diabolical one. Some very clever thinking going into the programme now.
Joyce Farnworth   6:26pm Sat 14 Oct

Andy and the Impossible

How is Andy alive? I mean, it's unreal, despite the fact that Phelan feeds him. How has is gone unnoticed or questioned since the beginning of the year? I've never even seen him eat a full meal down there, so how is he still in a masculine shape despite probably not eating a lot? I bet he stinks down there too..
Stephanie   10:27am Sat 14 Oct