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1:30pm-1:45pm (15 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
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Show Comments

put up job?

11 year old boards plane without ticket while out shopping with mum- 'distraught' mum sells story to tabloid - sounds iffy or what - reminiscent of child 'kidnap' case!
doubletake   7:00pm Thu 26 Jul


It takes over BBC look east today! There are places outside london...
'   6:54pm Wed 11 Jan

smashin time

lik wii dem riters smashin up nice peeps stuf? if dey wona protes den wii dem not rite da pry meensta?
jagzi   12:06am Wed 10 Aug

no riz ?

pity. she's a top bird.. I'd buy her fish n chip supper any day :p
more Tea vicar ?   6:43pm Tue 24 May


biased. tory lackeys. capitalist apologists.
seb the rabbit   6:33pm Mon 28 Mar


did you hear about the invading turnips? Really weird story lol
emily turnip   1:18pm Thu 14 Oct

BBC bias

sadly the BBC is no longer the champion of 'political neutral' in news & programming.It is far too biased to left wing/nu-labour & this is a disgrace.
mongoose   4:50pm Mon 13 Sep

what i would do

for an evening with riz, louisa and wendy
news-watcher   6:30pm Fri 2 Apr

Jim and the paranoid posters

Try telling your doctor this and see where it gets you. Probably a section under the mental health act.
Mick   6:17pm Wed 31 Mar


The BBC is a propaganda machine for war criminals.
Jim   6:20pm Fri 29 Jan