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4:30pm-5:01pm Tue 12 Dec
Season 7 Episode 26

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Shadow Play-Part 2 With Starswirl and the other Pillars of Old Equestria back from limbo, Twilight and all of her friends must work together to defeat the Pony of Shadows. Part 2 of 2

Category: Cartoons/Puppets

Tiny Pop
4:30pm-5:01pm (31 minutes)   Tue 12 Dec

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Show Comments

While task

I'll ask to need suckers. What are you gonna to do...baked? Mirror: Behold a lot.
Show it a pad   5:04pm Fri 3 Jun

My Little Pony Friendship

Favourite program ever.
Michelle   4:19pm Mon 23 May

Small projects

#Doo-doo-do# Woooo!
Granddaughters   9:17am Sat 14 May

best show to date

Excellent show! Its a shame its getting aired on boomerang and not on cartoon network. But still appreciate that were lucky enough to watch it in the first place for every pony to see :)
vipermk2   4:51pm Wed 29 Jun