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8:00pm-8:30pm Mon 13 Nov


Phil receives confirmation that Luke is Willmott-Brown's son, and when he informs Kathy she begs him not to tell their son about her rape ordeal. The Carters come to a decision about the Vic, leaving Mick to make an unwelcome announcement to the regulars. Bex continues to make trouble for Sonia and Gethin, prompting the teacher to call her bluff - something he may quickly regret

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

BBC1 Digital
8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes)   Mon 13 Nov
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Show Comments

What a load of

Absolute tosh
Mary   8:01pm Thu 16 Nov


Abby looked very slim when she was wearing Lauren's wedding dress. Then announced she was 19 weeks pregnant!!!
Unbelievable   6:59pm Wed 8 Nov


have EE producers gone to the local schools in the area and hired 13 year olds to write the stories , cause thats how they are coming accross
chippers   1:00pm Fri 3 Nov


Has turned into complete tosh Can't be bothered with it now
Mary   9:04am Sun 29 Oct


That posh family that max is involved with are very "james bond" and very unrealistic for the usual eastenders. They need to scrap this storyline!
L. Lee   10:28am Fri 27 Oct

boring eastenders

Sad that after watching eastenders since it started that im not bothered if i ever watch it again its not that down to earth tv show it used to be get rid of wilmot brown and his family they dont fit in its all to far fetched and not belielable and so boring
bonnie love   10:19pm Thu 26 Oct


Jayne Beale missing? Please don't bring her bk cause it's highly likely she will return with that awful character bobby Beale (Chucky doll) with her and then we are back at square one with another dragged out boring saga "yawn"
Lollypop   7:26pm Mon 23 Oct

Exciting times

Can't wait for xmas episode as all these 3 soaps for the past couple of years thanks to the brainless writers have managed to drag them down to the point of cringeworthy storylines I'm on the edge of my seat perhaps that awful bobby beal will return or "someone will die" that's the usual one or boring!! Or wait for ur max will turn out to really be a woman.
Cooperman   7:09am Mon 16 Oct

Eastenders goes GWTW

Thursdays episode half expected Mick to turn around and say to Linda, "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"! Dah daaaah dah dah!! Who's writing this stuff!!?
Elle   12:20am Fri 13 Oct


Tonights Eastenders has got to be the worse so far. The story lines are boring and unbelievable
canspur   12:16am Fri 13 Oct