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7:20pm-8:00pm Sun 12 Nov
Season 15 Episode 16

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing: The Results Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman reveal the results of last night's viewers' votes, and the two couples with the lowest combined scores from the judges and the audience must compete in a dance-off to retain their place in the contest. Plus, music from Seal and a special Remembrance Day performance by the professional dancers, accompanied by the RAF Spitfires Choir

Category: General Show/Game Show

BBC1 London
7:20pm-8:00pm (40 minutes)   Sun 12 Nov

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Show Comments

Bad move.

Well the producers must be really pleased with Craig and Shirley, getting rid of the most exiting dancer was not a great move guys.
music fan   9:00am Mon 6 Nov

Bye Bye

stinkysock   12:49pm Sun 1 Oct


Same sex partners ? oh yes please, two men doing the Rhumba would make my Saturday night.... jeeeezz...
music fan   11:18am Fri 29 Sep

Leave out the Dancing

Why have dancers AND singers at the same time? The singing/group should be able to hold their own, ON their own. I find the dancing very distracting so one ends up neither appreciating the singing nor the dancing. Wated talent all round.
Flick   5:46pm Sat 17 Dec

Enough of this crap!

Two and a quarter hours of this! Thankfully the last in the series. Hopefully the last ever.
Lionel   10:15am Sat 17 Dec

Quelle Surprise

Uncle Len's godchildren are both in the final......
get real   7:46pm Sun 11 Dec

Tardis time.

I like Strictly, but Elaine Page singing don't cry for me Argentina !!!! jeez, I felt like I was in a time warp.
music fan   3:53pm Mon 5 Dec


I was going to say how insulting it is to the performer to clap every move the dancers make until I heard EP murder the song that helped her career. Save the applause for the end and EP should stick to her radio show nowadays.........
get real   7:43pm Sun 4 Dec


Good point. It makes sense. Sorry jez but I believe folk only vote once anyway with the cost of calls, time factor etc.
get real   10:48pm Sat 3 Dec

Very good

Such an entertaining show.
J   6:44pm Sat 3 Dec