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8:30pm-9:00pm Mon 13 Nov

Coronation Street

Billy shocks Todd with a confession, and Fiz faces the wrath of Beth. Elsewhere, Toyah persuades Angie to be honest with Jude

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

ITV London
8:30pm-9:00pm (30 minutes)   Mon 13 Nov
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Show Comments


like everyone is saying the stories are silly and unbelievable specially phelan how can anyone keep believing his excuses ,coro is not the same poor writers .
floss   9:20am Thu 16 Nov

What's going on?

The gay scenes are even worse than the Phelan story. What on earth is going on?? Cool it.
Nick   10:39pm Wed 15 Nov


More gay scenes. Its gone mad
Sj   7:59pm Wed 15 Nov


wasn't it good without him?
mogul   7:51pm Wed 15 Nov

The Young Girl and the Vicar

Enough Said !
EJ   9:29pm Tue 14 Nov

Give the writing to grown ups

Please bring Corrie out of the playground,the teenage antics (the fight)boring. And sort out the living arrangements ,iv lost track of who's living with who
Sad   6:48pm Tue 14 Nov


I was totally bored with the episodes on Monday night. Billy is the most uninteresting person and the sight of him continually crying put me right off.
charlotte.   2:57pm Tue 14 Nov


Summer and liv from emmerdale look and act very similar. Both miserable, pouty teens, with gay guardians.
Mel   12:33pm Tue 14 Nov

What !!!!!

Well Summer really is in safe hands, walking in on two men in bed, ones an arsonist and con man, the other a robbing thug of a vicar, I hope social services are watching LOL. It's gone beyond laughable.
music fan   8:16am Tue 14 Nov


Kind of twisted mind writes this garbage? Did we really need to see Michelle drag Robert back into the bedroom , the fight scene was a joke. And the vicars story !!! Enough said !
Unbelievable   9:11pm Mon 13 Nov