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9:00pm-10:00pm Wed 15 Nov
Season 13 Episode 7/14

The Apprentice

Advertising - Cars Candidates have to create advertising campaigns for a new car in Essex, splitting into two teams - one half producing a television advert and the other creating a digital billboard advert. For one of the groups, a confusing car name and a strange choice of advertisement location causes them difficulty, while the others are led off course by a lack of direction. The finished campaigns are pitched to industry experts, before Lord Sugar eliminates one candidate from the competition

Category: Challenge/Reality Show

BBC1 London
9:00pm-10:00pm (1 hour )   Wed 15 Nov

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Show Comments

Candidate interviews.

If Lord Sugar really needs to have people pointing him in the right direction like the bald headed aggressive interviewer we witnessed on Wednesday; then there's little hope for him, his reputation, or his businesses.
nowanexapprenticefollower   1:15pm Thu 18 Dec


The team met Alan Sugars specification and it was disappointing to see he wasn't man enough to admit the issue was the spec
jo   10:43pm Wed 3 Dec


Lord Sugar screwed up this evening. Be more specific! Surely this is an important business trait. As is admitting when you've got it wrong.
Dr Dave   10:10pm Wed 3 Dec

BBC waste of money

Pathetic wouldn't watch this again
Chris   9:23pm Wed 17 Jul

What is this world coming to?

Have you seen the inappropriate and unprofessional pictures of Luisa all over the internet? And she is a business woman? She has clearly had it on a plate by her parents. Francesca is the most honest and has managed to work hard from nothing. There are also plenty of online cake shops!! If Luisa wins, I would say the entrepeneural world has gone mad. Apprentice has gone down in my estimations.
bimbo with brains   9:27am Fri 12 Jul

The winner gets

2 shares in Amstrad. Alan Sugar is a hairy cornflake
Over rated   3:39pm Wed 19 Jun

Alun Shugar

Is worse than Symun Kowull.
I do NOT pay the BBC a penny!   3:43pm Tue 11 Jun

For the winner

A place on the board at Amstrad lol
Proper graduate   2:56pm Wed 5 Jun


suppose on the whole the majority of these people will have successful careers, however this bunch seem to me to be quite frankly totally incompetent. I suppose being a laughing stock in their eyes is considered a good career move, personally i would not have employed and certainly would not even considered going into business with ant of them.
TOPWAK (THE VOICE OF REASON)   2:41pm Wed 29 May


The teams were asked to buy an OUD, but didn't know what is was and failed miserably to find it. I am 68 years of age with no business experience and it took me 10 seconds to spot the correct item on Google images. Can I be considered for next years show as I seem to possess what's lacking with some of the young whiz kids - common sense.
OwdhamAlf   9:43pm Tue 28 May