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8:00pm-8:30pm Mon 13 Nov
Season 24 Episode 17/37

University Challenge

The second round of the student quiz begins, with two teams of four pitting their wits against one another as they attempt to secure a place in the quarter-finals. Jeremy Paxman asks the questions

Category: Quiz Show

BBC2 London
8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes)   Mon 13 Nov

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Show Comments

University challende

Best quiz show
Yolo63   2:36pm Mon 1 Aug


siwan   7:56pm Mon 15 Feb

Change of date

I am really angry that UC has moved from tonight to I know not when. Why do they do this!?
Edward Wilson   7:41pm Mon 15 Feb

Where is it?

Monday evening and no UC. Why not?
stowjac   7:29pm Mon 15 Feb


Bug JP with a crowbar. He'd love it.
Challenger   7:50pm Mon 8 Feb

Wrong answer accepted

Since when is ethyne (C2H2) the same as ethane (C2H6)? The gas produced when by Calcium Carbide and water is Acetylene or Ethyne. Paxo accepted Ethane as an equivalent. He definitely doesn't know all the answers and is unable to differentiate between similar sounding but totally different chemicals.
Notevenachemist   8:45pm Mon 28 Dec

Where is Univesity Challenge ???

Why is it not on tonight - this is unfair - I do not want to watch Nigella at Christmas . Stop playing about with our programme times!!!
Entheo   8:22pm Mon 14 Dec


miserable phd Nuffield oldies using deliberate delaying tactics to beat nice young Warwick. Shame. Deduct points for delay and age over 21.
einstein   8:33pm Mon 9 Nov


Jeremy is expected by privately he's downright despicable.
Parky   7:03pm Mon 2 Mar


I preferred UC in the days of Bamber when most of the students were under 21 - now we have oldies who surely should have the advantage of age and experience. Do wish Paxman would stop fidgeting in his chair, particularly at the start. Surely he can't be nervous.
Dave   6:48am Mon 15 Dec