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7:00pm-8:00pm Sun 10 Dec

The Andrew Marr Show

The political journalist presents a round-up of the week's stories, interviewing key figures and leafing through the Sunday papers

Category: General News/Current Affairs

BBC Parliament
7:00pm-8:00pm (1 hour )   Sun 10 Dec

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Show Comments

Oh yes!

Great ....your back!
Biba   6:32pm Sat 3 Sep


Such a prat. Avoid.
Niklas   3:18am Sun 11 Oct

Interview. ian duncad smith.

I thin that the tory party will be called a lot of ISMS that have not been invented yet.
Dutch.   10:59am Sun 15 Feb

9 Feb14

Cheap Folk/Bob Dylan imitation...What is the BBC thinking of?
Ose Hammah   11:00am Sun 9 Feb


It was Sting who sang at the end
bert   10:20am Sun 8 Dec

roll me up and smoke me when i die

HELP PLEASE..who sang the song at the end of the show, roll me up and smoke me when i die
cjrocknroll   10:03am Sun 28 Apr

Susan Chaple

really missing Andrew he is one of the best presenters on Television one of the few programmes I watched because of him Bravo hope he gets better soon !
Dragon Lady   8:39pm Sat 26 Jan

The name of that woman?

Who's that woman first guest who was smiling when talking about people into troubles???
Worldmusicjp   9:29am Sun 20 Jan


Last week the trail promised Rory Bremner. Where was he? Why no explanation?
Frankie   10:26am Sun 16 Dec

What's happened

AGAIN! My harmless?? comments have been rejected (from another page.No,not this one)-I like giving my opinion but?... Where can I read your 'rules of acceptability?'
sharp stick   10:22am Sun 1 Apr