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12:30pm-1:00pm Sat 9 Dec


A guide to the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news

Category: Computers/Internet/Gaming

BBC News
12:30pm-1:00pm (30 minutes)   Sat 9 Dec

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Show Comments

Spencer Kelly

Spencer Kelly is amazing in using his bland monotone voice to be both patronising and condescending at the same time.
George   2:00pm Sat 18 Feb

New Titles Please

The opening titles are so boring they should update them especially as they are a technology programmne
Ed   10:42pm Fri 13 Sep


Bfield3   2:17am Sun 1 Apr

????? where's the film

This is bringing up a link to watch 'Click' not the movie but the tv show :( i want adam sandler
kerry   5:25pm Sat 25 Feb


bf3 game
bf3   2:09am Sun 18 Sep


BATTLEFIELD 3   2:07am Sun 18 Sep

Are you all stupid?

This is a GREAT improvement on the gadget show (or should i say 'Vaji show'). If its interrupted, watch it online! And to all the morons who thought this was a Sandler film, wake up and read the other comments!
Filmhead   9:40am Wed 15 Jun


same old shit presented by same old 'banker-crowd' type presenters who's indepth experience of computers extends as far as the user manual. Half of the presenters can't even speak properly.
NeverBetOnASure thing   1:53am Mon 18 Apr

luv this!!!!!1

best show on tv. i lik it wen adam sandlar uses the remmote control to turn down his Mother in law lol1
mo ron   2:20am Sun 16 Jan

Useless information

This program is propaganda, I saw a recent episode in which they spoke to the Chairman of Symantec. He claimed everyone needs anti virus! (this might be true to a degree) But the truth is most viruses/spyware/adware & malware is all installed via ActiveX scripting in your Internet Browser. Until a scripting exploit is known then anti virus is pointless as a form of protection against these types of install.
Feed The Pigeon   4:13am Sun 5 Dec