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9:00am-11:00am Tue 12 Dec

Victoria Derbyshire

Daily news and current-affairs programme offering discussion of breaking stories, exclusive interviews and audience interaction via social media

Category: News Magazine/Current Affairs

BBC News
9:00am-11:00am (2 hours )   Tue 12 Dec

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Show Comments

Unrelenting misery

OK, we must confront some of the demons of everyday life. Yes, they are uncomfortable. But this programme is wall-to-wall relentless misery. There may be some that take pleasure in the misery of others (not me) and even some that make a living from the misery of others. Please pepper the prog with lighter stuff. Life is not all misery!
Harpic   9:03am Thu 5 Oct

stupid woman.

Monroe bergdorf reckons Cheryl whatserface is racist, as she does all white people. Cheryl was once married to Ashley Cole, the last time I looked he was black.
jeanie.   2:50pm Tue 5 Sep

Lovely Stuff

Essential viewing to keep abreast of current affairs.
Richard White   4:38pm Sat 8 Oct

Todays show

I was so taken aback by the story of Zane, what a tragedy, I would like to know more about this couples plight & see if there was something I could do to help their 'battle' Good luck to them xxx
Essie   11:27am Thu 10 Mar


Excellent and informative and interesting
Terry Flamer   4:11pm Fri 13 Nov

Joanna Gosling...

Was engaging, I actually enjoyed watching the show after work when she was presenting.
former gambling addict   2:31am Sun 6 Sep


Harry Bonard   8:57am Wed 12 Aug


Why oh why are the BBC simulcasting this on BBC2 & also BBC News? THIS SHOW SHOULD NOT BE ON BBC NEWS - Let it air on BBC 2 or wherever and get back to rolling News on the BBC News channel
henry barnard   2:37am Mon 29 Jun