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9:00pm-9:30pm (30 minutes)   Sun 10 Dec

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Show Comments

Martine Croxall

Is quite nice too :)
Steven T. Breen   4:47pm Tue 13 Oct

Karin still reading?

Its been a while since i last saw Karin Giannone reading the late night news. Is she still reading it or have bbc swapped newscasters?
another Karin fan   4:28pm Mon 3 Aug

Karin Giannone

is gorgeous
Ro   3:49am Thu 11 Dec


ABC's version of world news... 90% american 10% iraq. despite the clearly misguided title, its still an apealing show with a warmer appeal and heartyer glow than BBCs outake on the news, always worth a watch 8/10
Richie2k3   3:56am Fri 5 Sep