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12:30am-1:00am Thu 14 Dec


Interviews with newsmakers and personalities from across the globe

Category: Interview

BBC News
12:30am-1:00am (30 minutes)   Thu 14 Dec

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Show Comments

MILES BETTER on Ukraine,,,

the discussion here is miles better than that on RT-Crosstalk. Some honest questions aimed at BOTH sides would do RT well, instead of the poor mans' propanganda they are indulging in. Way to go HARDTALK!!
tubby   10:52am Tue 11 Mar

ID Interviewee!

i would be nice to know who he is talking to!!!
Kit   12:55am Fri 22 Nov

Terrible show!

This has to be the most epically inane show ever to foul up our tv screens.
breenman   12:07am Wed 18 May

Great programme

Its very true. Discipline is the key things to inculcate in kids
baby   1:07pm Thu 10 Feb


Always a treat to watch HardTalk- even at 4.30am! Justine Roberts from Mumsnet was particularly good. As one of many Grandpas, we need to look after our MUMS.
Friendly_Frank   8:28am Mon 5 Apr


He's got the former AU PM on. What an arrogant bigot and racist. Do the people over here know how much he is hated down under?
P Garrett   4:54am Fri 30 Oct


"Why is HARD in all capitals? is that some kind of innuendo?"...if you don't tell Sackur the truth he beats you to pulp with his boney hands.
B.B.   6:12pm Sun 24 May


Why is HARD in all capitals? is that some kind of innuendo?
Rogar   4:17am Mon 1 Dec


Staggeringly confusing with pretty lame introductions but some interesting talk and it makes Sackur seem like the most intelligent man on the planet.
shabba   1:49am Fri 3 Oct


This Sackur is good. It's so low key yet he traps them time and again - as he did with that reprehensible campaign manager for Barack Hussein Obama
Obama Never   4:45am Tue 29 Apr