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6:00pm-6:30pm Mon 12 Feb

Home and Away

The pressure on Robbo builds as Kat testifies via a video link from the police station, Roo learns she has fractured vertebra and Ryder and Raffy discover a dead body in the sand

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

Producer: Lucy Addario


Jackie Ellis Rachael Coopes  (IMDB)
Mason Morgan Orpheus Pledger  (IMDB)
Brody Morgan Jackson Heywood  (IMDB)
Peggy King Caroline Gillmer  (IMDB)
Ava Gilbert-Lee Grace Thomas  (IMDB)
Irene Roberts Lynne McGranger  (IMDB)
Leah Patterson-Baker Ada Nicodemou  (IMDB)
Claire Burns Di Adams  (IMDB)
Willow Harris Sarah Roberts  (IMDB)
Beth Ellis Annaliese Apps  (IMDB)
Brian Gilbert Tom O'Sullivan  (IMDB)
Tori Morgan Penny McNamee  (IMDB)
Hunter King Scott Lee  (IMDB)
Marilyn Chambers Emily Symons  (IMDB)
Martin `Ash' Ashford George Mason  (IMDB)
Quinn Jackson Lara Cox  (IMDB)
Katarina Chapman Pia Miller  (IMDB)
Jarrod McGregor Joel Davies  (IMDB)
VJ Patterson Matthew Little  (IMDB)
Alan Ellis Blair McDonough  (IMDB)
Robbo Jake Ryan  (IMDB)
Coco Astoni Anna Cocquerel  (IMDB)
Nathaniel `Nate' Cooper Kyle Pryor  (IMDB)
Olivia Fraser Richards Raechelle Banno  (IMDB)
Raffaela Morrison Olivia Deeble  (IMDB)
Alf Stewart Ray Meagher  (IMDB)
Maggie Astoni Kestie Mrassi  (IMDB)
Scarlett Snow Tania Nolan  (IMDB)
Ziggy Astoni Sophie Dillman  (IMDB)
Diana Walford Sarah Chadwick  (IMDB)
Justin Morgan James Stewart  (IMDB)
Roo Stewart Georgie Parker  (IMDB)
Axel Boyd Matthew Pearce  (IMDB)
Ben Astoni Rohan Nichol  (IMDB)
Zac MacGuire Charlie Clausen  (IMDB)

Channel 5
6:00pm-6:30pm (30 minutes)   Mon 12 Feb
(Subtitles) (Repeat) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments


Home and Away and Neighbours are on turn the volume down 5 levels
Oscar   1:48pm Wed 15 Nov


must Australian actors always shout
Oscar   1:53pm Tue 1 Aug


do all Australians shout all the time
oscar   1:57pm Tue 25 Jul


I really hate leah & her horrible screeching voice,she so annoying.
Annabelle   4:17pm Fri 14 Jul

too loud

Why must australian actors shout, can't they talk quietly
oscar   3:07pm Tue 20 Jun


The Syndicate story is boring & ridiculous, I hope they end it soon. Was that John that started the fire?
Emmy   3:07pm Wed 15 Mar

Best Show On TV!

I have been watching home and away again as an adult for a year now, absolutely love it! Watch it in my lunch break at work the storylines are brilliant the cast are hot the back drop gorgeous and the acting good, what's not to like? The characters are also upbeat and it never gets boring as the cast is so big, love it!
nataless   6:11pm Sat 19 Nov

lazy staff

Would be better to give details of show rather than what we already know.(sun kissed......)
nick   12:35pm Wed 6 Jul

Utterly useless Channel 5

How can any advertiser put up with Channel 5 app which is so utterly, utterly, utterly useless !
Hatechannel5 app   11:16pm Mon 29 Feb

TV guide is wrong

Either Freeview has not updated correctly or this tv guide is wrong because home and away is not showing as on at 11.10am. Argh!
NoCommentComment   2:11am Sun 15 Mar