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1:10pm-1:45pm Mon 12 Feb


Debbie grows paranoid, Gabby continues to blackmail Daz, and Harriet demands answers

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

Series Producer: Iain MacLeod
Director: Alan Wareing
Executive Producer: John Whiston
Writer: Lesley Clare O'Neill


Debbie Dingle Charley Webb  (IMDB)
Daz Spencer Mark Jordon  (IMDB)
Harriet Finch Katherine Dow Blyton  (IMDB)
Gabby Thomas Rosie Bentham  (IMDB)

ITV2 +1
1:10pm-1:45pm (35 minutes)   Mon 12 Feb
(Subtitles) (Repeat) (Audio Described)

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No No

Liv and Gabby, Bob and Brenda & Laural, Arron and Robert, all of it so repetitive and boring. Now another scenario of gay teenagers, next one to turn will be Cain falling for Graham.
Jan-Ban   7:43am Sat 17 Feb


You are so right .I say it's time to pull the plug .the writers keep putting out utter crap.
Over it   11:07pm Thu 15 Feb

Love it/hate it!!

Love Emmerdale most of the time but Gabby and Liv? !! Bit much with such young teenagers.. Hope Robert and Aaron back on tho. But please get rid of creepy Lachlan! !
Mum of four.   7:37pm Thu 15 Feb


sick,twisted brainless writers what the hell are they playing at haven't we got enough gay senarios going on fgs absolutely sick of it so much after tonights teenage kiss that's it for me goodnight Emmerdale after 20 odd years of watching and writers do us all a favour and take up another profession
firefox69   7:53pm Wed 14 Feb

Teenagers Kissing!!!!!!

This is really bad taste teenagers kissing!!!! Too many gay scenes spoiling Emmerdale such a turn off and not acceptable viewing at this time.
Disgusted   7:30pm Wed 14 Feb

Oh no

please tell me we are not having young teenagers being GAY now. It's getting out of hand.
zena   7:24pm Wed 14 Feb


The writers are now creating more gay scenes wigh the child actors..... utter garbage
Sj   7:22pm Wed 14 Feb

had enough

Can't take anymore of this homosexual orientated garbage.Iv'e had enough.!!!!!!
stringers   2:31pm Wed 14 Feb

A new outfit,

everyday for Faye, can someone please tell me where she gets her money from, she never seems to work. She turned up in Emmerdale broke and homeless with nothing other than what she stood up in.
Jan-Ban   11:18am Sun 11 Feb

Von James

You have put into words my thoughts exactly. In fact the whole story line is a disgrace and I don't how much RESEARCH!!! they have done into the subject
zena   9:11am Sun 11 Feb