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7:00pm-10:30pm Wed 14 Feb

Live UEFA Champions League

Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool travel to Porto for the first leg of the UEFA Champions League last 16. The Reds have not reached this stage since beating Real Madrid 5-0 in 2009

Category: Football - Club

BT Sport 2
7:00pm-10:30pm (3 hours 30 minutes)   Wed 14 Feb

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Show Comments

nguyem tien

Xem ck cúp c1
nguyenvantien   6:53pm Sat 3 Jun

Cr7 king real win

Cr7 the king My hero until die
Pravincr7   2:31pm Mon 12 Sep


dog   8:01pm Tue 15 Sep


The most boring, one eyed, commentator on the box. Every home tackle is innocent, every opposition one is malicious. All delivered in a monotone. Surely ITV can put together a team that is both knowledgable & articulate.
Lafrowda   10:38am Tue 4 Nov

endless delays

You guys need more oomph in your service. More bandwidth? I don't know, I am no expert but with the video stopping so very often it makes football a real pain to watch.
tennisplayer   8:40pm Tue 30 Sep

everybody hates football

it's mindless cheating and betting scams
jeff   8:30pm Tue 1 Apr

wheres mr owen

the programme is lacking basic humour without us being able to laugh at michael owens thick comments. Bring back the other guy who seems to know everything
alun shearer   9:09pm Fri 21 Feb


I'd like to set the tv recorder so I can watch the game after work, but where is the broadcast schedue available? not here
rab2nd   6:28pm Sun 16 Feb


Some of us are blind and find this kind of commentary informative. It's better than the silence you get elsewhere .
boh   4:58am Tue 22 Oct


gareth southgate
hapnin lads   11:42am Tue 17 Sep