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8:30pm-9:00pm Mon 12 Mar

Coronation Street

Gemma and Tyrone resolve to forget their night together, Peter catches Billy red-handed, while Josh orders David to seek medical advice

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

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8:30pm-9:00pm (30 minutes)   Mon 12 Mar
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Show Comments

What has happened to.....

Leanne’s baby ? Has she forgotten it exists.
EJ   11:47pm Sat 17 Mar

Is this on purpose?

Is Kate Oates and everyone involved willing the soap to end?? As I can't watch anymore.
Mac   10:03pm Sat 17 Mar


I think Mr T and his alter ego are disturbed. Roll on down the years and.........well anyone's guess!!
gina   9:53pm Sat 17 Mar

So Sad

Well Said! My thoughts exactly!
Ros   7:42pm Sat 17 Mar

Time's Up! Kate Oates

Where on earth does this sick woman live that she feels that everyone in "The Street" should have a dark problem of some kind? I've watched this show for decades and she has managed to change it from a well acted humorous insight of daily life into some dark satanic underlife that exists in a small sector of society....Sorry Kate, but we don't all need it rammed into our living rooms to satisfy your sad perception of life. It simply doesn't reflect what most of us are accustomed to. IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE LOVE !!
So Sad   7:20pm Sat 17 Mar

Ms oates

Her mind is so disturbed that she would turn Mr tumble into a knife weilding maniac.
Sceptic.   6:00pm Sat 17 Mar

Time to remove

So Kate Oates thinks these dark stories need to be shown to raise awareness and discussion,this woman should get off her huge soap box and move on to eastenders where it's always been doom and gloom.but I do fear it may be too late for corrie as viewers are leaving in droves.
Bagpuss   1:11pm Sat 17 Mar

Katel Oates

Why is she stiil employed by corrie? She has destroyed it. Disgusting storylines one after the other. She turned Emmerdale into a dark soap while she was there. Do what they did, and get rid of her please corrie.Send her to Eastenders. Switching off, it's to upsetting to watch.
Mum of four.   12:45pm Sat 17 Mar

The Pits

Corrie writers can sink no lower. Such a shame that this is what they offer for a once loved show at peak family viewing time .
ex viewer   12:34pm Sat 17 Mar

Kate Oakes

Is misguided..... while we all accept that day to day issues good and bad should at some point drift into soap world, Corrie has now gone too far with the storylines. Most of us have enough reality in our own life's and soapland should uplift and entertain us for those 30 minutes. Corrie under this woman's tenure is not following that brief.....
Yawning   12:28pm Sat 17 Mar