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1:35pm-2:05pm Tue 13 Mar

Coronation Street

Gemma and Tyrone resolve to forget their night together, Peter catches Billy red-handed, while Josh orders David to seek medical advice

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

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1:35pm-2:05pm (30 minutes)   Tue 13 Mar
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Show Comments


Another one along with Summer. Can't understand a word he says.
Jeb   9:04pm Mon 19 Mar


The new docs really down with the peasants.... as if!!!
Sj   7:54pm Mon 19 Mar

Goodbye corrie

I've watched corrie for years even watched it with my children I won't be watching anymore
Holly   11:21am Mon 19 Mar

Poor writing .contrieved lost humour

Life long watcher ,disappointed last 6months let’s throw the kitchen sink at it ,very poor contrieved writing with no humour of northern folk ,needs badly shaken up and all need to get back to the roots of what made this programme great
Mary   11:18am Mon 19 Mar

What kind of mind does MS Oats

And the writers are,disgusting in my opinion,Corrie no longer interests me,good soap gone bad
Mary   10:47am Mon 19 Mar


Sad that coronation street has changed almost beyond recognition. After 30 years I will no longer be watching now. Ridiculous over the the top story lines, no humour and no redeeming characters.
Disillusioned   11:47pm Sun 18 Mar


Yes am quite amazed mine was printed I think far to many are binned for no good reason which is very unfair because after all we have taken the time to write them for others to see our thoughts.(wonder if this gets past big brother)or should I say Mary whitehouse !!!
Bagpuss   9:00pm Sun 18 Mar


Are you Kate oates?
Sceptic.   8:59pm Sun 18 Mar


Are you mad?
Jeb   8:06pm Sun 18 Mar

Previous comment

Been trying to make a similar comment all day without success
Irritated   7:59pm Sun 18 Mar