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7:30pm-8:00pm Tue 13 Mar


The Taylors are tense following Mitch's visit, although Karen finds it difficult to resist his charm and invites him over for dinner, leaving Keegan and Keanu fuming. Ian arranges a drink with Mel on the pretence of updating her with business contacts but is taken back when Jack joins them - and things become even more embarrassing when he gets into an argument with Masood. A guilty Patrick attempts to return money from a bet he won against Ted

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

BBC1 Wales Digital
7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes)   Tue 13 Mar
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Show Comments


Do we have to put up with Launderette Lill's shenanigans?? About as alluring as Dot Cotton. More sex on the box....quell suprise!
gina   1:30pm Fri 16 Mar


Daniel Aspin need get a life! Oops couldn't resist that one.
gina   8:03am Thu 15 Mar

is Mick Carter

Eastenders Mick Carter is Bad Man and Daniel Aspin Love Linda Carter
Daniel   1:03am Thu 15 Mar

Cant watch Eastenders any longer

Used to love the show but its so boring now that I cant stand it.
RoxyMitchell   6:28pm Sat 10 Mar


The fans went wild and their hearts were racing according to the daily rags. I though it was more like a snowball fight at the ok corral!
gina   9:32am Sat 10 Mar

He's back!

What a brilliant episode from EastEnders tonight. Good old Phil! Excellent from all concerned. Danny Dyer is showing what he can do as well.
Jackdaw   10:57pm Fri 9 Mar

past characters

Why not bring back the Kray brothers. It happens with other people past.
Bella   10:27am Fri 9 Mar


I agree with previous comment it was my sentiments exactly with teeth in a jewellery box are they Ben's ?? Will Phil blow aiden into the atmosphere oh I do hope so cause this has got beyond ridiculous my friends have all switched off this once good soap but hey I mean a few years ago it's gone to pot sobi am now joining them bye bye EastEnders
Tickedoff   4:09pm Wed 7 Mar


I only get to watch this now and again but this is the worse ever. All this crap about gangsters and hit-men!! It's not the time of the Kray twins anymore. Find some more credible stories for once as I am losing the will to live with all the soaps.
don'tbelieveallyouread   9:08pm Tue 6 Mar

Die Hard Fan

I've watched Eastenders since episode one. Loved it and sometimes hated it, but the last 2 months have been terrible. We've had implausible storylines before, but this one has gone on for toooooo long. Please Eastenders, stop the pain, before i loose the will to live, like that poor woman in that coffin.... perhaps she'd been given the last 2 months scripts to read
Jax Rats   6:01pm Mon 5 Mar