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7:00pm-7:30pm Mon 12 Mar


Rebecca receives some devastating news that leaves her worrying about her future with Seb. Meanwhile, Gabby and Liv steal a vial of ketamine from Vanessa's bag and plot to spike Daz's drink, and Pollard remains apprehensive about living with Faith

Category: Soap/Melodrama/Folkloric

ITV London
7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes)   Mon 12 Mar
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Show Comments


Please when is the little creep going to get found out for murder? Can't watch while he carries on as normal watching poor Rebecca fall apart and showing no remorse. Hope it's not dragged out forever.
Mum of four.   7:34pm Sun 18 Mar

skin graft

Ross has a skin graft and they DON´T shave his beard off? What sort of hospital is that?
Kipper   1:24pm Sun 18 Mar


but please get rid of Gabby and Liv, the way Gabby is portrayed is, she is a budding psychopath, and Liv her weak follower, it is depressing watching these two,portray the youth of today.
Jan-Ban   8:28am Sun 18 Mar

Life goes on

Actually not watched this since the episode of the plane crash . Reading comments , Looks like not wasted many hours watching drivel
HAHAHA   11:07am Sat 17 Mar


Without being unkind, couldn't the writers bring in a storyline for Lisa to lose weight. Having suffered a heart attack it would be an ideal opportunity to get the message to overweight viewers.
Boz   11:40am Thu 15 Mar


Dreadful story gabby and Liv stealing vodka and various items .
Lil   6:44pm Wed 14 Mar


This show is now the pits.Can't they think of anything else but homosexual men and lesbians.
stringers   3:40pm Wed 14 Mar

Gaby and liv

Get rid of these two as they are brats and are bringing the programme down can’t stand them being in it please get rid or more people will switch of
Sara   7:49pm Tue 13 Mar

Moira's remarkable recovery

Has anybody else noticed Moira's dramatic turn round? She couldn't stand being at the so called"farm" after her daughter died. She had no intention of ever getting back with Cain. Pushed Emma to her death,lost her son and was leaving the farm to Ross and Pete. Now she's full of the joys of Spring and is as happy as a teenager in love. WOW!!!
Von James   9:15pm Mon 5 Mar

To stupid for words

Emmerdale as really lost it Jimmy stupid ,Nicolas stupid, Rishi stupid and the worst of all is Rodney he's past stupid get rid of him please.
Bird lady   5:15pm Sat 3 Mar