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9:35am-10:10am Thu 12 Oct
Season 9 Episode 3/24


The First Temptation of Daphne Daphne is furious to learn Niles is counselling an attractive female patient who is nursing an obsession of her own, while a chirping cricket drives Frasier to distraction. American comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves

Category: Sitcom

Channel 4
9:35am-10:10am (35 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments

Did You Know..?

As well as being part of the main cast of Frasier, actress Peri Gilpin also created Peri Peri sauce, a recipe she then sold to Nando's for a seven figure sum.
Clucking Bell   2:37pm Fri 17 Mar

Episode 20 of 24 Season 8

I am sure that the writers of this episode were familiar with the Somerset Maugham short story Mr Know All.
Eddie D   9:53am Thu 20 Oct

Great Show

It's a great show.
Dr Ross   6:28am Thu 13 Oct

Absolutely LOVE Frasier!!!

Can watch it endlessly. Best programme EVER!!!!
Sue C   9:16am Wed 2 Sep

Looking back

Looking back people will ask why they watched this drivel. Cheers was good and this character was a prat.
Fox   8:45am Mon 23 Feb

"Steptoe and Son"?

"Steptoe and Son"? Particularly this episode ...but still love it
Mattchew   10:01am Thu 30 May

Artifical Laughter

I find the so called applause on all these American programme shows very irritating,most of the American humor is not even remotely funny. The applause is clearly on a tape recording and is so artifical,the laughter is at the same level all the time. ANNOYING
Critic   10:41am Wed 23 Jan

Great show

I have seen every episode of all 11 series..Best US comedy ever!
Lileth   9:43am Mon 1 Nov

Simply the best

All I can say is it's simply the best comedy ever. It doesn't matter how low I'm feeling, a couple of episodes of frasier and I'm smiling. I don't think I could ever tire of watching it.
p00chie   1:18pm Sun 25 Apr

I'm Listening

One of the great TV programmes of all time. ive seen every episode at least twice but never get tired of watching again. Brilliant script, great timing and oh so funny. Only episodes I didn't like as much were the ones leading up to Daphnes elopement with Niles. But hey thats nitpicking. Sheer joy.
Andy Grahamme   8:52pm Fri 26 Mar