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6:00pm-7:00pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 3 Episode 3/6

Ray Mears' Extreme Survival

New Zealand Ray visits New Zealand, where he flies over the summit of Mount Cook to tell the tale of two climbers who survived in a snow-hole for a fortnight while blizzards raged outside. Rivers rise so fast in the country that early settlers called drowning `the New Zealand disease' - so Ray takes his life in his hands to show how a rucksack doubles up as a flotation device

Category: Documentary

Travel Channel
6:00pm-7:00pm (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct

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Show Comments

These two war vets

have been on the run more times than Del boy after a dicky curry. Get some new material Ray, or go and build a raft somewhere in the desert
hickery   3:26pm Wed 2 Mar


Why not go with Bear G and learn a few things
dod   6:44pm Sun 20 Feb

Cautionary tale

2 people got lost.
sid   6:11pm Wed 20 Oct


not very "extreme". But still very interesting
...   3:13pm Wed 14 Apr

Ray, Just hold on

we've all seen the film with Spencer Tracy and Robert Young. Show a repeat of where you make underwear from Birch Bark.
Bob   7:26pm Wed 7 Apr


Its because he's a "Lardarse"
links   8:27am Thu 10 Sep

Fat boy Slim 2

Thats because he stays in 5 star hotels when filming lol :P.
BearGrylls   2:53pm Sat 16 May

Fat boy Slim 2

Thats because he stays in 5 star hotels when filming lol :P.
BearGrylls   9:38am Sat 16 May


dunno - go back to sleep.
ZZZzzz   11:49pm Tue 2 Sep


whats the music at the beginning of the episode?
cal   10:38pm Thu 3 Apr