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8:00pm-9:05pm Wed 11 Oct

Film Dirty Dancing (1987)

A dance instructor at a 1960s resort hotel fears his career will be jeopardised when his regular partner is forced to pull out of an important show in which they are due to perform. Luckily, a naive teenager is happy to step in, and is treated to a whirlwind holiday education in life, love and expressing herself. Romantic drama, starring Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey and Jerry Orbach

Category: Historical/Period Drama

Certificate 12

8:00pm-9:05pm (1 hour 5 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct

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Film Comments

nil points.

Trying to improve on perfection and failing in spectacular fashion.
no one puts baby in a corner.   12:45pm Sun 18 Jun


No chemistry between main characters, baby can't dance and Johnny is far too arrogant with no charisma. Avoid
Busy mum   8:52pm Sun 11 Jun

Such a shame

Such a shame to spoil what was a brilliant film with this. I will watch the original over and over but could not watch this again even if paid to.
Porsche   8:17pm Sun 11 Jun


argos they did do a second dirty dancing, but it was set somewhere else and nowhere near as good as it had neither Swayze or Grey in it. Yaspaa i was born after 87 and i love it, i think it's more people who were born in the mid-nineties onwards hehehe
Hellz   3:55pm Sun 17 Jun


They love it because it is a feel-good romantic classic, I'm a guy and I know that. I would much rather watch this than the uncharismatic drivel that passes for romance films these days. if you were born after 87, there's your answer, you just don't get it.
Yaspaa   2:07pm Mon 27 Dec

its just about a dance contest

so.. meh.
Maddy   1:23pm Sun 20 Dec

dirty dancing

patrick swayze he is hot like the last dance at the off the film it is good
becky h   1:02pm Tue 3 Nov


Great Film !!!! RIP patrick swayze !! xx
Katie   9:03pm Sun 27 Sep


great love iot its the best i wishit was longer or if they did a number 2
argos   9:29pm Sun 21 Oct

dirty dancing

fantastic, Patrick Swayze at his best, yummy!!!!!!!!
nursesavage   7:31pm Sun 21 Oct