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7:55pm-10:05pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 1 Episode 4/8


The Frogs and the Lobsters The newly promoted lieutenant accepts a diplomatic commission as the war reaches a stalemate, and finds himself on French soil in the midst of a daring plot to overthrow the government. Swashbuckling adventure, starring Ioan Gruffudd, Robert Lindsay and Antony Sher

Category: General Movie/Drama

7:55pm-10:05pm (2 hours 10 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments

Missing Episodes!

Thanks to the re-runs, I discovered this gem of a series. But where were the episodes 'Retribution' and 'Duty' ?????
Annoyed!   8:10am Sat 16 Jul


This drudgery is finally at an end. Break out the bubbly. Good riddance.
Roy   3:47pm Fri 22 May

Inuendo at its highest, or is it lowest?

I'll blow your horn, if you know what i mean.
Yemenmann   9:56pm Tue 15 Apr

Scriptwriters - I spit on 'em

C S Forester's superb - nay classic - material is ruined by that strange breed, the scriptwriter, a sub-section of humanity entirely devoted to despoiling quality material in the name of televisual dumbing-down.
Roy   12:23am Wed 19 Mar