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6:45am-7:10am Thu 12 Oct
Season 4 Episode 23/25

The King of Queens

Eddie Money Doug and Deacon take $100 from the emergency fund to place a bet on a boxing match. But when they win $5,000, they have to spend it all in one day to stop Carrie finding out about the theft. Kevin James stars

Category: Sitcom

Channel 4
6:45am-7:10am (25 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments

One of the Best

Great sitcom, one of the best.
Yaspaa   12:31am Tue 11 Sep


love it about time america made a good comedy
sam   1:39am Thu 9 Dec


love it its trhe best show to watch in the morning, it wakes me up with laughter
sleeping beauty   11:27am Fri 26 Nov


This show is amazing with almost zero schmalz.
Yaspaa   7:15pm Tue 26 Jan

good as

about time the yanks had a good comedy
sam   1:23am Sat 9 Jan


Thought this was about danny la'rue
ree   10:16am Thu 22 Oct


kevin james is hilarious, if it was rerun like friends i'd watch it religously
matsui   5:24pm Thu 8 Oct


tacky and cheesy awful when you compare it to friends or frasier
tabby   7:22pm Tue 16 Dec


the programme offered a great vview of all of the characters, would have liked a betteeer ending for Hollie though, all in all good series. will miss it and look forward to what is left Re-runs
wassssssssssuuuuuuupppppppppppppp   4:11am New Years Day