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9:41pm-10:12pm Tue 12 Dec
Season 2 Episode 7/22

That's So Raven

Clothes Minded Principal Lawler puts Raven in detention to punish her for refusing to wear school uniform, so she retaliates by sabotaging the ventilation system. Raven-Symone stars

Category: General Children's/Youth

Disney Channel
9:41pm-10:12pm (31 minutes)   Tue 12 Dec

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Show Comments

that so raven

Thats so raven is sik mahn
bootiful_baybee   6:27pm Sun 30 Jan


amazing fantastic show
DisneyObsessed.x   9:02pm Wed 15 Sep


i like your close where do you get it from ye ye
mm   5:53pm Wed 18 Nov

raven bird

724 - 725   11:12am Wed 10 Dec

about you raven

you are outstanding and your vocie is good i would love to be on thir you rock raven and the othersxxx
robyn   12:49pm Mon 1 Dec

i love raven symone/that so raven

i love that so raven and the other films u do ur greatest fan mia 10 yrs xxxxxxxxxxxx
mia   8:46am Sat 21 Jun


i want to watch this episode
gtgtyyug   6:00pm Tue 3 Jun


Thanks but i actualy dont care about what any of you think of me or my program.
Raven   10:50pm Tue 20 May

your film is so funn y

raven i am a favoutive fan of that's so raven. my fav bit is when raven u always drop
chan   8:31pm Mon 17 Dec

love it

I love thats so raven. Watch it all the time, even the repeats and it never gets old. Its a shame the next series is going to be the last one. I also love the cheetah girl movies aswell. Theyre filming the third one in January, in India. Sounds like its going to be really cool.
raven fan   6:19pm Wed 14 Nov