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4:35pm-5:45pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 3 Episode 3/13

Upstairs, Downstairs

A Change of Scene Hudson accompanies James on a shooting weekend and makes such an impression on the Newbury family that they offer him a position as their butler. Back at Eaton Place he writes to accept the job, but it appears he is needed much more than he realised in the Bellamy household

Category: General Movie/Drama

ITV Encore
4:35pm-5:45pm (1 hour 10 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments

Medal ribbon

Maj James appears to wearing a medal that wasn't issued until 1930 ....
JD   10:36am Sat 21 Jan

dont understand

I love watching upstairs but cant get the episode for 8th october as it is serialized I miss out then cant catch up why why why
poppy   4:40pm Tue 11 Oct


why are you not updating the episodes of upstairs downstairs its a disgrace.
amrose   6:55pm Wed 29 Sep

itv player

i keep wantint to watch the latest upstairs downstairs shown on itv3 but you dont update them,so its the same ones all the time
amrose   7:07pm Mon 6 Sep

Good but when?

I really enjoy watching these old shows - takes me back years. But why are they all over the schedules and not on at a regular time?
Ian   7:15pm Wed 28 Jul

What a swiz

I love Saturday mornings, because I stay in bed and watch Upstairs Downstairs. Firstly, you keep changing the time of showing it and now the two being shown today were the same two shown last Saturday. What's going on?
Heleni   9:55am Sat 30 May

Delightful find

I found this series by accident. Am enjoying this repeat as much now as I did 1st time around.
Noss   7:42pm Tue 31 Mar


These repeats deserved better time slots, shameful.
Gob Hoblin   3:13pm Sun 10 Aug

Lovely series

Flashback in time... lovely series.
MickP   8:40am Sun 9 Mar