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8:20am-9:00am Thu 12 Oct
Season 5 Episode 10/10

Goodnight Sweetheart

My Heart Belongs to Daddy Gary's past catches up with his present, casting a shadow over his future with Phoebe. Time-travelling comedy, guest starring Ian Lavender, with Nicholas Lyndhurst, Elizabeth Carling and Emma Amos

Category: Sitcom

8:20am-9:00am (40 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

yvonne not all there

the first yvonne michelle holme is not all there and a crap actress all the others are great specally dervla
phoebe bamford   2:50pm Sat 1 Sep

goodnight sweetheart

A superb piece of comedy. A fine effort by cast and crew.I liked David Bensons portrayal of Noel Coward as well
micky   1:41pm Tue 28 Jun

alliteration on "Allo allo"

The best I ever saw on TV ! Really !
langewapper   11:00am Thu 12 Aug

Lost episodes

Why has ITV not broadcast the final 3 epsiodes of this great series before starting again
Billco   6:34pm Tue 29 Dec

I Love This!

Goodnight Sweetheart is great comedy and quite poignant at times. Superb, and 100 times better than the drivel Lyndhurst is currently involved in for the BBC (After You're Gone).
Sheridan   3:32pm Wed 7 Oct

Mike B

Honestly...this is on ITV, you don't pay for it. So stop whining.
...   11:33am Tue 23 Jun

Great Show

I love this show it is so funny!!!
Selina   4:34pm Wed 4 Mar

Great stuff!!

One of my fav comnedies from the 90's. Nick Lyndhurst is great portraying Gary the time traveller. Realistic WWII scenes for those interested in that time.
Steve666b   7:11am Wed 25 Feb

Re; Police help

Is that you Charlie Chisholm messing around on the internet again?
Detective Inspector Rycott   5:29pm Thu 18 Sep

Where's Glynis?

We enjoyed Dempsey/Makepeace. What happened? Why show this cheap turkey over and over again? I like it too - well almost - but repeats of repeats of repeats - is this what we pay for?
Mike B   8:27am Fri 27 Jun