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Film White Chicks (2004)

Two black male FBI agents pose as white female debutantes in the line of duty, donning full drag and very heavy make-up in an audacious bid to infiltrate a kidnapping ring. Comedy, starring brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans, with Jaime King and Frankie Faison

Category: Comedy

Certificate 15

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9:00pm-11:10pm (2 hours 10 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Film Comments


Awful film stereotypes white women and Caucasians in general, imagine the protests if two white guys "blacked up" and did the same kind of movie?
nottmdon   6:59pm Sat 7 Jan


This is what Hollywood can offer. Crap.
Robot   7:34pm Tue 15 Sep

Guilty Pleasure

Terry Crewes makes everything better.
Yaspaa   11:27pm Sun 16 Jun

amazing !!

the best film i have ever seen. its grate fun to whatch as its so comical. the more i see it the more funnier i find it. i love it !!!!
J-J - 10:15 29th aug   9:28pm Sun 29 Aug

This is a very funny film

Loved this film. For all those who think it is racist really sit down and think about what your saying. Being oppressed and vilified for hundreds of years simply for the colour of your skin is a million miles from putting on a little white makeup. Its not trying to redress the balance its laughing at ourselves.... all of ourselves.
Marie   11:25pm Sat 28 Aug

Its OK, you cant be racist to whites, right?

I would like to point out that I am not oppossed to two black guys changing appearence to look like white guys. What I find very wrong and troubling is that white people get lambasted for "blacking up" yet it would seem that blacks can "white up" what gives? One rule for everybody right?
Working Class Hero   10:52pm Sun 28 Feb

Doube standards

Great to see black guys getting away with whiting up. I'm sure if I made a similar film but with white guys blacking up it would be banned and I'd be vilified as a racist. Good to see 'equal opportunities' means criticise the white guy but let everyone else do what they want.
RacismFTL   8:30pm Sun 29 Mar

White Chicks

A very good laugh! Think 'Mrs Doubtfire' meets 'Big Momma's House'
The SIM   12:03pm Mon 1 Dec

Very easy to watch comedy

Very amusing classic American comedy really. Anyone accusing the film of being racist needs to lighten up!
smudge   6:19pm Sat 30 Aug

Racist & Rubbish

Enough said.
Joe   9:19pm Sun 17 Aug