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6:00pm-6:30pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 16 Episode 20/21

The Simpsons

Home Away from Homer Ned Flanders takes in a pair of female lodgers - who start broadcasting raunchy videos over the internet. Ashamed to show his face around Springfield, he leaves town - but the Simpsons' new neighbour is not quite what they were hoping for. Jason Bateman guest stars

Category: Animated Movie/Drama

Channel 4
6:00pm-6:30pm (30 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments


For gods sake, why watch this. Rick and morty is much much better. Dont waste your time!!!
Blah Blah   4:10pm Thu 17 Aug


An bristles to beat, Mr Jelly wobbled flames, brid, brid.
You'll been lot, joes.   10:42pm Thu 29 Dec

An giver to spell married, give me.

Give me, give me, some times. H.V.D. From Celebrex.
Silently lights, holy lights.   8:04pm Thu 8 Dec


Work wok!
Silently lights, holy lights.   7:55pm Thu 8 Dec

K-I-T-T-I, K-I-T-T-I!

Everybody to say howdy Kitti!
Say howdy kittens.   5:29pm Wed 23 Nov


After day, in 26 lifts to imagine.
Joes   7:21pm Mon 7 Nov


Shoot in turkey!
Birds   5:32pm Mon 7 Nov

Owen's snores

Honk!   12:26pm Mon 17 Oct


Did you need it help?
Eeeeek!   3:22pm Sun 9 Oct

So you've gotta to die

Hubs in Galactic Gala.
Lighthouse by an sea   2:07pm Thu 22 Sep