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12:00pm-1:00pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 1 Episode 8/22


Poison The doctor treats two boys with symptoms of poisoning, but cannot tell which toxin caused them to react so violently. As their conditions deteriorate rapidly, one youngster's mother insists the medic's actions are killing her son. Medical mystery drama, starring Hugh Laurie and Jesse Spencer

Category: Medical Drama

Sky One
12:00pm-1:00pm (1 hour )   Wed 11 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments


Why has it stopped giving house on sky atlantic at 6:00pm???
May   3:50am Boxing Day


Nick Know-alls is back building another house
Yuck   1:00pm Fri 27 Sep


Mumbling nasality
declan88   9:47pm Thu 29 Mar

Was brilliant...

Superb and one of my favourite programs on tv but has let me down the past 2 or 3 series. Thing is american shows which are really impressive don't know when to call it quits, e.g. scrubs, 24, etc etc. Quit while you're ahead and not when the show has been completely killed off
Efcdan92   3:41pm Mon 4 Jul

Wrong date & time?!

Keep checking Sky2 and at 8pm on Fri 4th it's Road Wars?! When is this episode on????? Help!
House Fan   6:54am Wed 2 Feb

house, my ars.

damn poop
carl hipperson   3:41pm Boxing Day

Bring House back to 5!

House was the only show I actually enjoyed on Five. I was so dissappointed when it wasn't on today.
Glyn   3:16pm Tue 10 Aug

Jimmy Nail

There no faking ascents my friend, his accent is very good for the region he is originating from, on top of that his accent is consistent throughput 7 series a sign of an excellent actor!
Jesse V   1:05pm Wed 21 Jul

One of the best TV shows out there

This show just makes me laugh so hard! Hugh Laurie is so good in Dr House. His dry humor and sacasm make my Friday!!!
freEerf   1:11am Mon 26 Apr

Truly Brilliant

I love House! It's a show of sarcasm!
JohnnyDeppLover   6:03pm Wed 27 Jan