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6:00pm-7:00pm Tue 10 Oct
Season 2 Episode 10/20

Stargate Atlantis

The Lost Boys Part one of two. The crew members land on an unexplored planet where they are ambushed by several men, who take them to meet their leader - Lieutenant Ford. He implores Sheppard and the rest of the team to join his own army of super soldiers, and help him exact vengeance upon the Wraith

Category: Science Fiction

Sky Two
6:00pm-7:00pm (1 hour )   Tue 10 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments

No 6th season

sorry Kll but season 5 was the end of SGA series however there is to be a movie and the new series Stargate Universe is in the making along with another SG1 Movie jaffa kree
DelW   8:27pm Sun 26 Apr


is great but why have they stopped making it?, i mean its fantastice stuff. Or is there going to be a series 6
kll   3:08pm Mon 20 Apr

Sga iz mint

Best sci fi show eva
scifi fan   7:55pm Sat 10 Jan


the show is just amazing ive only seen up to series 3 but im very impressed. ITS AWSESOME!!!!!!!
G   5:43pm Wed 25 Jun


what an awesome show watched SG-1 and this is practically just as good!!!
77   3:39pm Sat 19 Apr


sky have got the timming of this program amazing it comes out here[the latest series just finished] less than a week later than in america
AAA   3:34pm Sat 19 Apr

Episode 14 Harmony????

Episode 14 is called Harmony. Outcast is Episode 15! Are sky going to show the wrong episode tomorrow??? I hope so. I already seen Episode 14. lol
Aid   11:26pm Mon 28 Jan

more please

channel 5 have already shown this seris of stargate atlantis and it use to be on from 8pm-9pm every monday i believe, i want series 2, i never got too see how this masterpiece continued
tonguesout   9:10am Boxing Day

Whats Up With Timing 5?

I have to agree that the schedule this is on is rubbish, Atlantis is a top notch si fi show and needs to have a time slot that it deserves! pehaps 8 Pm befor the 9 Oclock Movies? Atlantis would be a great warm up show to any movie!! think about that one Five!!
SpaceMan   9:26am Christmas Day


I can't believe the time schedules for this top class series. Someone needs sacked - this should be prime time viewing.
Gareth   10:44pm Christmas Eve