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3:25am-3:50am Fri 13 Oct
Season 3 Episode 7/24

8 Simple Rules

Coach Bridget takes up tennis as a way of getting close to an attractive coach, but is devastated to discover he has fallen for her mother

Category: Sitcom

Writer: Laurie Gelman
Director: James Widdoes


Bridget Hennessy Kaley Cuoco  (IMDB)
Marisa Marisa Theodore  (IMDB)
Coach Scott Dan Cortese  (IMDB)
Jim Egan James Garner  (IMDB)
Kerry Hennessy Amy Davidson  (IMDB)
Rory Hennessy Martin Spanjers  (IMDB)
CJ Barnes David Spade  (IMDB)
Leo Jamie Starr  (IMDB)
Cate Hennessy Katey Sagal  (IMDB)

3:25am-3:50am (25 minutes)   Fri 13 Oct

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Show Comments


This show is actually quite good.
Me   4:27pm Wed 28 Apr


good, not great.
Emilie'   6:36pm Tue 3 Nov

Wrong names

Bridget dyed Kerry's hair... so Kerry would be the annoyed one; not Bridget.
Tee H.   11:55pm Wed 10 Dec

Love it

I love this show with a passion, so glad that fiver started showing it when ABC stopping.
Hedgehead   8:36pm Fri 12 Sep


Why isn't Amy Davidson in the cast list? That's a bit odd...
Casheti   2:58am Mon 20 Aug

propa funny
  12:19pm Sun 5 Aug


Makes me wish I was an American..
Casheti.   12:51am Wed 11 Jul

luv it

i just luv this programe it is so good and so funny it reminds me of my family sometimes xxx
jess   4:55pm Tue 10 Apr

hot stuff

the girls are soooooo hot
!   2:18am Tue 10 Apr