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6:00pm-7:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 1 Episode 9/13

A Town Called Eureka

Right As Raynes The return of one of Eureka's most promising residents causes devices to run out of control all over town, and things only get worse for Jack when the prodigy disappears once more with Zoe in tow. Quirky drama, with Colin Ferguson and Jordan Hinson

Category: Science Fiction

6:00pm-7:00pm (1 hour )   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

Love it

lots of fun to watch
sharon   7:12pm Thu 14 Apr


wtf gonna miss 5 episodes due to crap scheduling
BJProby   10:50pm Sat 10 Nov


urekaaa!!!!! wooop toot
sim   1:39pm Wed 10 Oct

Lovin' it

My fave show of mo'. Well thought out story lines. The science sounds plausible and the twist in season 4 was a good one. But I was a little disappointed in the xmas special. But it still made me smile. :o)
Nibs   4:01pm Sat 18 Dec

Why Syfy

Why is this great show only on Syfy channel which we can't get without paying extra for it?
Paul   3:48pm Sun 29 Aug


In the UK, this is so underrated. Also, compared to most other sci-fi's this is realistic. They have science that makes sense. Sort of. lol.
patar   5:08pm Sun 4 Oct

need more

i need more of this show looking forward to a season 4 :)
jonny190   9:03pm Sat 19 Sep

Season 4?

I hope there's to be a fourth series of this excellent sci-fi.
Paulb   3:37pm Thu 2 Apr


Just relaxing to watch.
Gnasher   10:49pm Sat 10 Nov


Weird, unrealistic stories, but damn great sci-fi.
Si   9:13pm Fri 3 Aug