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7:55pm-9:00pm Wed 11 Oct
Season 1 Episode 1/10

Agatha Christie's Poirot

The Adventure of the Clapham Cook The dapper Belgian detective, who usually only accepts cases of national importance, bends his rules for once and finds himself in run-down Clapham. He investigates the disappearance of a local cook and becomes intrigued by the contents of the woman's trunk. David Suchet stars, alongside Hugh Fraser and Brigit Forsyth

Category: Detective/Thriller

ITV Encore
7:55pm-9:00pm (1 hour 5 minutes)   Wed 11 Oct
(Subtitles) (Repeat)

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Show Comments

murder 'MIST'....

Why was every thing in sepia or darkness in Poirot's penultimate show?
blackout   12:53pm Sun 10 Nov


A lifelong fan but this one must be he worst I have ever seen, boring and dull.
bemused   9:57pm Wed 6 Nov

Allo Allo

Poirot ROCKS. Go you little Belgian sleuth you.
Oui Oui   9:04pm Thu 19 Sep

the FitzGerald (himself of that ilk)

BAFTA-Oscar-whatever this dersaervs them all and more simply brilliant theatre, intimate, close up superb thespianship, production as crowned by attention to reproducing the historical period with consummate accuracy...all hail writer, director and cast!
The FitzGerald (Himself)   9:43pm Sun 9 Jun

David Suchet

DS is the only true Poirot - never ever tire of it, repeats and all. However the rapport with Hastings and also Japp and Miss Lemon is a great miss.
doubletake   10:49pm Tue 19 Jun


Who wrote the summary? They obviously didn't watch the episode.
maggot   6:12pm Sun 19 Jun


Poirot..... (nearly) always a delight to watch - except for the later overdone 'Chorion' ones
Telly addict   2:40pm Sun 5 Jun

voice over

... it was the 'audio description' on the tv, silly me. Poirot's excused.
Mintpark   5:21pm Fri 15 Apr

what's going on?

What's that contrived voice-over? I can't watch this. Loved every single Poirot I've seen so far but this Blue Train episode is wrong.
Minpark   12:16pm Mon 11 Apr


Well this must be the worst Poirot ever made have they changed the director, or just run out of money? The story has been distorted and cut if you did not know the story you would have had even less of a chance of understanding the plot. Miss cast characters no wonder most actors are usually unemployed, dam good job it was on freeview otherwise I would demand my money back. A poor performance from Suchet and the hole thing was a dissapointment.
Janderwil   7:00pm Boxing Day