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CBS Drama

3:50am-5:00am Thu 12 Oct
Season 5 Episode 4/26

Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman

All That Glitters A world-famous singer visits Colorado Springs - where she promptly falls ill and starts losing her voice. Dr Mike suspects she may need immediate surgery but feels intimidated at the prospect of operating on someone so renowned. Drama, starring Jane Seymour

Category: General Movie/Drama

CBS Drama
3:50am-5:00am (1 hour 10 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments


terrific show love it!!
Muir   11:44am Fri 14 Oct

Leaving us hanging!!

It isn't fair that everytime the Dr Quinn shows are shown they get everyone all interested then but it off after only 2 seasons!! Get the finger out people and show the rest!! its not like you don't have the audience!!!
Funnylady1124   8:33pm Wed 15 Dec

Dr Quinn

great series wonderfull actors,and the content brill love watching
dreamer   11:41am Mon 18 Oct


SO,SO,SO,SO Happy that they are playing sometihng good on TV i watch it when i get in from school I love it. Hope they show season3
=D   9:14pm Sat 5 Dec

More Dr Quinn & Sully

Please show all the series I am well and truly hooked
Quinn Addict   3:08pm Fri 4 Dec


Please please tellus when the next 4 seasons are coming!!! I can't wait
penny   2:58pm Thu 3 Dec

When is series coming back

You can not leave it like this please continue the series as it is great.
Big Fan   12:57pm Thu 3 Dec

More series please

Please follow up with more series, dont leave us in the lurch wondering what happens between Sully and Mike. Great series have loved it all so far.
Biddy   2:15pm Mon 30 Nov


So glad to have Dr Quinn back on TV :)
Lyly   10:26pm Sun 15 Nov

jane seymour...

t.a.s.t.y. :)
aaaand loving it!   2:43pm Tue 13 Oct