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1:00am-2:00am Thu 12 Oct
Season 3 Episode 7/10

Crime Stories

Larry Fisher - The Elusive Rapist A Saskatoon man wrongly convicted of rape, examining how he was freed when DNA evidence revealed the real culprit's identity

Category: Factual Crime

1:00am-2:00am (1 hour )   Thu 12 Oct

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Show Comments

Hi can you get crime stories on dvd boxset

Hiya can you let me.know if you can get crime stories on dvd.boxset please thank you
Mrs Leah hughes   3:34am Thu 20 Jul


I thought it was very good, hope they do another series
Dougal   4:31pm Sat 8 Dec


Nearly nodded off to the drone of that woman's voice.
doubletake   3:43pm Fri 30 Nov


worst thing i have ever watched.EVER!
Easily Pleased   2:23pm Thu 29 Nov


You mean it wasn't him - we didn't actually see the dog did we.
doubletake   3:17pm Wed 28 Nov


the only way to treat this show is to bet on which ex-soap Z-list "celebrity" will rock up next. Cant believe "Well'ard" didnt get the dead dog episode.
stevethecynic   2:33pm Wed 28 Nov


shows seems to be something of a graveyard for ex soapstars.
TOPWAK (THE VOICE OF REASON)   1:20pm Wed 28 Nov


This is the worst TV show I have ever seen my life
Kww   12:03pm Wed 28 Nov

Try employing consultants

This show is merely pro Police propaganda. In Todays show there were many many mistakes. The Woman did not name the Woman as the REGISTERED OWNER. The Man claimed the interview was being taped after entering the interview room, Police have to explain the interview is being taped and start the recording themselves! DO YOU RESEARCH IDIOTS!
utter ITV tripe   2:12pm Tue 27 Nov

Closed Shop?

Has anyone else notice its full of ex soap stars? You get sick of the same faces especially when they and their siblings flit from one soap to another. Pity all the other upcoming young actors and actresses cos they don't stand a chance.
doubletake   3:05pm Thu 22 Nov