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7:55pm-9:00pm Thu 12 Oct
Season 7 Episode 7/8

Grand Designs

Kevin McCloud visits carpenter Kelly Neville and his wife Masoko in the Cambridgeshire Fens as they realise their dream of building an eco-friendly, self-sustaining house from straw and oak. The complex design, constructed around an 800-year-old tree trunk, proves a stern challenge and, with no architect to consult, the couple soon find themselves struggling to cope

Category: Property

7:55pm-9:00pm (1 hour 5 minutes)   Thu 12 Oct
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Show Comments

From all the dross...

One of very few property shows worth watching.
Will   1:24pm Wed 6 Sep

Wikes wedding dress couple

OMG I saw a beautiful advert with a black couple on wikes advert can anyone tell me where I can get the dress from.she is so beautiful
Sallydevou   12:13am Fri 17 Mar

My dream house

Outstanding. Beautiful.
Saffron Yellow   6:33pm Sat 4 Feb


16th September. The best one ever! Homes are for people and this shows a loving family and perfect understanding of a person. Brilliant architecture and a home for life for James
Tracy   10:35pm Thu 17 Sep


Thanks for "editing" my factual comment, and yet you publish 250 REPEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
cpochin   8:26pm Sun 28 Sep

I smell a rat

The lorry with the steel beams would not go under the bridge. So how did the big crane get to the site ?
Im a thinker   9:28pm Wed 3 Sep

Millionaire yet Kevin?

If Kevin McCloud gets paid repeat fees he MUST be a millionaire by now. The only prograramme repeated more than this is that bloody Clarkson and Co; Top Gear. GIVE US A BREAK!
P V   7:05pm Thu 10 Jul

repeats we still watch em

We seen em before but there are some cool eco houses we love watching being built over again.
twistedpixie   9:35pm Sat 16 Nov

wow wow wow

good idea for a show, some of the public are good. Kev should probably be replaced as i've noticed recently he seems to think he's on some life changing programme. He didnt start off smarmy and knowing it all at the start. He annoys every one I know but he wasnt always that way is what ive told them. My gran calls him a bit of a big ed and my mum said he's like the kid who knows it all at school and never had a girlfriend. But we all agree its a wow programme apart from the elephant in the room.
mr and mrs peckham   7:59pm Sat 12 Oct

Great show

An outstanding show presented by a super great albeit bald as a coot architect
I lied   6:35pm Mon 30 Sep