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1:47am-2:10am Sun 10 Dec
Season 2 Episode 1/30

Hannah Montana

Me and Rico Down by the School Yard Miley and Lilly spend their first day at Seaview High, but their enjoyment is spoiled after they learn Rico knows their secret and Miley is forced to pretend to be his girlfriend

Category: Comedy

Disney Channel
1:47am-2:10am (23 minutes)   Sun 10 Dec

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Show Comments

Jesse With Hannah/Miley

Hannah and Jesse are in Love but when him and Miley are toghter they are saying he is braking Hannah Hart then lily and miley to see what college they are going to but they go to a differcent college then Miley has to Drive 200 miles Then Drives back again to say she is hannahs accsiton then drives because to change into Hannah but she gets in she Drived 600 Miles that Day
Caitlin   1:49pm Sat 30 Jul

Very interesting,.

I find the show really funny, It's enjoyable and easy to catch with a very pulling story line. Miley is very pretty and i can't wait for " Hannah Montana Forever " to start. :)
HannahLUVR.   4:30pm Tue 5 Oct

I loveee itt

I lovee ittttt
Mayy   1:55pm Tue 14 Sep

I don't care.

Ok, you know what? I love Hannah Montana, and it's not as bad as people say it is.
Ducksaremyhomies.   6:36am Fri 2 Jul

Hannah montana

my friend used to watch it called katie but i dont like katie and i love it now
Beeny   7:22pm Sun 6 Jun

I love miley

miley you are great I wish I could see you
yasmine   6:29pm Mon 31 May


love it
jakie   6:27pm Tue 20 Apr

Too much..

Gore. It's just so gory.
Billy Ray Cyrus   8:48pm Tue 13 Apr

haner bafrqeqv

tvscagbhh bgbfrxdju sexx sexx
ngvftrhnj   10:00am Tue 6 Apr


COOL HEATH   2:32pm Fri 2 Apr