Back to Grid True Crime

True Crime

6:00pm-7:00pm Thu 16 Nov
Season 15 Episode 15/24

Law & Order

Obsession A controversial talk show host is shot dead in the street and suspicion initially falls on a woman who was suing him for sexual harassment. However, later evidence leads the team to the victim's wife, who stands to inherit $20million, and a stalker who claims to be having an affair with her. Crime drama, starring Sam Waterston

Category: Detective/Thriller

True Crime
6:00pm-7:00pm (1 hour )   Thu 16 Nov

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Show Comments

Dynamic duo

John Law and Jake Order investigate another case.
Who said 2   1:37am Fri 27 Sep

Banks robbed the public

I loved yesterday's Harry's Law episode about American Football but most of all about how the banks got millions to help those in trouble but they just used it all to help themselves Great Episode. We need to see more of this type of stories to show the plight of every day folks suffering due to the economic fiasco caused by the banking industry Regards MG
MG   1:23pm Wed 14 Mar


The very last series of this great show and still you can't be bothered to show any subtitles, WHY? shame on you.
HIGGY   11:47pm Thu 7 Jul

Can sealed

Good Red ants
Laura Norda   8:27pm Fri 4 Feb


Enjoy while it lasts, the show was cancelled last year.
NM   8:09pm Fri 4 Feb


Ilove this LAW & ORDER series, but why are the early ones not subtitled? as I am deaf so I can't watch them.
HIGGY   4:43pm Thu 20 Jan


The Americans can make some decent programs.
...   11:15am Tue 13 Jul

This show is good

apart from the endless breaks. By the time they've shown you all the trailers you've seen the next episode.
cedric   7:12pm Tue 16 Mar

L & O

the best show ever!! and i agree wiv charliemor45, worth far more than the low rating its getting!!
star_shine ;-)   3:39pm Sat 1 Mar

Law and Order

Worth far more than 2.3 The latest series on Sky Two proves that,
charliemor45   6:42pm Sat 19 Jan