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4:00am-5:00am Fri 13 Oct
Season 3 Episode 11/24


Killer Chat Don and Charlie track the culprit responsible for murdering several sex predators who took advantage of teenage girls they met in chat rooms. Meanwhile, Larry prepares to begin an adventure with Nasa. American drama, guest starring Buzz Aldrin, with Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz

Category: Detective/Thriller

Universal Channel
4:00am-5:00am (1 hour )   Fri 13 Oct
(Subtitles) (Audio Described)

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Show Comments


Dyslexic detectives seek a pratagan.. pratogoni.. prootogonist ... crook!
Ehha   11:01am Fri 27 Sep


I love this programme is there going to be a series 7
kym   4:43pm Mon 9 Sep

can you put the numb3rs series on enternet pls

can you put the series on enternet because otherwise i cant watch it because my mum doesnt let me watch tv during the week, which sucks. So yh pls put the series on enternet!!
why me ...   6:20pm Thu 14 Jul

great !!!!!

i think numb3rs is great i watch it all the time when its oan i hope it stays oan
pahax   5:24pm Wed 5 May


94Y Boy reminds me of the 3 TV Critics Girls who were employed as proofreaders by M & M who were sacked, One rejecting the Ws one for kicking out the Es and the third for not rejecting the 3s
NUMBERS Rules   12:20am Thu 25 Mar


94Y B0Y   6:01pm Thu 11 Feb

season 6

numb3rs season 6 starts on five on wednesday 13th january at 10:00
LJ   8:37pm Tue 5 Jan

don't keep us in suspense

when will series 6 be shown ITV2 five five usa (who cares which channel?) USA has got the 6 season running so when will be ours a very frustrated fan!!!!!!!!!!!
cabbagebasher   9:22pm Sun 1 Nov


you don't have to have a good understanding of math to understand the math of numbers, that's why i like Numb3rs so much.
bob   2:52pm Mon 26 Oct

So Easy

It's so easy to placate the dimwitted. Go Rids and Tony! Count the cash!
Sir Lew   9:55pm Wed 14 Oct