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designer with pink highlights seems to get it wrong most of the time?
what an awful mismatch of colours in today's make-over for a house in Finchley. Accessories sort of save it but still, bright blue walls and dark navy curtains? ugh..
foofer 2:53 pm Sun 23 Feb

Cannot understand why show is called 60 minute makeover when it is obvious it takes much longer.Trades description and all that
Un believable 5:33 pm Christmas Eve
Catherine Gee
Poor girl she is very, very ill and must be in denial about her weight. We love the programme here in Aus. but can't stand her. Too posh, no dress sense probably suited to something poshy or up market. Or her voice used in voice overs. No sincerity coming from her at all.
Janny 2:08 pm Thu 5 Sep
WORRIED 1:21 am Fri 9 Aug
stick thin
Yep,Catherine Gee is very very thin/emaciated. I keep looking at her legs when I watch the program. Each time I see her I comment on her legs to my husband. Can't help it.
nickki 8:40 pm Sat 27 Jul
Catherine Gee
Looks painfully skinny!!!
Jsalv 9:53 pm Fri 12 Jul
makeover in southampto
when will the southampton makeover be shown,saw them outside the house in radstock rd today.3/7/2013
sam 11:35 am Wed 3 Jul
Is Catherine sick ?
Catherine looks so gaunt and extremely thin. Not a good look for a presenter. Definitely not jealous she looks dreadful even her posture is affected. I think a a break is needed and then maybe she should actually focus on filling out a bit not a good look at all !!
Nannaannie 8:18 am Tue 2 Jul
To all you Naysayers,I am currently watching Catherine now dressed in blue jeans and a blue to and I CAN SEE that she is naturally slim so you must be all JELOUSE.
Curvy Woman 7:28 pm Sat 9 Mar
Why oh why must I be subjected to a painfully thin, less than average presenter who looks like a bag lady who got dressed in the dark! She is wooden, unappealing, unattractive and frankly not worth the money she is being paid! No need for a presenter at all, let the designer do the presenting. P.s Quality of workmanship is SHOCKING! I would have it done in my house only to get the furniture which does tend to be really good stuff.
Nortywitch 10:51 am Sun 17 Feb
physically sick watching her!!!!
i totally agree with everyone else. i am watching the programme now but want to turn over because of her ghastly appearance. such a good programme spoilt. needs new presenter!!!!
allie 10:34 am Sun 17 Feb
Then YOU granwen should understand more than anyone how important it is to have good, healthy role models on our screens. This is encouraging people with eating disorders, showing them that it is ok and acceptable, it is promoting eating disorders. ITV, this is disgraceful and I am absolutely disgusted that you have allowed this to happen!
Angry teacher 4:48 pm Sun 3 Feb
catherine gee
as the parent of a daughter suffering with anorexia, I empathise with sufferers but would YOU want to lose your job because you have a mental illness? sufferers need help, not rejection.
granwen 3:34 pm Sun 3 Feb
catherine gee
as the parent of a daughter suffering with anorexia, I empathise with sufferers but would YOU want to lose your job because you have a mental illness? sufferers need help, not rejection.
granwen 2:11 pm Sun 3 Feb
catherine gee
I think it´s disgraceful that the TV consider it acceptable to use a presenter who quite obviously is very anorexic and it makes me skin crawl to watch her. A good programme totally spoilt by her appearance.
Arbizu 12:47 pm Sun 3 Feb
catherine gee
felt very sad watching 60 minute makeover. clearly catherine looks very thin and unwell. please seek help
marnie 12:43 pm Sun 3 Feb
definitely painful to watch
Catherine is such a good presenter, but visually is a real problem. She needs urgent help. If she is anorexic she probably thinks she looks ok. but look again Catherine.
gina gee. 12:16 pm Sun 3 Feb
Catherine Gee
Painful watching her on TV. She had a serious eating disorder and I think it is disgusting that ITV allow her on Tv, knowing that so many different people of all ages, including children, will be watching. What sort of example are you setting ITV!? Sort it out, get her off of our screens and get her some help!!!
Enfield Lady 12:03 pm Sun 3 Feb
Catherine gee
Catherine gee - painfully thin, distracting from theme of the programme, get her some help. I watch it with a grimace on my face
Bubble 11:29 am Sun 3 Feb
Obviously the presenter has a eating disorder which is awful. I'm not sure whether she should be presenting a programme, people of all ages are watching this, and she needs to get some serious help. I feel for her but itv should step in x
Hmmm 11:13 am Sun 3 Feb
Catherine Gee
It is clear to me that she is anorexic and it is no longer pleasant to watch the program. I hope she gets better soon, she is not OK.
MGG 11:13 am Sun 3 Feb
Catherine Gee
Catherine looks painfully thin and it really upset my family, I hope she is ok
Lisa B 11:02 am Sun 3 Feb
Catherine Gee
Regardless of her medical prognosis it's utterly distracting from the subject watching an unusually thin presenter.
Lozel 11:01 am Sun 3 Feb
catherine gee
wake up to yourselves,catherine gee is naturall thin,not anorexic
js 9:09 am Fri 18 Jan
60 minute makeover
i really like that programme when will it be back
carol 7:37 pm New Years Eve
I think al you critis should be abolutely ashamed of yourselves. I can bet none of you would be happy in being critsed the you have done so to to Catherine. Shame on you all!!!
Val 6:17 am Fri 28 Dec
Catherine Gee is the best
Can't believe so any negative co nets about Catherine. She has a beaut natural presentation style on 60mm. She's far more relaxed on this than she ever was on ettc. You go girl!!!
Haybabe 10:37 am Fri 19 Oct
Catherine Gee
I used to like 60 Minute Makeover, but cannot stand it now Catherine Gee is the presenter. She comes across as so conescending and I am annoyedat how many times during the programme she asks the same questions about the person's health problems or why they deserve the makeover. Her accent is annoying as well.
rod 6:47 am Thu 11 Oct
Catherine Gee
Can't stand looking at Catherine Gee on TV. Her head looks bigger than her whole body. Very very disturbing. How the hell does she get chosen for these TV SHOWS??
rali.ali 2:18 pm Thu 27 Sep
60mm would be better with a presenter more relaxed than Catherine Gee. She seems very tense and sometimes cross when showing the rooms. Clare Sweeney was great.
Aussie Sue 10:07 pm Tue 11 Sep
Stripes !!!!!
Love John Amabiles personality but must admit I say a prayer to God, "please dont let him do stripes again today !" ....but he usually does !!! must say stripes are not everyones cup of tea and am really tiring of seeing them ! Please John do something different and drop 90 percent of the stripes....
Marjee 2:51 pm Tue 11 Sep
Well !! Catherine , what on earth has she done to herself , she just looks awfull presenting your program , is she anorexic ? Cannot believe how think she looks , cannot watch the programe anymore sorry
kaf 1:16 pm Mon 6 Aug
safe house
how can i get help with my house i have many health issues including depression and heart failure and i lost my dad and im not well enough to do any work my house needs to be made a safe and happy house and im waiting to have a few operations and ive always wanted to have a respite room for special needs children within my home please help me im desperate
annette 6:16 pm Wed 25 Jul
It's shocking
I'm watching this program from the land down under and am so shocked of how the presenter,Catherine, looks. This woman is not just quite thin, she's unhealthy thin. Is she ill? I have seen her before on Moving to the Country where she looks healthy. It's so disturbing to watch her..
Liselotte 7:50 am Tue 17 Jul
How do i apply for 60 minutes?
Hadja 11:08 pm Thu 28 Jun
totally unfair
Why comment on a person who is thin - no one would dare say anything about a fat person would they. I remember Catherine on ETTC when she was more rounded but none of us know why she is thinner and why should we. I do know one thing she is a ideal presenter, she is polite, does not shout/scream and interacts with the designers asking questions, generally interested in what is going on nothing like the previous airheads on the show.
doubletake 6:42 pm Wed 20 Jun
What is shocking is that all the people on here seem to think that just because someone is on TV they become public property and a target for vitreol...
boypurple 3:14 am Tue 12 Jun
Give Catherine Gee a break
For goodness sake why is everyone giving poor Catherine Gee such a hard time regarding her size and dress sense? The program is about the house not the presenter's clothing. I too am quite thin and unable to put on weight whatever I eat but I don't have an eating disorder. Some of us are just made that way
Din 2:28 pm Wed 23 May
The presenter
I can't concentrate on the programme because I spend all my time worrying about how much thinner Catherine can get before she disappears. She looks so gaunt it's frightening.
Kathy 8:47 pm Tue 22 May
I thought this was just me!!
After watching todays 60mm I thought I would google the presenter to see if she had some awful illness. Not a very good role model if she isn't.
jackie24 4:51 pm Tue 22 May
Lay off Catherine Gee
Yes, Catherine Gee is extremely thin and more than likely has some kind of eating disorder. However she seems to be a lovely, kind, genuine person. Nice to see someone presenting who isn't all fake tan, whitened teeth and Botox. I think she should be encouraged and supported. There are people who are very overweight presenting on TV, like ITVs Alison Hammond, it just represents real people x
kingfamily 2:17 pm Tue 22 May
Need a new presenter
Catherine Gee is so wooden and so condescending but that's not the worst thing. Her unhealthy look is not what i want to see when sitting down to relax. Her appearance puts me on edge. Please sort it out 60 minutes!!
Lyndy loo 2:43 pm Mon 21 May
Health issue
Its concerning to see Catherine gee shrinking frame on national Tv ..... It's quite frightening a keep thinking she will collapse On one of the shows .... Hope she gets help
Jintythom 2:38 pm Mon 21 May
catherine gee
Looks very ill!! I cannot stand watching her such a dull irritating person! Get rid!!!
mm 2:34 pm Mon 21 May
Worried about CG
EVerytime I watch SMM I get so distracted by the presenters stick thin legs and bizarre layered outfits which presumably are to disguise her emaciated frame. She is not simply slim, she looks ill... Then I can't help worry about her health and the image this portrays!
Suzi 2:29 pm Mon 21 May
Catherine Gee
Catherine is far too thin she looks really I'll and it is uncomfortable to watch the show please can someone get her some help.
loopylou 2:28 pm Mon 21 May
Catherine needs help!!
I am becoming increasingly distacted from the makeover by Catherine Gee's progressing anorexia. She is obviously very ill and in need of help! Aside from that her posh voice is not well suited at all to the show, Terry Dwyer was much more suited.
Helen D 11:19 pm Sat 19 May
does enyone know the piece of music used at the point where they show the rooms in 16 may episode
gemma g 7:49 pm Thu 17 May
from Tara mccurry
hey my name is Tara and i want to do something nice for my mum because she does so much for me, please give her this lovely treat, p.s. i love your show and so does my mum thanks
Tara mccurry 3:01 pm Thu 17 May
60 minute makeover
Catherine Gee looks anorexic. They say the TV puts 11 pounds on you, so I dread to think what she looks like off TV. I'm surprised she isn't ill she looks terrible.
GEEGEE 4:11 am Thu 17 May


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