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american idol
I love nicki minaj
oreo 1:57 pm Fri 5 Apr

jessica sanchez by far is the best in her group, nobody even comes close to her amazing talent. watch her on youtube and you'll konw exactly what i'm talkin about. she can sing pretty much anything this girl i'm tellin ya
kevin 9:59 pm Wed 21 Mar
Ryan Seacrest is...
...HOT!!!! :-p
Brody 1:38 pm Fri 20 Jan
American idol
Katy Perry's performing tonight!!!!
JoJo 11:25 am Thu 21 Apr
Is this the top 12 results???????
georgiaa 9:48 pm Fri 18 Mar
They may need to be found but why not find them first, then put them on TV.
myview 10:30 pm Sat 5 Mar
Keep going, good show
Of course you have to sieve peoples voices out, but there are always one or two really nice voices that have to be found.
Positive view 12:44 pm Sat 5 Mar
american idiot
interviewing the idiots is the only good part of this mush.
get real 10:07 pm Sat 26 Feb
SHINME 6:46 pm Sat 26 Feb
American idle: vacuous inane insincere...I love the Atlantic ocean
The Judges! table steals the show for me, it oozed charm and personality, but what happenned to the ejector seats that were in the first draft for the show
Eva Sublime 1:09 am Sat 19 Feb
Loving the comments
Be a contestant on next years American idol, be a saddo. I agree with pokerpete entirely. justin Bieber is a little know it all and i think telly is going to pot.
Pok3y 3:53 pm Mon 31 May
so this is what young girls watch
god help us
pokerpete 9:57 pm Thu 27 May
No hope for the future
If this asinine tripe is the best that America can produce, the future for pop music looks very bleak.
myview 10:31 am Thu 20 May
American trash
Standard Bearer 5:23 pm Wed 19 May
justin bieber
is justin bieber on there 2 dayy?
beieber 1:55 pm Tue 18 May
American Idol
Mine would be Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden
USSR 5:04 pm Sat 8 May
Where are the results tonight?? the programme got cut off!!
syhala 10:02 pm Thu 6 May
lady gaga
omg is lady gaga on this tonight plyss some 1 answer XX
bb 7:50 pm Wed 5 May
Lady GaGa
is lady gaga on american idol tonighttt?
Larissa 7:44 pm Wed 5 May
Lady GaGa
Will Lady GaGa be on this show today, if not what day and time will she appear
rusty 5:10 pm Wed 5 May
I watch this....
.... because I have no life.
c 10:30 pm Mon 3 May
love this
OMG i love this
stretch 7:41 pm Thu 8 Apr
looking for tittle of song
please help looking for the tittle with the song that has love,love, love in the lyrics it was sung several times please help
mitch 7:22 am Thu 25 Feb
American Idiot
Ha ha I made that up myself.
Johnny Come Lately 6:05 pm Sat 30 Jan
joe jonas
mrs joe jonas 10:30 pm Wed 27 Jan
I'm SOOOOOO Excited to see Joe Jonas on it!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
OHYES 10:13 pm Tue 26 Jan
you can understand why americans are disliked?, cocky & full of themselves.
tosser 6:43 pm Mon 25 Jan
i cant wait to see avril in it
rob 4:19 pm Sun 24 Jan
I have the american factor ;)
gemma t 9:37 am Fri 22 Jan
Oh nooooooooo..............
CanĀ“t bear the screaming hyenas in the audience !!!!!!!!
grumpyoldwoman 9:11 pm Thu 21 Jan
Say not more.
Master Bates 8:38 pm Wed 20 Jan
I thought Victoria was great on the show - she actually compliments Simon! She is down to earth and honest with her comments - just like Simon, but not as sarky!!
Olicanalady 6:25 pm Thu 14 Jan
the way Simon treats Victoria with such contempt. What does she know anyway, the weak link in spice girls. She should be on here as a contestant, a definate NO from everyone.
ed 8:20 am Thu 14 Jan
good i love the show x
lady e 6:03 pm Wed 13 Jan
New Series
Can't wait for this series to start! I think Ellen is gonna be such a laugh :D ...although I am gonna miss Paula :(
SarahMc 9:45 pm Sat 9 Jan
Swiss Idol
I've had enough
N Dittal 11:10 pm Wed 4 Nov
American Idol
Should be American Idiot.
les 8:57 am Sat 23 May
Watch Adam Lambert!!!!!
If you don't usually watch American Idol, there is one very big reason why you should now - Adam Lambert. This guy is absolutely amazing, never heard anyone sing like him, he gives you shivers. He is a superstar already.
Starhunter 8:03 pm Thu 23 Apr
American Idol
It is a very interesting program but it gets harder and tougher all the time..........
Pretty 3:21 pm Thu 16 Apr
Pass It On
We'd Like To Hear, SUSAN BOYLE Sing MEMORY From CATS!
AM 8:34 am Thu 16 Apr
Fuller Can you explain this term please??
BO 10:34 pm Fri 10 Apr
Adam to win!
I watch the show just to see him. He is as entertaining as Rhydian used to be on the British version.
fan 8:01 pm Thu 9 Apr
Aaahhh dramatic! lol
T-t-t-t-t 10:41 pm Thu 12 Mar
Boy what a bunch of tards in here. Any of you graduate daycare?
Fuller 9:14 am Tue 24 Feb
mixed bag!
Thankfully Simons in on it calming them all down!Should be named-Cringe Idol. Who is 'plastic' Kara anyway!? Nevertheless-great entertainment whilst no other singing contest are on tv at the mo. Candidates not as good as last yr tho. Would love to see a Band Contest next. Why dosent anyone do it!? Apart from 'unsigned act' that is!?
zo 2:26 pm Fri 20 Feb
Danny Goket FTW!!!
CastroCookie 5:38 pm Thu 19 Feb
Flucking yanks..
X factor is bad enough, but an American version!? Don't make me vomit.
Samwise 8:12 pm Sat 14 Feb
Both x-factor and American Idol would be not worth watching unless Simon Cowell was present. He inspires the programmes with his honest constructive viewpoints. Well Done Si!!!!
Kalvi 11:57 am Sat 14 Feb
i think the show is good i love it so much
kim 10:18 pm Fri 13 Feb
X factor
x factor is a million times better then american idol, all you have is randy jackson going aww dog tht was great dog dog dog dog o man dog cant believe that dog and x factor has cheryle cole ;) a stunner
what isit? 8:32 pm Fri 13 Feb


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