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Antiques Road Trip Comments
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Braxton and Ross better known has the chuckle brothers, these so called experts what a false name?????.
Crow. 12:46pm Tue 24 Apr
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Wooden top Serrell and Pratt by nature performing today on this repeat, whats the point?.
Jake. 8:57am Thu 12 Apr
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Repeats to follow
referring to the other garbage - Bargain Hunt
taffy 2:55pm Fri 6 Apr
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Pantomime Dame
Appearing in a theatre near you this Christmas ..... Anita Manning, Catherine Southern and Charles Hanson as The Ugly Sisters...
GillylovesVintage 5:34pm Wed 4 Apr
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These so called experts have it all arranged for them by the BBC,its all fake. the prices are fixed and they are still crap at it?.
Snipe. 3:02pm Wed 4 Apr
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Bliss has the help of the BBC with prices has does the other idiot?.
Bilko. 6:37pm Tue 3 Apr
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I was hoping Bliss
Kate I was hoping Bliss is a regular and it never surprises me the profit margin she expects.
fairview567 4:59pm Tue 3 Apr
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charles Hanson
My aunt was visiting us and we watched the show and she sincerely asked 'Are they all handicap experts? ' says it all about CH.
IRC 12:18pm Sun 25 Mar
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Braxton and Pratt sounds like an undertakers, because they are certainly not experts are they???????.
Octopus. 10:43am Sun 25 Mar
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Should try conducting an orchestra he behaves like one in the auction house !
asyouseeandlisten 5:45pm Fri 23 Mar
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poor charles H
it is quite obvious that charles has a form of ocd , But it is getting worse get him some help
chippers 12:15pm Fri 23 Mar
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This week the Eton schoolmaster and billy no mates wasting our money.
SNIPE. 10:26am Tue 20 Mar
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Childish Behaviour
Charles Hanson acts like a prat in all the auctions...irritating and would be more suited at a kids puppet show.
GillylovesVintage 6:39pm Mon 19 Mar
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End of another repetitive repeat of contrived drivel. when will it please end, soon I hope .
PHILOCTETES. 1:16pm Mon 19 Mar
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Layout of programme
They think most of us are mugs that the stats we see are accurate, yep!
taffy 5:18pm Fri 16 Mar
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Dealers make their money don't you worry. the prices are fabricated by the BBC These idiot lot of experts cannot still make a profit with the BBC HELP??????
zilch. 10:50am Thu 15 Mar
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cheating dealers/so sad
cheating dealers out of money is Catherine's only talent/ I do believe she would cheat her own Grandma out of money
chippers 11:43am Tue 13 Mar
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They use to wipe episodes from other series many years ago if no importance - should do so with this programme. The reperts are a total waste of viewing!!
lou 7:40pm Sun 11 Mar
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what we don't see is the ipad or the laptop - they say to the shopkeeper 'be back in 2 mins' ...so funny if they put the 'closed' sign up !
Peter 7:06pm Sun 11 Mar
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driving to the shops
make my day if their faces dropped getting about in a bubble car....
sid 6:45pm Sun 11 Mar
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Easily Amused???
James Braxton picks up an item and says "That looks like fun"......What the £!!!!!@!!
GillylovesVintage 5:50pm Wed 7 Mar
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Bowling woods
How much were they auctioned for
Grissom 3:07pm Wed 7 Mar
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Raj Bisram and James Braxton have too be the worst pair of no hopers ever. They are without doubt completely useless and are conman pretending to be experts.
SKYLARK. 6:03pm Mon 5 Mar
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Anita has a load of the same hats in different colours. are they designed to fit her hair????.
dior. 10:41am Mon 5 Mar
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Bing on James Lewis
he seems to be the only one that really knows what antique is.
chippers 2:32pm Sat 3 Mar
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Gee thanks. Enjoy yours too.
don'tbelieveallyouread 6:38pm Wed 28 Feb
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taffy 4:56pm Wed 28 Feb
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When its a repeat don't watch it, they way we miss 99.9% of the programmes, what a pleasure?????.
zeus. 3:23pm Wed 28 Feb
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Raskin yet again........
taffy 12:28pm Wed 28 Feb
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Raskin again
When is the BBC going to get rid of this weird woman, you can see what she had for dinner when she stands there with her mouth wide open, , She spoils all antique programmes
mike m 6:34pm Tue 27 Feb
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Manning and Stacey on next weeks repeat , what a delight?.
SNIPE. 11:23am Sun 25 Feb
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Repeats next week the useless Braxton and cannot remember the last time James Lewis was on a new show. He will probably be in shorts in this one????.
BILL HOOK. 10:18am Sat 17 Feb
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BBC must pay shops and centres the cash up front, otherwise they would be selling items for less than they brought them for. We are not all gullible BBC ??????.
ZEUS. 6:36pm Fri 16 Feb
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Clowns R Us
Every one of them is utterly irritating with no redeeming features whatsoever. Would love to see them slung out of some of the shops they visit and one of the traders give Catherine Southon a piece of their mind.
GillylovesVintage 5:55pm Fri 16 Feb
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If anyone believes that these so called jokers called experts can get prices so reduced they must be certified and quickly.
OCTOPUS. 11:16am Fri 16 Feb
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It a joke
3 items bought(or badgered) by Catherine tonite. Total value £205 ..Catherine thought she’d like to pay £65 and got them. This isn’t spotting bargains or being an expert for goodness sake!!!
Lulu 4:59pm Thu 15 Feb
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We paid our fee to watch repeats most of the time, the BBC is a cheap con trick, hardy putting anything on new even at Xmas.
JOEL. 3:37pm Thu 15 Feb
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No one as anything good to say about this show, so why continue repeating it over and over the answer is cheap tv. But it means we are not getting our moneys worth are we??????????????????????????.
JAKE. 7:16pm Wed 14 Feb
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C.Southon or thunder thighs and Elton Serrell. what a pair of no hopers another week of tripe repeats.
SKYLARK. 7:35pm Tue 13 Feb
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Pump down the volume, CS
Could someone hint (firmly) to Catherine, (Nastiest Girl in School), Southon, to tone down the squawking? One of the more unpleasant performers in the Road Trip.
Ol'Miseryguts 5:14pm Tue 13 Feb
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Prev comm
Because no one would win it. Don't you mean chump of the year. It would be a multiple dead heat.
Lenny. 6:46pm Mon 12 Feb
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It's a knockout
Why don't they do a it's a knockout and create champ of the year.
Cammy 5:43pm Mon 12 Feb
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For goodness sake get rid of that gibbering idiot Hanson! What a creep!
Suzyq 8:12am Fri 9 Feb
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Braxton and Hanson experts you must be joking, more a demented pair of loons?.
BILL HOOK. 3:24pm Tue 6 Feb
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Like Bargain Hunt - lack of entertainment, continuous repeats!
taffy 11:38am Sat 3 Feb
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OWEN. 2:01pm Wed 31 Jan
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With sellers premiums and buyers premiums how can T.Wonnocott say when some idiot expert makes £6 on an items, that they have made a profit.
OCTOPUS. 7:34pm Tue 30 Jan
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Oh my days! What on earth was she wearing? The circus is back in town
don'tbelieveallyouread 5:40pm Tue 30 Jan
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Repeats next week don't bother to watch, awful pair of Bisram and Manning.
THE COLONEL. 11:42am Sat 27 Jan
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Low prices still crap results, glad its the end for this five day contrick good riddance to Bisram and Southon.
SNIPE. 7:07pm Fri 26 Jan
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