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Antiques Road Trip Comments
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Repeats next week the useless Braxton and cannot remember the last time James Lewis was on a new show. He will probably be in shorts in this one????.
BILL HOOK. 10:18am Sat 17 Feb
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BBC must pay shops and centres the cash up front, otherwise they would be selling items for less than they brought them for. We are not all gullible BBC ??????.
ZEUS. 6:36pm Fri 16 Feb
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Clowns R Us
Every one of them is utterly irritating with no redeeming features whatsoever. Would love to see them slung out of some of the shops they visit and one of the traders give Catherine Southon a piece of their mind.
GillylovesVintage 5:55pm Fri 16 Feb
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If anyone believes that these so called jokers called experts can get prices so reduced they must be certified and quickly.
OCTOPUS. 11:16am Fri 16 Feb
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It a joke
3 items bought(or badgered) by Catherine tonite. Total value £205 ..Catherine thought she’d like to pay £65 and got them. This isn’t spotting bargains or being an expert for goodness sake!!!
Lulu 4:59pm Thu 15 Feb
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We paid our fee to watch repeats most of the time, the BBC is a cheap con trick, hardy putting anything on new even at Xmas.
JOEL. 3:37pm Thu 15 Feb
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No one as anything good to say about this show, so why continue repeating it over and over the answer is cheap tv. But it means we are not getting our moneys worth are we??????????????????????????.
JAKE. 7:16pm Wed 14 Feb
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C.Southon or thunder thighs and Elton Serrell. what a pair of no hopers another week of tripe repeats.
SKYLARK. 7:35pm Tue 13 Feb
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Pump down the volume, CS
Could someone hint (firmly) to Catherine, (Nastiest Girl in School), Southon, to tone down the squawking? One of the more unpleasant performers in the Road Trip.
Ol'Miseryguts 5:14pm Tue 13 Feb
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Prev comm
Because no one would win it. Don't you mean chump of the year. It would be a multiple dead heat.
Lenny. 6:46pm Mon 12 Feb
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It's a knockout
Why don't they do a it's a knockout and create champ of the year.
Cammy 5:43pm Mon 12 Feb
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For goodness sake get rid of that gibbering idiot Hanson! What a creep!
Suzyq 8:12am Fri 9 Feb
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Braxton and Hanson experts you must be joking, more a demented pair of loons?.
BILL HOOK. 3:24pm Tue 6 Feb
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Like Bargain Hunt - lack of entertainment, continuous repeats!
taffy 11:38am Sat 3 Feb
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OWEN. 2:01pm Wed 31 Jan
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With sellers premiums and buyers premiums how can T.Wonnocott say when some idiot expert makes £6 on an items, that they have made a profit.
OCTOPUS. 7:34pm Tue 30 Jan
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Oh my days! What on earth was she wearing? The circus is back in town
don'tbelieveallyouread 5:40pm Tue 30 Jan
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Repeats next week don't bother to watch, awful pair of Bisram and Manning.
THE COLONEL. 11:42am Sat 27 Jan
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Low prices still crap results, glad its the end for this five day contrick good riddance to Bisram and Southon.
SNIPE. 7:07pm Fri 26 Jan
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Dealers giving items away again for next to nothing. Even for Bisram it was cheap, cheap, cheap and the prices were so low even he could make a profit. If viewers believe these shows they would have to be beyond sense and reason.
SNIPE. 5:29pm Thu 25 Jan
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Bisram like a rabbit in the headlights, frightened of his own shadow, and that was more like the Southon we know.
snipe. 4:01pm Thu 25 Jan
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Are we expected to believe these experts drive all these distances in their week. they get filmed doing a drive down a little lane or road also pulling up outside shops etc. Bet after filming they don't drive anywhere, the car goes on a low loader then on to the next day, and they get driven to the next shoot?.
MORTIMER. 7:15pm Wed 24 Jan
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C.Southon here we go three items price £118 paid £40 , what a load of BULL do the BBC think we are all idiots?.
SNIPE. 7:32pm Tue 23 Jan
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Southon went for it and spent plenty, not that cheapskate Bisram was this usual timid self buying utter crap again.
SNIPE. 3:50pm Tue 23 Jan
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Raj Bisram and K Southon are tin pot experts as we will see next week. Going for cheap tat each day. and making no profits???.
OSWALD. 6:06pm Sun 21 Jan
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Next week a right pair of no hopers, Southon and Bisram the low price specialists. Bisram wants it all for nothing and Southon cheap and made of leather, best of luck to the charity.
CROMWELL. 7:25pm Fri 19 Jan
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Margie Cooper is a laugh a minute when she's told a price, she's more like Tommy Cooper?
ZILCH. 1:39pm Wed 17 Jan
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Finish at last the two chattering morons Charles and Anita, both need looking at they are never right. Five days and nothing to show for it, probably be same next week with another pair of idiots.
SEAHORSE. 6:11pm Fri 12 Jan
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Experts go into huge 4 floor antiques units, they are full of loads of items and what happens they spend a pittance on a tin pot thing and drive off. So according to that there was nothing else worth buying. pull the other one BBC????????
SKYLARK. 3:19pm Thu 11 Jan
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Half price.
Has anyone noticed that the usual 50% the so called experts get when the auction house sell the said items, goes for what the shop or dealer had them priced up for in the first place.
PHILOCTETES 6:03pm Wed 10 Jan
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A consistant non - profit making show . with experts? buying cheap tat and still making very little. Time to scrap it and spend our money on a decent programme.
MORTIMER. 7:24pm Tue 9 Jan
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Zzzzz!!!and more Zzzzz!!!
History of Adam Smith Zzzzz. Who gives a monkeys.
QT 4:47pm Tue 9 Jan
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Is it fair that Anita is on home ground and getting items from dealers she sells to. Is it planted so she gets good deals?. Poor old Charles as no chancee as it looks rigged.
CROMWELL. 6:22pm Mon 8 Jan
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Dont C.Ross and J.Braxton remind you of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves in their manner.Not experts but old school types.
FLASHMAN. 9:26pm Sat 6 Jan
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Reduced prices still on this stupid programme if you believe it, still no use to charities.
OWEN. 11:07am Sat 6 Jan
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Ross/Braxton what a pair, both over the top and not likely to make much for charity. Stay away from painting J.B because you have no idea what you are doing, and C.R no idea with most things.
BLIMP. 6:17pm Thu 4 Jan
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NO IDEA??????
J.Braxton is not much cop about most things, but painting what a joke. He brought a awful painting for £75 and it made £10 what a idiot.
OWEN. 6:17pm Wed 3 Jan
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James braxton.
What would braxton say if people rang his pub, the lamb in Hailsham and asked to pay £20 per night instead of £95?
KING TADPOLE. 4:59pm Wed 3 Jan
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As J.Braxton got a stockpile of old clothes from back to the Raj times and does his wife dress like the memsab.
THE COLONEL. 2:13pm Wed 3 Jan
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Braxton actually made a profit?, I suppose it had to happen sometime but its still a shock.
ZIPPY. 10:18am Wed 3 Jan
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Its C.Ross and J.Braxton tonight thats even worse than the other two and thats saying something.
CROW. 9:46pm Tue 2 Jan
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Harper and Southon tonight
And so it begins, the next pair of morons take the stand,Stuff at less than half price and still no profit?.Wel pained for nothing, the same week in week out its not worth watching.
Q.C. 1:26pm Tue 2 Jan
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For every one shown half a dozen comments don't get through. Not wasting my time any longer. This site needs to get a grip and stop treating folk with contempt. Ps I won't be holding my breath with this one eitgef.
onlysaying 10:05pm New Years Eve
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More of the BBC crap antiques road trip with non-trying experts and planted antiques at extra low prices. If we all stopped watching this tripe the BBC would have to do something about it.
OWEN. 9:29pm New Years Eve
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Seen too much of this repeat after repeat crap, for heavens sake give this tripe a rest, or better scrap it all to gather.
INKY. 11:04am Thu 21 Dec
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Auctions or robberies
I used to really love auctions / buying and selling but now it's a scam 15 percent plus vat no wonder the sale rooms are so empty. .
chippers 4:01pm Sun 26 Nov
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Charity ?
It's a joke why doesn't the bbc give the so called experts wages to charity rather than wasting our money on this stupid game
chippers 1:42pm Fri 17 Nov
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Hu hu hu hu Haa hee hee,cackle cackel cackle, is she laughing at Natasha Raskin, with her open mouth and no sound coming out
MIKEM 8:36pm Fri 3 Nov
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Poor producers
£10 for 10 old phones, I didn't believe it when it was first shown, even less now. The producers must have long arms and short pockets when having to pay the dealers off.
Magpie 6:38pm Fri 3 Nov
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next week
look out, the favourite is on - N R
taffy 5:16pm Fri 3 Nov
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