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its funny
willy 10:04 pm Mon 2 Apr

Good fun spy cartoon! Series one was better but it's still very good.
psychokillerboy 9:55 pm Wed 21 Mar
bonza show
Top stuff, been watching this since S1/Ep1. One of the best things on TV. So funny and BRILLIANT script.
mark the bike 12:17 pm Tue 3 May
My American friend introduced this show to me and a few of the lads and it is absolutely hilarious can't wait for this
Kkid18 7:33 pm Mon 2 May
One of the funniest shows I've seen. I like the comic style too.
stupid internet nickname 7:35 pm Thu 25 Mar
this is gey
gey 8:17 pm Sat 27 Feb
Refreshingly funny.
Good to see something new and interesting for a change - even if the humour is old school. Certainly beats the Steven Seagal repeats!!!
Andy 12:31 am Sat 27 Feb
actually pretty good...for a channel five programme
weeman 5:55 pm Thu 25 Feb


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