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Most of these presenters - experts have no personality thats the problem, should stick to auctioneering.
HIGHLANDER. 6:47pm Thu 27 Apr
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Anita Manning
She (and Natasha) does a really good job. Trevanion is pretty, but so lacklustre
Pluto 6:02pm Thu 27 Apr
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Presentation Presentation can we have better presentation seems its all gone out with TW lets get back to more experienced presenters with out looking at cue cards. IE Trevannion ?
old git 1:22pm Thu 27 Apr
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Charles Hanson
What a great job CH did today. I really enjoyed it
Daff 1:02pm Wed 26 Apr
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charles hanson
todays contestant spent only £54 how pathetic
Oscar 12:59pm Wed 26 Apr
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The reason is BH costs very little to produce and the overheads are small. Film crew, presenters and experts, and very little on teams. Most spend a pittance, so its all great for the BBC cheap crap????.
JETHRO. 7:13pm Tue 25 Apr
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Why is it that the BBC keep swamping the snooker and other programmes with repeats of bargain hunt. If any programme finishes early, what happen they repeat bargain hunt again. TIME TO GIVE IT A REST.
OCTOPUS 6:08pm Mon 24 Apr
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I feel sorry for her new husband . Imagine having to listen to her all day.
gizmo. 1:27pm Mon 24 Apr
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Lets hear it for Natsh. She has improved immeasurably.
Conrad 1:07pm Mon 24 Apr
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Natasha Raskin
Please, please BBC have a heart and stop subjecting us to this irritating woman. Most of us now switch off immediately her name is mentioned.
Daff 12:26pm Mon 24 Apr
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TW is bubbly, polite and entertaining. It's obvious he has a good rapport with everyone he meets and the experts which is why he gives them endearing names. However it is good that we all like different things don't you think?
reuben 9:51pm Fri 21 Apr
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tim /Eric
Tims got a sense of humour. Eric knowles always looks like he would rather be anywhere else, but bargain hunt. It's as though the shows beneath him.
oldvic 5:38pm Fri 21 Apr
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Are you saying T. Wonnacott as charisma, very interesting but thats not the word I would use???.
JAKE. 3:57pm Fri 21 Apr
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I agree. I liked him at first but he is so nondescript and lacks charisma.
reuben 2:09pm Fri 21 Apr
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Didn't switch on today, saw Eric Knowles was presenting, but not for me!
Bunter 1:09pm Fri 21 Apr
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In that case its fairly pointless putting anything on here, these comments have no meaning???.
HOBGOBLIN. 9:22am Fri 21 Apr
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Try again comnent
And what is it with some males making comments.........eh oscar??
georgie 8:59am Fri 21 Apr
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That would be interesting but I rarely get my comments printed so probably wouldn't be able to vote. Also others could vote several times using different nick names
Daff 9:35pm Thu 20 Apr
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WHY? ?????
Dawn. 5:02pm Thu 20 Apr
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We should have a poll on who is the most disliked expert on here. Raskin,Manning,Harper,Sebastian,Hanson,Bliss or who ?????.
HOBGOBLIN. 4:08pm Thu 20 Apr
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Oscar .
Are you a misogynist?
Jessie. 2:03pm Thu 20 Apr
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anita manning
what is it with some female presenters, do they think its the Royal Variety Performance
oscar 12:21pm Thu 20 Apr
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Could the BBC explain why these experts are not sacked, because they guide teams with little interest or help.The majority are useless and could not give a fig???.
GRIME REAPER. 7:35pm Wed 19 Apr
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And yet oscar gets all his anti Natasha ones through......how many times do we need to be told his opinion??
reuben 7:35pm Wed 19 Apr
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Waste of time
I still can't get my comments printed. Either print them all or none of them otherwise what is the point of this site?
Daff 2:58pm Wed 19 Apr
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narasha raskin
Oh no its switch off, she,s on
oscar 12:51pm Wed 19 Apr
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bad timing PM.
The only thing to keep BH off tv. The announcement of a general election. Why didn't the PM announce it at 2pm, nothing on then till tipping point. Still, anything that keeps Charles hansen off our screens is a bonus.
Rosie rivets. 12:25pm Tue 18 Apr
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Forget Wonnacott and bring in Eric Knowles permanently and some new quality experts not the crap we have now?.
BILKO. 11:40am Mon 17 Apr
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Don't worry T.Wonnacott will be on BH for decades yet, as the BBC will repeat them over and over again its cheap TV.
JETHRO. 7:01pm Fri 14 Apr
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Tims a dying breed. The great British eccentric. Reminds me of Terry Thomas.
collette. 3:39pm Fri 14 Apr
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Tim is the only one
bring back Tim all is forgiven
oscar 12:51pm Fri 14 Apr
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And yet calling TW creepy does get through......I despair!
reuben 5:14pm Thu 13 Apr
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Why was my comment not printed? Please let me know
Daff 4:48pm Thu 13 Apr
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Why is Wonnacott so loved, he's very creepy and acts quite oddly at times. Yes Natasha is peculiarly strange and gets on many peoples nerves.
ZEUS 1:21pm Thu 13 Apr
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Bargain Hunt
What is wrong with Natasha Raskin. Painful to watch her! Bring back the charismatic Tim Wonnacott. Bargain Hunt is dismal without him.
Lindyloo 1:09pm Thu 13 Apr
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natasha Raskin
what is happening to BH. I know Tim has his critics but please stop putting Natasha on, she is terrible
Oscar 12:44pm Thu 13 Apr
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ugly thing!
The voodoo puppet has got to be the ugliest thing ever. When the contestant asked where would you put it, I can answer that question, either in the bin, or on the top of a bonfire. Hideous thing!
collette. 6:03pm Wed 12 Apr
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Charles Hanson
How many times does Mr Hanson, when speaking to fellow experts, have to say their name in conversation? I watched an episode recently, and during the review of items bought he said Tim's name 17 times! Also, If You had an antiques shop, would you let him in? How many times has he dropped something or knocked it over?! The other day, he was falling about a shop on stilts!
I'mnotarobot 5:02pm Tue 11 Apr
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10th of April,worst BH ever.Absolute barrel scraping,worst.
Lizzie 12:50pm Tue 11 Apr
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Natasha Raskin
Why do BBC keep employing this terrible Raskin woman she only loves herself
Oscar 9:23pm Mon 10 Apr
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Why does Danny Sebastian always dress like one of the dancing chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins ???.
JAKE. 7:43pm Mon 10 Apr
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She's been at the orange Smarties again. Hyper, or what.
jellybean. 3:31pm Mon 10 Apr
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Danny Boy?
Car boot specialist Danny Sebastian on today usual crap expert, Natasha Raskin gets no better still very strange?.
BINKY. 2:12pm Mon 10 Apr
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These so called are only in it for the money, no interest in giving teams with no idea any help. its the same BH after BH the presenters are all crap as well?.
JETHRO. 9:48am Sun 9 Apr
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Take a chance.
To all dumb contestants on BH, take a chance and spend some money. For heaven sake its not your £300 so have a go?. buy something decent and try to make yourselfs a profit.
OCTOPUS. 6:07pm Fri 7 Apr
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Todays BH with manic manning and Kate Bliss that gurning nursery school teacher, talking down slowly to contestants.
JAKE. 1:06pm Fri 7 Apr
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anita manning
Oh dear Anita please slow down girl you are not at the Old Viv
oscar 12:59pm Fri 7 Apr
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I like his style. He uses terms of endearment. Makes a change from the usual sarcasm and mocking style of so many presenters nowadays.
reuben 5:09pm Thu 6 Apr
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Wannacott and his stupid pet names for everyone e.g TOM-TOM, the BH today up to the usual tin pot best.Teams and experts utter bulge water yet again.
IVOR 1:30pm Thu 6 Apr
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Could not care less?.
When will it dawn on viewers that these so called experts are not bothered, all they want is the cash.Pick any old tat and on to the next money spinner etc.
fizzy. 5:22pm Tue 4 Apr
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