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They are known as old spice.
BUZZ. 7:58pm Sat 9 Dec
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A boy band of Ross, Braxton,Serrell and Hanson, what every next better than having them as experts?????.
NEWT. 7:29pm Sat 9 Dec
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Todays BH was a complete con the extreme profits have to be false.Hawley and Weeks must have been in cloud cuckoo land, with their fake profits.
ZILCH, 6:16pm Fri 8 Dec
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Natasha, manning, Ross.
Imagine natasha, Anita manning and Charlie Ross around the same table at Xmas. It would be like an explosion in a fireworks factory. They would all be fighting at the same time to speak that they would spontaneously combust. If only!
Sceptic 2:55pm Fri 8 Dec
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xmas show
No R@skin-Sharp yeh - still needs a shake up !
taffy 1:05pm Fri 8 Dec
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Anita Manning
another show spoilt with an over enthusistic, Scottish presenter, why does Manning,over dramatise everything, she is in a state of shock and awe all the time, is she and Raskin related, ?? they are both weird,
MIKEM 1:02pm Fri 8 Dec
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Oh dear Anita
On episode Friday 8 December, obviously a Christmas special (not a repeat)! Has Anita Manning been on the whisky or does she need to be with her theatrical performance. Who pays so much money for four plastic brooches? The contestants must be deaf or they are when she has finished. Think prices were fixed for this particular episode.
Jae59 12:58pm Fri 8 Dec
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Hansens bonus buy £185 for a chipped plate. The man's off his rocker
KING TADPOLE. 12:57pm Thu 7 Dec
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Father's Geppetto, brothers pinocchio.
BUZZ. 4:09pm Mon 4 Dec
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Serrell team took no notice of him, what a good idea that proved apart from the bonus buy. Then Madley proved crap again with his advice.
CROW 1:20pm Mon 4 Dec
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Today's show
Should chip in and buy a mascot for Serr@ll - Toy Story Woody!
taffy 1:01pm Mon 4 Dec
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When will bargain end is it a continuatious series without a break, will it go on forever 2 new 3 repeats each week on and on.
MR MAC 10:17am Mon 4 Dec
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Two moronic teams helped by a pair of dozy experts, a recipe for utter codswallop.
MELVIN. 12:54pm Thu 30 Nov
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Red team spent £260 and lost about £16 and the blue team spent £70 odd and made a profit of about £13, it about sums up this tripe, have a go for it not send nothing ?
DUCET. 2:22pm Wed 29 Nov
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Another thing to mention - quote 'are we interested' - well others are making the same comments about the programme as myself,and I have the right to make them! Go and try your luck with the Guardian and read what the Remoaners are saying about Brexit!
taffy 1:09pm Wed 29 Nov
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yeh, looking to accuse me Reuben(and other aliases using mine) - proof in the pudding is the eating! Keep cool, someone doesn't like a joke !
taffy 12:37pm Wed 29 Nov
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T and O.
Laurel and hardy?
Laughing gravy. 10:29am Wed 29 Nov
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I really don't think he would read this site. He thinks he is a celeb and above such things. No I think it is a mischief maker who thinks their likes and opinions are the only right ones. Yes you know who you are!! Probably welsh but I could be wrong.
onlysaying 9:48pm Tue 28 Nov
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Only saying
I've had 3 comments deleted from spend it well with Philip schofield. I actually think that it is Philip that deleted them. Not joking.
Sceptic 8:56pm Tue 28 Nov
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Woe is me
taffy and oscar34. Are we interested?? We have all been there and had comments deleted and comments not shown also.. Stop winging. Delete this one ....be my guest!
onlysaying 6:32pm Tue 28 Nov
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Hanson and Hawley what a pair of clowns, thy do not direct their teams to any decent antiques. But then again that can be said of most of these other so called experts???.
OWEN. 6:01pm Tue 28 Nov
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I'm sure it's the same person changing their ID.Oscar, this has happened with me before!
taffy 1:19pm Tue 28 Nov
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nickname change
As another Oscar has appeared on the site I have made an alteration to my nickname
oscar34 1:05pm Tue 28 Nov
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There she blows.
Miss hornblower would be good on the show. She's at least 100 years old, so that makes her a genuine antique .
KING TADPOLE. 1:14pm Mon 27 Nov
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Natasha Raskin
must we have this obnoxious woman on spoiling todays programme, when I saw Tim I expected something decent, but no Raskin spoils it
oscar 12:27pm Sun 26 Nov
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Bargain hunt.
Sponsored by andrex.
BROWN FISH. 12:15pm Sun 26 Nov
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Bargain hunt
Most of the experts and presenters are a bunch of z listed celebrities Mike , all part of a brown nosed circle...
Taffy 12:08am Sun 26 Nov
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hi oscar, have a lovely xmas with your friends, but do not forget to invite sebastion, he can sing the high notes when you go carol singing, and why not invite Charlie Hanson, with his arms flying all over, he would make a good choir conductor, l was hoping to get a video of all four, to send to The BBC producers of the show, to see, what crap they are,imposing on us, as a footnote, where are these auction houses that only charge 15 per cent commision, here in the midlands, its 20 to 30 per cent plus VAT, check out Sirrell, he charged a fellow presenter £11.50 plus vat on item he sold for £35,00 Enough said Happy Xmas
MIKE M 9:30pm Sat 25 Nov
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Bargain Hunt
I think Oscar's joking Mike...
taffy 12:14pm Sat 25 Nov
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You've forgotten phil serrell. He, manning and natasha are coming to my house over Christmas.
Oscar 11:12am Sat 25 Nov
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Oscar, you need a doctor
Oscar, surely you are joking when you say, the lovely Natashia, l always admired your comments, until now, please got o Specsavers. and also see a Pyschiatrist, before its too late, . you will be sending her and Manning xmas cards next, l wish you all the best and hope you get your sanity back soon,
MIKE M 10:57am Sat 25 Nov
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Natasha Raskin
Yes can't wait Taffy the clone, since Oscar and myself will be the only viewers watching - happy days!
taffy 9:28pm Fri 24 Nov
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Today's show
Stove bought by expert for bonus buy - did well then! By the way I'll share the comments with Taffy mark 2 maybe not, can't find them - no N R number, very disappointed!
taffy 1:07pm Fri 24 Nov
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Previous comm
Whoever you really are , brilliantly mischievous.
Anne teak. 8:38pm Thu 23 Nov
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More of Wonnaott repeats back in time again, tat Irish programme now when will the BBC learn.Harper and Pratt sounds like undertakers, but they would have more idea.
OWEN. 2:29pm Thu 23 Nov
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Today's show
Same unentertaining crowd again , doesn't get any better!
taffy 5:02pm Tue 21 Nov
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Raskin and manning.
Both must have sucked on a helium balloon before appearing on the show. Both need to calm down.
Lozza. 4:05pm Tue 21 Nov
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21st november
Thomas Plant was doing a good job today then Raskin appeared so that was that I switched off
Daff 2:43pm Tue 21 Nov
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Dim pair of teams today one won £14 and the other £3 after spending £71, brain dead as ever. The experts jokingly called N.Hall and the krankie Natasha, she spent £20 on an flag and lost £3 stick to auctioneering dear please?.
MORTIMER 1:10pm Tue 21 Nov
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natasha Raskin
thoroughly agree with other comment, Does BBC recognise that the majority of viewers have had enough of double barrel Raskin
Oscar 1:07pm Tue 21 Nov
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Health warning
Why does the BBC continue with using Natashia and Anita,on BH, the viewing figures must be going down by thousands , those two are as popular as Nicholas Sturgeon,
MIKEM 12:44pm Tue 21 Nov
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Usual two teams of muppets today plus Hinge and Brackett as experts. When will the BBC add some quality to bargain hunt, instead of this crap?.
OCTOPUS. 4:24pm Mon 20 Nov
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These are not new the only ones that are on Mondays and Fridays the rest are repeats.
ZEUS. 9:27am Sun 19 Nov
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new series
not the same without Tim Wanacott - feeble by comparison!!
Freddie 4:44pm Fri 17 Nov
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With Tim on this repeat I expected it to be in sepia with no sound, back in time and scraping the barrel again BBC.
DUCK SOUP. 6:10pm Thu 16 Nov
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Tims Back
Great show today, Made by the presenter Tim, pity it was a repeat, Reinstate Tim and watch the viewers return
MIKEM 1:14pm Thu 16 Nov
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Today's Show
Natasha free zone today-always like Charlie one of the only decent ones left now, the legend that was,Tim has gone! Good antiques today and profits,better bonus buys from the "experts" too!
Lishy 2:09pm Wed 15 Nov
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R.Madley and T.Plank still buying crap bonus buys, wake up you pair of morons?.
ZILCH. 1:06pm Wed 15 Nov
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Today's show
Richard Winterton never minces his words, could make a good expert! Not a bad episode but still short on entertainment value overall !
taffy 1:01pm Wed 15 Nov
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Madley and Serrell do not appear to grasp the idea of an bonus buy, two airhead teams had no help what so ever from the pair of dumbos?.
JAKE. 3:27pm Mon 13 Nov
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