25 June 2017  | 

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WHAT A ???????????????.
That so called expert Bisram must be the worst ever on BH,he spends nothing and guiding the half wit to do the same.His pricing on peoples stalls is laughable e.g stall holder wants £65 and he says how about £15 how stupid?.
TAKING THE MICK. 12:01pm Sat 24 Jun
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I am beginning to think that a lot of these items that teams buy are {planted} by the BBCon stalls because the price seems to drop so much.
MYSTERIOUS. 1:42pm Fri 23 Jun
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who were the idiots who won today after spending £57, celebrate as though they had won the lottery
0scar 1:00pm Fri 23 Jun
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Prev comm
I agree. No one has bought brown furniture for as long as I can remember So much for the experts advising their teams.
reuben 10:04pm Thu 22 Jun
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Awful bureau.
If trees could poo, this would be it.
MR HANKEY. 3:38pm Thu 22 Jun
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The experts don't give a damn. All they want is their appearance money. Hawley and raskin must be millionaires, the amount of time they have appeared this year alone .
THE ANTHILL MOB 3:33pm Tue 20 Jun
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Bland episode again
Same old thing - sure Caroline deliberately bought that stamp holder at top price to wind the producers up (she probably sold loads of the same thing at auctions before) !
taffy 1:17pm Tue 20 Jun
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Caroline Hawley team of buffoons going her usual trick of two cheap and one over priced item. As for Tim Weeks will he ever make a profit,Natasha her usual self.
HURDY GURDY MAN. 1:17pm Tue 20 Jun
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Cancelled to days new bh and replaced it with a repeat, Serrell and manning sounds like an undertakers.Usual utter tat teams brain dead and experts up to their usual standard.
ST GILES. 1:19pm Mon 19 Jun
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Serrell loses £132 on the bonus buy and still smiles. . . . . Idiot! As for the hideous cat ornament, I hope whoever bought it smashes it with a hammer into a million pieces.
Harold ham gravy. 1:05pm Sun 18 Jun
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What on earth is Caroline Hawley wearing. She looks like kermits mother. Or failing that a snot explosion.
fleabag63 1:21pm Sat 17 Jun
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Ha, ha ha . Your comment tickled me.
mel. 10:35pm Thu 15 Jun
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I think she uses that hair dye shade known as "soot". You know the one because she's worth it!
georgie 9:39pm Thu 15 Jun
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Put 2 big plastic eyes either side of her partying and and her hair makes her look like incey wincey spider.
mel. 3:51pm Thu 15 Jun
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I think Anita buys her clothes for £5 pounds a kilo.Second thoughts,she probably gets them to knock off £4.50.She's a bad advert for retro.
Lizzie 1:21pm Thu 15 Jun
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Still like it
The competitors backgrounds and the funny bits and of course a lot of the items are interesting. Raising a profit and the golden gavel is good but most of all when the experts get it wrong........lol
georgie 12:24pm Thu 15 Jun
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The years go bye and nothing changes, Bh still the same old crap and repeat after repeat when will the BBCwise up.The shows still follow the same boring format, cheap as possible and idiot teams, plus very poor experts.
DOG TIRED. 10:54am Thu 15 Jun
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Manual approval means if the BBC dont like what is typed they won't publish , Its called censorship no other word for it?.
Vexed. 4:02pm Tue 13 Jun
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Mel and HOLLY
Like your style guys
georgie 9:12pm Mon 12 Jun
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Those two experts Danny Sebastian and David Harper, ones a car booter at best and the other thinks he's a film star.
HOLLYWOOD. 7:15pm Mon 12 Jun
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Oxfam? More like cash for clothes, £5 a kilo.
mel. 7:06pm Mon 12 Jun
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Best part
Was Jonathan Pratt the auctioneer. Why Him Of The Coloured Trousers and Anita by Oxfam again?? And poor Danny never got his golden gavel....boo hoo!
georgie 6:50pm Mon 12 Jun
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Explain yourselves
My favourable comments about today's show are not allowed to be published. This site is so biased! And what is manual approval? Please explain.
Daff 3:05pm Mon 12 Jun
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1970 s boot.
Vintage boot pin cushion? Last time I saw a boot like that it was in 1970 and on noddy holders foot.
nemo . 1:16pm Mon 12 Jun
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Today's show
Whoop whoop this show is sinking - bring in Sean Kelly(Storage Hunters) or Andy McConnell from Antiques Roadshow - really needs an urgent revamp!
taffy 1:02pm Mon 12 Jun
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I've seen better stuff at the local dump.
cranky jo. 10:34am Sat 10 Jun
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Cheap hunt.
Why not rename the show buy low sell lower show, or maybe the NO MORE THAN £20 SHOW THATS WHERE ITS GOING TOTAL CRAP???????????????????????.
CAR BOOT CRASH. 10:17am Sat 10 Jun
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Today's show
these low buys are deadening the game, needs changing somewhere - the lowest amount ever bought by the one team and the biggest percentage profit made, yes makes you go ZZZZZZ ! The other team did deserve their golden gavel - bought well!
taffy 12:40pm Fri 9 Jun
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What a total disgrace Raj Bisram is, he gets teams to buy cheap e.g £13 for three items.He does it all the time and its getting worse, sack the cheapskate before he makes BH a total laughing stock.
ARAB TRADER. 9:50am Fri 9 Jun
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Turn off time for Charlie Ross - ugh!
Dando 12:50pm Thu 8 Jun
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Oh joy!
Anita Dressed by Oxfam and Him Of The Coloured Trousers.....
georgie 7:34pm Wed 7 Jun
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How long will it be before bargain hunt has Diane Abbott as a new presenter , ideal for the job????.
JOKER. 11:18am Wed 7 Jun
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Better bargains on Ebay
HAHAHA 4:27pm Tue 6 Jun
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who the heck is
Tim Weeks a toy expert we are told did not look like it utterly useless
mossie 2:40pm Tue 6 Jun
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Caroline Hawley and Tim Weeks what a combination, plus two teams of idiots with no knowledge what so ever. Also Natasha presenting a total disaster all round, a lot of the experts are crap but Tim Weeks is on another level???.
ZIPPY. 11:03am Tue 6 Jun
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More repeats than a dodgy curry .
timmy tiptoes. 11:43am Mon 5 Jun
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Immortal Tim?.
Tim Wonnocott will still be seen on BH in twenty years time at this rate.It gets no better with all these idiot presenters we have now, but old Tim will still be there with repeat after repeat endlessly?.
MCDRIVEL. 10:54am Mon 5 Jun
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I dont know what system they use to pick contestants for BH but it needs changing and quick. The morons they get on are laughable and so are the experts.Time to change the show, and have the teams spending a decent amount of money, or scrap the lot and all the repeats as well???.
CHEESED OFF. 5:14pm Fri 2 Jun
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Today's show
That's got to be a record low spending - £16. Hoping for a 'no brainer' profit on 3 items and made a loss on the first(Caroline Hawley's face was a picture) - put Andy McConnell from Antiques Roadshow in to present the series, he's brilliant!
taffy 4:51pm Fri 2 Jun
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talk about tight.
If they can't spend £300 with someone else's money, what must they be like with their own. Must live on bread and jam. Minus the jam. Tight ar#es.
sid. 1:27pm Fri 2 Jun
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Caroline Hawley with a pair of old idiots spending £16 on three items. This sums up what is wrong with BH, and the audiences will soon dwindle even more?.
PSH 1:05pm Fri 2 Jun
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Waste of time
Great spend £16.00 and look like a couple of tight gits
Tightwad 12:51pm Fri 2 Jun
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todays contestants spent £16 on 3 items, thats it Bargain Hunt Ive had enough
0scar 12:44pm Fri 2 Jun
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Dead in the water????.
This continuing week in week out load of utter drivel needs to be stopped, repeat after repeat seven days a week. The the odd new one so that they can drag out the fresh stuff, is not good enough.? This dinosaur needs binning and quick??????.
ANTEATER. 12:53pm Sat 27 May
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Terrified of spending?????.
Raj Bisram is frightened to let his team spend any money, because if they lose a lot it will reflect on him. So he gets them to spend a pittance on crap,has for K.Bliss not worth a comment.
BONNIE. 1:19pm Fri 26 May
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tat again.
This episode was shown around 3 weeks ago . The tat bought is still fresh in my mind.
fed up 12:26pm Wed 24 May
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Retro idiot on today, afraid he's a lost cause.Chap in blue team made Natasha look sane,thought he was going to have an heart attack what a idiot. Everyone lost again experts 0 teams 0, same all the time.
Hobgoblin. 1:26pm Mon 22 May
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ugly doll.
If snow white really did look like that ugly doll, the handome prince would have married the witch.
bluebird. 12:59pm Mon 22 May
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ms bliss had a good teacher. Phillip serrell.
popeye. 9:41pm Sun 21 May
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You must realise that Kate Bliss has always talked to people like they are brain dead or small children. Its the way she is, be it BH or PYMWYMI thats her way.
BINKY. 12:52pm Sun 21 May
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