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Red team women well over the top, bit of a know- all, had to feel sorry for her brother to put up with that.The blue team won thank goodness, experts usual low standard.
SKYLARK. 4:37pm Wed 18 Oct
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Johnny Pratt
The 'ew' sound valuing the items...Christmas stockings!!
taffy 12:01pm Wed 18 Oct
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Today's show
Phillip Serrell knew too well that brown furniture is rock bottom for demand - what a bad loss on the table!
taffy 9:56pm Tue 17 Oct
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car booters.
They should give the teams £50 each to spend at a car boot, minus the experts, a term I use loosely.
pegasus viii 8:27pm Tue 17 Oct
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PUT BY????
Why does P. Serrell ask nearly all dealers to PUT IT BY FOR NOW, if the team wants an item for god sake buy it.
JAKE. 12:07pm Tue 17 Oct
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absolute joke.
The blues bonus buy, what an absolute bloody joke! Serrell couldn't care less .
magpie. 11:58am Tue 17 Oct
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anita manning
what is going on with BH, has it gone all Scotch, who will we have as the next expert? Nichola Sturgeon?
oscar 11:38am Tue 17 Oct
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Bargain Hunt
the way it's going will follow Crimewatch - need to get rid of the 'copycat' and 'unflavourable' presenters !
taffy 9:21am Tue 17 Oct
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long time viewre
l have watched and enjoyed this programme for a long time, it was much better when Tim was in charge, but nowadays, we have amateurs heading the show, The Scots are the worse,presenters, especially N R
MIKEM 4:52pm Mon 16 Oct
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Natasha comnents
Are you all one and the same person?? It is getting boring now. I want to read other views about BH not the same old. The powers that be take no notice so give it a rest fgs,
reuben 4:23pm Mon 16 Oct
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l switched her off , and watched, daily Politics, why does the producers have her on the show, she is on a different planet
MIKEM 3:08pm Mon 16 Oct
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natasha Raskin
Oh no not her again, are they trying to get us to change to Loose Women on ITV
Oscar 11:22am Mon 16 Oct
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Oscar /MIKEM.
Your favourite lady is on. Aka the windmill.
shell 9:51am Mon 16 Oct
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Natashia Raskin Dull
shes got a new surname, shes changed her hair, but she is still a waste of time, get her off, send her back up North,
MIKEM 6:46pm Sun 15 Oct
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Another useless piece of wood . I'm talking about serrell, not the corner piece .
magpie. 12:02pm Sun 15 Oct
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Natasha Raskin
must we have this woman on Saturdays, we get enough of her during the week
oscar 12:43pm Sat 14 Oct
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So the format is get these so-experts to con teams into buying crap items and quickly, then some duff bonus buy and on to the next show with fee in pocket. Catherine Suthern felt hard done by that they took no notice of her. I would have done the same.
ZILCH. 4:16pm Fri 13 Oct
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Prev comm
Catherine should have walked off and told her to get on with it. If contestants don't know the format they shouldn't be on. No one has to put up with stuff nowadays.
reuben 2:14pm Fri 13 Oct
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Today's show
I think Catherine wanted to tell that 'st@ck up' red contestant where to go - the programme needs a shake up !
taffy 12:00pm Fri 13 Oct
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Danny Sebastion,
l would recommend Danny,to wear loose fitting underwear, this would help him to speak normal, instead of that weird high pitched voice,
MIKEM 11:42am Fri 13 Oct
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Today's show
missed nothing
taffy 3:13pm Thu 12 Oct
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Todays repeat with WALKING THE PLANK and TAKING THE BLISS. Total nonevent plus the SCOTCH EGG????????
EROS. 12:11pm Thu 12 Oct
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Shy stallholders
Probably dealers who do not pay all their taxes. Some have shops and even have jobs on the tv shows. The benefits people do car boots while the posh antique sales. They all p..ss in the same pot as far as declaring everything.
reuben 1:56pm Wed 11 Oct
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Perhaps they are claiming benefits and don't want the DWP to catch them.
KING TADPOLE 1:35pm Wed 11 Oct
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There is a very high percentage of stall holders and dealers who are extremely shy. They do not want to be filmed for what reason do you think???
SHYLOCK. 12:23pm Wed 11 Oct
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Bye folks
None of my comments get shown. Maybe they prefer nasties than lighthearted banter. Anyway I am not wasting my time anymore. Sorry it had to end this way. Ps if this gets through it will not change anything!
georgie 9:24pm Tue 10 Oct
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Prev comm
Don't knock the golden gavel.. I am sure it is a future coveted item.. A bit like the Blue Peter Badge or that famous rag doll character on a well known pot of jam.
reuben 4:44pm Tue 10 Oct
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Golden gavel is a bit of old painted tin, very few win one of even those because thats the level of teams they have on each show.
Q.C 3:07pm Tue 10 Oct
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Sunday repeat withT. PLANK and K. BLUSTER , could not find a quality antique in a shoe box. Raskin presenting on another planet, plus two teams of no-hopers.
DINKY 12:22pm Sun 8 Oct
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natasha Raskin
Oh dear, she does love herself
Oscar 11:58am Sun 8 Oct
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Golden Gavel
Very disappointed to see that someone on the production team has decided no longer to issue a golden gavel for two profits and a 'wiped face'- shame on you whoever it is. This has happened twice in the last few episodes. After all it is of little monetary cost to the BBC as is a 'Pointless' trophy.Please reinstate it.
Chrisncolin 6:27pm Sat 7 Oct
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Started with the blues item at the auction today-bit different!
Lishy 12:10pm Fri 6 Oct
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This teams have no knowledge of antiques so they try to play safe, they buy tripe instead of going for quality. It does not help that the experts are useless and don't give a fig????
highlander. 3:28pm Thu 5 Oct
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should watch show first
Most of the contestants can't have watched the show, otherwise they wouldn't buy the same old crap that doesn't sell , like card cases , chain bags and old crappy vacuum cleaners that serrell likes.
coolavanny Bert 2:18pm Wed 4 Oct
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NO IDEA??????
Repeat with two teams of half-wits, one spent £125 on tat and ended up -£35. Then C.Hawley for once brought a decent bonus buy, it was a very nice sewing box for £140 and the idiots turned it down and it fetched £200 what can you say??????
BERT GOOCH. 12:13pm Wed 4 Oct
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Blue coat
I would love to know where you can get Christina's coat with the big patch pockets.
georgie 11:37am Wed 4 Oct
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Bidders at auction
The hornblower is back with her lanyard I'd card in view .... another BACKGROUND of fiddling, cough Cough!
Taffy 1:10pm Mon 2 Oct
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Don't you mean raskin plank. They should put the hornblower woman on, now she looks old enough to be an antique, she's no bonus buy though.
mag 12:59pm Mon 2 Oct
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natasha Raskin
Oh dear now its Natasha Raskin Sharp, what is next, change the programme to Raskin Hunt, sorry Only saying but I have to express my views
oscar 11:55am Mon 2 Oct
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MIKEM/mike m/Oscar
You all say the same thing........over and over again. Are you "related"??? Try to concentrate on the show itself cos it is getting so boring now!
onlysaying 10:10am Mon 2 Oct
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Sorry to make your day even worse, but natashas on BH this afternoon. Might go and watch some paint dry.
KING TADPOLE 8:43am Mon 2 Oct
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hI Oscar. Bad news, Natashia is on Antiques road trip every day this week, with Charles Hanson,What a weird pairing, they are also on BBC 2 at 7.00pm today
MIKEM 7:47am Mon 2 Oct
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Saturdaus show spoilt with Raskin and Trevino, Sundays show spoilt by Trevino the cackling hen, when is the BBC going to get rid of these ,so up their selves women
MIKEM 11:42am Sun 1 Oct
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is on today. She is a lovely person in all ways and so nice to the contestants. I don't pick up of falseness about her.
reuben 11:24am Sun 1 Oct
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Good News sent to me
Hi, l have been told that besides having weird Natashia on the show, Cackling Christina was the auctioneer, so glad that l missed the show, Those two on the same programme,is enough to turn anybody off viewing
mike m 3:39pm Sat 30 Sep
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saturday bargain hunt with Natashia
Switched on saturday afternoon to watch bargain Hunt, The weird person was the presenter, cannot stand her, so watched Ukips new Leader instead
MIKEM 1:54pm Sat 30 Sep
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natasha Raskin
must we have her on Saturday as well, change over to sport
Oscar 1:18pm Sat 30 Sep
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Red team we are going spend BIG,and what happens they spend small. Then go for experts £180 brown furniure and lose £130, the blue team spent £85 and lost £35 compete muppets?
Pepy. 12:16pm Mon 25 Sep
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Saying when you think you will make a mint is: get too excited and get bitten - £180 bought made £50....
taffy 12:01pm Mon 25 Sep
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I can never unsee that awful sight of plank wearing a kilt. It will haunt me forever.
KING TADPOLE 12:24pm Sat 23 Sep
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