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The UNloveable rogue Danny sebastians on. He'd pinch the steam off your tea. I bet his wife goes to bed with one eye open, in case he steals her purse that she has hidden under her pillow.
moggy. 12:41pm Fri 20 Jan
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one and only.
The reds should have said "look plant, this is our one and only time on this show and we will buy what the bloody hell we want, even if it makes a stonking loss "!!!!! Mr bloody Worcester serrell s on again. He's in my lounge that often I'm thinking of charging him rent!
shadow 1 12:59pm Thu 19 Jan
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Even the repeats are repeats. Sick of seeing "Mr Worcester "Phillip serrell. About time he was penshioned off. So should yesterday's offering, Mark "spiteful over the top gay voice "Stacey.
shadow 1 1:34pm Wed 18 Jan
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When will this endless load of repeats cease with Tim Wonnacott as presenter. Each week two new and three repeats endlessly.
CAPYBARA. 1:22pm Wed 18 Jan
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Add johnathan pratt to your list.
custard the dragon. 3:21pm Tue 17 Jan
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We all know that most auctioneers do not make good experts , as been proven too many times. I can think of only three JL,PL AND EK I WONDER WHO THEY ARE ???.
JETHRO 2:44pm Tue 17 Jan
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Yes Oscar, its mark Stacey, £190 for a horrid pot. He likes to pay as much as possible and make the biggest loss on a single item. I know you mean natasha, I happen to like her.
shadow 1 1:31pm Tue 17 Jan
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narasha raskin
I guess its switch off day again, you know who is on
Oscar 12:48pm Tue 17 Jan
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Awful, hideous, bonus buy. It looked like a corpse bride.
shadow 1 1:38pm Mon 16 Jan
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10 % take it or leave it.
Haggling, what haggling. The teams got 10 % off, end of. No one asked if it could be any cheaper. They had been told beforehand not to ask.
moggy. 12:43pm Mon 16 Jan
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Bargain Hunt repeat today usual tripe, one team of smart know- alls spent £98, Then Natasha buys a plastic train decanter for £3 enough said.
IVOR. 3:37pm Sun 15 Jan
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natasha Raskin
I thought that Sunday was Natasha free, but no we even have to put up with her then, or switch , guess which
oscar 12:28pm Sun 15 Jan
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get real
Your g. .....g comm is brilliant. It made me laugh out loud.
shadow 1 7:23pm Mon 9 Jan
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His hair reminds me of my childhood g......g. No offence meant. I also had two dolls of different colour and loved them all the same. Those were the days before the ridiculous pc brigade caused us to see things that are not there.
get real 6:54pm Mon 9 Jan
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Mr Eric Knowles presenting bargain hunt today, supreme professional yet again and must be a shoe in to replace tim permanently .
Hobgoblin. 3:44pm Mon 9 Jan
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House clearance
Lets have a change and have the teams with £50 for three items, then give the so called experts £5 for the bonus buy. The reason being that most spend small amounts anyway .
Jake 1:33pm Mon 9 Jan
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cons on.
How very fitting of a member of the red team to be a prison officer, he can keep his eyes on that "lovable "con Danny Sebastian. If I was one of his victims i would throw a brick through my TV.
shadow 1 12:23pm Mon 9 Jan
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dolls house
I used to have a dolls house very similar to the one on today's show in the 1960s, i spilt some pop in it and the ants got in. My mother threw it away. Funny the things that you remember.
shadow 1 2:18pm Fri 6 Jan
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When reviewing BH why in some cases do the reviews not appear even though they are not abusive in any way. Do the BBC select what suits them.
zeus 1:19pm Fri 6 Jan
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Charles Hanson
knowledgable about antiques but god he talks and behave like an idiot not quite sure if he is all there sometimes
mossie 4:02pm Thu 5 Jan
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Did Charles hansen turn his nose up at the Denby vase for a fiver. It would have made at least £20 profit. I suppose if the seller wanted £50 for it he would have bought it. At least the miniature saved his blushes.
shadow 1 1:00pm Wed 4 Jan
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Yet another repeat. There is no point watching.
Daffodil 12:41pm Wed 4 Jan
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grime reaper
More repeats than a dodgy curry. Tim needs his teeth fixed. He looks like Madonna s, dad
wyatt earp 3:26pm Tue 3 Jan
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Bargain hunt as more repeaters than they had in the Wild West, We will still be seeing Tim when he's reached his century or older.
GRIME REAPER 3:19pm Tue 3 Jan
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David harper up to his usual tricks, lets flip a coin but never in my antiques shop.
capybara 6:14pm Fri 18 Nov
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Natasha raskin
She will be the final nail in the coffin for bargain hunt. So many people switch off when she is on the show. It's not her fault the producers should have had more sense
MEV 4:36pm Tue 15 Nov
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Please could someone tell Natasha to calm down a bit? A good show spoiled whenever she makes an appearance.
Jake 1:50pm Tue 15 Nov
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Why does Kate Bliss talk to contestants like they are small children, its so demeaning and sounds terrible.
spike 1:54pm Thu 10 Nov
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Thomas Plant
I too enjoyed today's programme and thought he was a natural for it
Daffodil 3:41pm Fri 9 Sep
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Your comment almost needs reporting as abuse hah hah! Thomas Plant? Not in a million years.
once more 2:23pm Fri 9 Sep
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Thomas Plant
Watched Bargain Hunt today and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a fantastic presenter Thomas Plant is. What are the chances of him replacing the annoying Tim Wonnacot.
Hiyacynth 1:20pm Fri 9 Sep
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Thomas Plant makes me want to gouge my eye's out with a spoon and blow my ears off with hand grenades. Way way way over the top. Anita Manning the same. Watched this programme from the start but not much longer.
Pinky 12:45pm Fri 9 Sep
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Boring now
As Tim has gone the show needs a new format. Kicking the leg is ridiculous without him.
once more 11:59am Fri 9 Sep
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Natash ? where are you??
We miss you
adif 11:27am Fri 9 Sep
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Only worth watching….
..when Tim is at the helm
Mclovin 12:09pm Tue 6 Sep
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Golden Gavel
In a team game where contestants rarely get anything much if they happen to make the slightest of profits and win, theyve now stopped giving the 'Golden Gavels' in favour of a naff BH badge. How incredibly mean!!!!
Maudie 1:04pm Sun 4 Sep
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Fab Tim Wonnocott
None of the new so called presenters have the expertise and personality of Tim as a presenter. At least we're still seeing him on repeats of Bargain Hunt. The BBC should bring him back.
Lizzy 12:54pm Sun 4 Sep
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My Favourite Expert
Catherine Southon is my favourite expert but then I am a sucker for a attractive faces and she is one.
Nosmo King 10:15am Mon 29 Aug
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Let the Experts Speak
Why do some presenters want to talk all the time during the antiques search. Let's hear more from the experts and contestants. Sadly Anita is the worst.
Mike 12:56pm Thu 25 Aug
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No more
Anita manning Stick to what you do best. And give up trying to be a presenter
Dee 12:52pm Fri 19 Aug
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once more
the thing I really agree with you about is Anita,s ability as a presenter, she is an auctioneer but not a presenter
oscar 12:20pm Mon 8 Aug
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Tbh we enjoyed the show. She is less stuffy than most auctioneers gjving their opinions. I did not see anything disparaging in Tim either. He is a gentleman. I am giving my opinion and nothing to do with number one fan or fan club right?
once more 5:42pm Thu 4 Aug
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n raskin
is there any chance that Natasha Raskin can say three words without giggling. I do believe Tim was cringing at her antics
oscar 12:49pm Thu 4 Aug
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Caroline Hawley
Is she wearing that outfit for a bet? Very bizarre!
once more 12:34pm Thu 4 Aug
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With respect I only say what I see. Did you think Anita did any better today? Like her as an expert but too dull for presenting. Natasha and Christina have the personality and oomph of fabulous Tim......in my opinion.
once more 1:32pm Fri 22 Jul
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once more
the natasha fan club is at it again
oscar 12:34pm Fri 22 Jul
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Natasha comments
If you like something or someone you get slapped down by those who always think they know best. Good show today with Natasha.
once more 9:44pm Mon 18 Jul
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I'm amazed at how much the shop owners knock off the original price I have stopped going in these shops now as they must overprice everything hoping some mug won't haggle
Mev 5:38pm Mon 18 Jul
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Bye bye
I've only been aware of this site for a few weeks. I note there is someone called once more who comments on most TV programmes. she praises Natasha Raskin on bargain hunt and gives her negative reviews on other programmes. are some people planted to cause conflict between contributors? It looks like it. I'm not bothering with this any more
Liz51 1:13pm Mon 18 Jul
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Tim is the only one
adif, are you watching the same programme? (Natasha is great, I don't think so)
Oscar 12:51pm Mon 18 Jul
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