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Two fabulous reasons to keep watching....a) It was in Scotland (again) and b) presented by TP......what more could you want? Okay okay I jest!
georgie 6:46pm Tue 22 Aug
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If you want to sell your antiques go to Scotland, they go over the top on most items. what a buffoon T.Plant is and school madam K.Bliss, both way over the top.
PEPY. 1:49pm Tue 22 Aug
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Mike m.
How can you switch off after 5 seconds, when you posted your comment at 11.26 am and the show wasn't on till 12 15. Do you have a crystal ball or time machine knocking about? Can I borrow it?
joker. 12:30pm Mon 21 Aug
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Natashia,Oh no,Not Again
21/08.2017,switched on saw that open mouth Natashia was on again, switched of within 5 seconds, Get rid of her, and let her take Christina Trevina with her, Those two are spoil all the antique programmes,
mike m 11:26am Mon 21 Aug
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sister programme
when items are sold vastly underprice because of the autioneer or the lack of buyers at auction, have a secret buyer so they can be resold at a better auction house. Would make an interesting programme
big sister grimm 12:17pm Sun 20 Aug
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There must be a BH repeat on tv somewhere in the world every minute of every day, how depressing is that ?
DUN WATCHING. 8:37pm Sat 19 Aug
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Car boot antics from both teams, red and blue useless in the extreme.Experts not worth their fee in both cases.
ZIPPY. 12:47pm Fri 18 Aug
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short haircut Natashia
Watched a bit of the programme today, cannot stand Natashia, , she is so up her self, a big turn off, now that shes married,hope she gets pregnant quick, and stays at home, does she realise how stupid she looks,with her mouth wide open, and no sound coming out,
MIKEM 12:05pm Fri 18 Aug
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NO no no
Switched on today, Her with the big open wide mouth was on , so switched off, lets hope Scotland stays in the EU, and then we can bar Natashia from entering ENGLAND
Mikem 11:34am Fri 18 Aug
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Natasha Raskin
must we keep having this woman
Oscar 11:34am Fri 18 Aug
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BBC applying censorship again, its a free world here or is it?
LENIN 8:48pm Thu 17 Aug
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I have already posted a similar comment on the corrie page. All comms after 10th August on all pages removed.
observant . 5:33pm Thu 17 Aug
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previous comments
tell me viewers who love this programme - why comments removed!
taffy 5:28pm Thu 17 Aug
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Anita Manning
I hate the slow laboured way she speaks with that dreadful accent!
Jim Boy 11:35am Thu 17 Aug
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natasha Raskin
Oh she does love herself
oscar 12:59pm Tue 8 Aug
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bbc 2 7.15 am
This repeat was shown yesterday morning. The producers don't give a damn about us viewers.
KING TADPOLE. 8:06am Tue 8 Aug
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You need a job go on BH as an expert, easy money and you don't need to be any good.
MORRIS. 11:41am Mon 7 Aug
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bbc 2 7.15 am
This repeat was shown only last week. It's so old that Charles hansen still has hair.
KING TADPOLE. 7:40am Mon 7 Aug
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All these experts are tripe on a daily basis, then one has a bit of luck and they are experts again, what a funny world we live in.
FAIRYLAND. 4:17pm Sun 6 Aug
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Prev comm
You miss my point. What I said applies to JP but unfortunately there are few like him on BH. Read my comment again!!
reuben 8:40am Sat 5 Aug
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Easy on the eye? so that applies to e.g. P.Serrell, T. Plant,M.Stacey or D.Sebastian does it?. Presentable to me is some one like Christina????.
CIRCUS CLOWN. 1:21pm Fri 4 Aug
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You need to be presentable, personable and easy on the eye for tv as well as knowledge of your subject.
reuben 11:57am Fri 4 Aug
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Being lovely does not make J.Pratt an expert or good valuer?.
Highlander. 1:14pm Thu 3 Aug
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Where can the BBC find a new batch of experts instead of this load of losers they have now. A nyone can do as good as them, and while they are at it a better format for the show, not so cheap and nasty.
MARCONI. 7:40pm Mon 31 Jul
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Prev comm
Knock Harper please but leave the lovely Jonathan alone. A nice personable expert who is not up himself!
georgie 11:17am Sun 30 Jul
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Two pagan teams from another planet, plus Pratt and Harper what a combination. Poser D. Harper and J.Pratt useless again as always?.
Hobgoblin. 10:34am Sun 30 Jul
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Chortling Charlie
Charlie Ross aint for me. i'd rather have Natasha anyday
Luxor 1:02pm Fri 28 Jul
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Today's show
taffy 1:00pm Thu 27 Jul
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Bisram and Bliss.
They must be the worst two so-called experts going, ones a car booter at best and the other a cheapskate.
SKYLARK. 4:44pm Wed 26 Jul
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When will the BBC omit Tim Wonnacott from BH, its becoming a joke????.
SNIPE. 2:30pm Sun 23 Jul
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What a windbag T.Plant is, he's so pompous for his age. Looked like Natasha was going to have an heart attack, what a strange girl she is.
GRIME REAPER. 1:24pm Thu 20 Jul
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that coat
is your night job standing by the zebra crossing at Abbey Road studios
taffy 12:26pm Thu 20 Jul
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What medication is she on. It's obviously not working. She said todays contest was close. The reds won over £250 and the blues lost with a minus score.
KING TADPOLE. 3:46pm Tue 18 Jul
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As soon as I saw the presenter today I switched off I can watch anyone except for NR, she really gets under my skin
Louise 3:35pm Tue 18 Jul
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Wouldn't want her in your company
taffy 1:00pm Tue 18 Jul
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waste of time. AGAIN!
What a waste of time. Whenever are they going to get a chance to spend £300 of someone else's money. Why don't the teams study the show beforehand and see what kind of things to avoid.
SPENDTHELOT. 6:40pm Mon 17 Jul
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New show today red team made £20 profit and acted like they had won the lottery. Despair of this programme?????.
WILLOW. 1:23pm Mon 17 Jul
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Different repeats
Yesterday another repeat aired several times before - health and safety issues climbing a ladder for a different tape? Waste of broadcasting time again!
taffy 1:05pm Mon 17 Jul
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When it states repeat there should be a number at the side stating how many times its been shown. I'm sick of seeing that horrible blue set. I mean Thomas planks suit not the crockery.
only saying . 1:29pm Sun 16 Jul
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I know what I'm watching has I've seen most BH at least 4 or 5 times, how can it be different if most are repeats?.
SHAUN THE ANT. 1:00pm Sun 16 Jul
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How do you know there is very little to enjoy if you don't watch?? Every prog is different with different people and different items It can be very amusing and informative eg I have some clarice yippee! I better get them on ebay quick.
georgie 7:22am Sun 16 Jul
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I put antique dealers in the same catergory as used car dealers and estate agents.They are all Con artists . I wouldn't want to play find the lady with any of this lot.
KING TADPOLE. 9:58pm Sat 15 Jul
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You have not grasped the sentiment of the statement, I have watched BH for years and have arrived with the idea it is one big con.
shaun the ant 7:39pm Sat 15 Jul
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Well said. This is only a light hearted lunchtime entertainment show. People need to lighten up! I certainly wouldn't consider myself qualified to criticise shows that I don't even watch
Daff 3:04pm Sat 15 Jul
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Impossible to call this dated show good, but I does not mean that I am watching it.
SHAUN THE ANT. 12:48pm Sat 15 Jul
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I like it but not some of the experts/presenters. There are an awful lot of negative comments here by people who watch it. Funny that! If I don't like something I switch off.....simples!
georgie 10:39pm Fri 14 Jul
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Did you say you enjoyed the programme, you must be saying it tongue in cheek as theres very little to enjoy.
SHAUN THE ANT. 5:45pm Fri 14 Jul
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Why won't you print positive reviews about this programme? Every time I try to say I enjoyed the show my comment is never printed.
Daff 2:46pm Fri 14 Jul
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Pittance Hunt
New but same old crap two teams of morons spending as little as possible, experts not helping with usual result.
HOLLYWOOD. 1:38pm Fri 14 Jul
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Cat Women and the Plank.
Newer repeats but still dire, experts the usual sub-standard teams awful.
ZEUS 1:35pm Thu 13 Jul
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