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Retro idiot on today, afraid he's a lost cause.Chap in blue team made Natasha look sane,thought he was going to have an heart attack what a idiot. Everyone lost again experts 0 teams 0, same all the time.
Hobgoblin. 1:26pm Mon 22 May
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ugly doll.
If snow white really did look like that ugly doll, the handome prince would have married the witch.
bluebird. 12:59pm Mon 22 May
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ms bliss had a good teacher. Phillip serrell.
popeye. 9:41pm Sun 21 May
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You must realise that Kate Bliss has always talked to people like they are brain dead or small children. Its the way she is, be it BH or PYMWYMI thats her way.
BINKY. 12:52pm Sun 21 May
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To days new BH of Plant and Hawley usual story, Plant gets his team to buy two crap items, and then a quality one for a excessive price. Hawley the same cheap and nasty for two and the other quality, both end up winning nothing????.
CHIPPY 1:17pm Fri 19 May
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not again!
Kate bliss again. She's starting to "bliss" me off.
popeye. 12:26pm Thu 18 May
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Too much gabble
Why does Natasha Raspin have to talk over the auctioneer she is so annoying thathat I have to turn off. There are far better presenters . I used to love Bargain hunt.
Dismayed viewer. 1:51pm Wed 17 May
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It aint what it used to be
BH has lost it, now why could that be? I'll have to ponder on that one - now lets think ...
Timbo 1:17pm Wed 17 May
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The idea is to win as much money has you can not scrap about buying cheap crap, and end up with £1-75 profit plus a piece of tin shaped like a gavel. Or both make no profit and win by losing the less than the other team.
JETHRO 1:39pm Tue 16 May
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The Concept
It is to win not how much money you take home! The ultimate aim is to get the golden gavel. More profit can be made on cheaper items. Some of the stuff the experts go for as the bonus buy are way to pricey to start with no chance of making anything at all.
reuben 9:11pm Sat 13 May
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The Concept
It is to win not how much money you take home! The ultimate aim is to get the golden gavel. More profit can be made on cheaper items. Some of the stuff the experts go for as the bonus buy are way to pricey to start with no chance of making anything at all.
reuben 7:49pm Sat 13 May
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When will these teams realise that the £300 is not theirs and spend it on quality. They seem to think that by spending little they can win big, idiots they have to buy decent stuff to do that?.Theres no help coming from the experts as they get paid anyway. so wake up you no hopers?????????????????????.
ANTEATER. 6:35pm Fri 12 May
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Two teams guided by two experts, the experts Bliss/Bisram get the four no-hopers to buy cheap crap. Then if they lose a pittance it does not reflect on them???.
JETHRO. 4:29pm Fri 12 May
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5 pieces of wood including Thomas plant himself, he's the biggest plank of all.
bluebird. 2:19pm Tue 9 May
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This new expert Tim Weeks really is crap and thats saying something.Makes Natasha look like a genius,get rid quick???.
ZIPPY 1:32pm Mon 8 May
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I don't mind Natasha but my other half said today "she might be married now but she's still daft". Oh such is life we don't all like the same!
georgie 1:09pm Mon 8 May
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Hugh myrrh
Actually I loved your comments. Eee by gum I did. I see the weird Raskin is on yet again today, oh dear
Only fair 12:41pm Mon 8 May
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If Natasha gets the job then it should be on merit not cos she has youth on her side unless of course her other half is a tv producer like Holly Willoughby. But then you know that you little tinker.
reuben 8:26am Mon 8 May
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Ye should be put in the stocks and have mouldy cabbages thrown at you. Oldies indeed. Ee, by gum my lumbago is giving me gip and I'm only 103. Now away with thee, or i will set the hound of the raskinville on you . Ey up, I'm off, "only fair " is on a non existent troll alert.
Hugh myrrh. 11:52pm Sun 7 May
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So oldies dislike Natasha Raskin do they Rosko, what utter tripe you write . People have opinions of all ages and they are not all old , so stop trying to type- cast people.
PSH 9:22pm Sun 7 May
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The phantom voice...
Why are we now getting Paul Martin type unnecessary voice overs. ' the purple teddy bear sold for £25' 'A green vase'......???
Arena 3:30pm Sun 7 May
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Prev comm
Agree about Christina....she appears lovely inside and out. If they are really looking for a new presenter, look no further!
georgie 1:23pm Fri 5 May
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Too much gabble
Natasha Raspin really annoys me when she presents Bagain hunt, she talks over the Auctioneer so I can't hear the auctioneer. Christina trevallian is far more pleasant and sensible and would be great.
A65plus 12:46pm Fri 5 May
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Stick in the muds!
I think Natasha should take over completely. You oldies should give the girl a chance - shes earned it.
Rosko 12:42pm Fri 5 May
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Childish gabble
Switched off yet again as soon as Raskin appeared - so irritating. Used to love Bargain Hunt.
Fleur 12:32pm Fri 5 May
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Natasha Raskin
What is going on, has she got shares in BH
oscar 12:18pm Fri 5 May
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Zip it
The important thing about the programme is the actual auction. So could the presenters calm down and let us hear what the auctioneer is saying. Totally drowned out today by childish gabble.
Neo 7:52pm Thu 4 May
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Todays BH was a repeat and shows Natasha at her most stupid, she has calmed down slightly since then. Still hysterical now a bit more sane, thats more than I can say for the show. One team went for a Minton bowl price £280 and got it for £100 and still lost,whos kidding who ???????.
JAKE. 5:23pm Thu 4 May
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Only fair
Light hearted banter is not trolling. We are not viscious or hurtfull so stop stirring things.Oscar gives as good as he gets. Btw who are you really whom you say you are??
georgie 4:31pm Thu 4 May
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only fair.
No, I am not georgie. Please do not call me a troll. It's light hearted talk. I don't mean anything by it. From what I've read what Georgie has put there's nothing nasty been wrote.
bluebird. 4:16pm Thu 4 May
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Bluebird and Georgie
Are you the same person. Even if you deny it you are becoming trolls. I really don't want to get into this but Oscar and all other commentators are entitled to their opinion on the show
Only fair 2:27pm Thu 4 May
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Oscar .
As georgie says, you doth protest too much. You love our tash really.
bluebird. 1:49pm Thu 4 May
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b The basking shark ?
why on earth miss Raskins habit of opening her mouth wide to emphasise a silly quip very immature.
old git 1:43pm Thu 4 May
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bluebird and georgie
Oh dear, the Natasha Raskin appreciation society are on the warpath, I,d better watch out
Oscar 12:43pm Thu 4 May
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What is going on
If Natasha Raskin is the new presenter please let us know then I won't bother to switch on
Daff 12:24pm Thu 4 May
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Oscar .
Oscar and natasha sitting in a tree..........K. I. S. S. I. N. G.
bluebird. 4:33pm Wed 3 May
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Have you taken over the Bargain Hunt comnents? You know you really really like Tash cos you doth protest too much!
georgie 3:47pm Wed 3 May
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natasha Raskin
has she taken over this show?
oscar 12:20pm Wed 3 May
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Trashasha Trashbin. Feel free to use.
DUSTY BIN. 3:48pm Tue 2 May
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Rather watch Natasha than Eric Knowles any day of the week
Barnaby 1:00pm Tue 2 May
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Natasha Raskin
I see from comment that I,m not the only one to switch off when she is on
oscar 12:49pm Tue 2 May
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tat hunt.
£52 worth of crap. They were robbed. Have trouble flogging the tat for a quid at my local car boot . Should be called tat hunt.
gizmo. 1:52pm Mon 1 May
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May Day
Repeat on May Day now, two more teams of brain dead types spending £52 and £105 between them.No hope for this over due programme, time to scrap it please?.
SHAUN THE ANT . 1:24pm Mon 1 May
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Two teams of idiots today, no idea what an antique is and never will have. Presenter Anita over acting again nothing changes, Bliss useless as always and Pratt not interested.
BILKO. 6:18pm Fri 28 Apr
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Most of these presenters - experts have no personality thats the problem, should stick to auctioneering.
HIGHLANDER. 6:47pm Thu 27 Apr
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Anita Manning
She (and Natasha) does a really good job. Trevanion is pretty, but so lacklustre
Pluto 6:02pm Thu 27 Apr
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Presentation Presentation can we have better presentation seems its all gone out with TW lets get back to more experienced presenters with out looking at cue cards. IE Trevannion ?
old git 1:22pm Thu 27 Apr
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Charles Hanson
What a great job CH did today. I really enjoyed it
Daff 1:02pm Wed 26 Apr
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charles hanson
todays contestant spent only £54 how pathetic
Oscar 12:59pm Wed 26 Apr
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The reason is BH costs very little to produce and the overheads are small. Film crew, presenters and experts, and very little on teams. Most spend a pittance, so its all great for the BBC cheap crap????.
JETHRO. 7:13pm Tue 25 Apr
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