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Hope you are right instead of all no hopers they keep filling in with.
ZEUS. 6:56pm Wed 22 Feb
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Eric Knowles
Obviously taken over but the powers that be won't announce it.
Suzyq 6:09pm Wed 22 Feb
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It seems to be the idea of the majority of teams, are they think or what?. Spend more and stand a chance of winning a decent amount, its not your money for heaven sake .
HIGHLANDER. 1:53pm Tue 21 Feb
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narasha raskin
Its switch off day, anita is on
oscar 12:42pm Tue 21 Feb
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Add Thomas plant to the list.
pegasus. 1:21pm Mon 20 Feb
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Think you missed one Kate Bliss she is completely useless.
OCTOPUS 1:16pm Mon 20 Feb
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Completely agree get rid, fresh faces and a revised format.Get teams to start buying decent antiques.
HOBGOBLIN. 1:08pm Mon 20 Feb
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Keep Gary pe, he's great!
moggy. 11:51am Mon 20 Feb
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Dead wood Hanson,stacey,manning,serrell,braxton,suthurn,hawley,raskin,raj,ross,harper,sebastian,all for the chop and start again.
Jake 10:37am Mon 20 Feb
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Why? You only have to look at his trousers.....no taste!
get real 9:10pm Sun 19 Feb
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That awful broken bonus buy of David harpers, why?
pegasus. 11:23am Sun 19 Feb
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all the women
Bargain c#nts.
Dim one a snot . 3:46pm Fri 17 Feb
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Too much Charlie
Thumbs down for Charlie Ross - overwheming
The Riddler 1:05pm Fri 17 Feb
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How do I get it?
Love BH but having had months of it in Eire I am back home in Italy and can't find a way of getting it. On line means using up too many Gigs. I could however, do without Anita.... the most annoying presenter on the show!
Del from Italy 11:22am Fri 17 Feb
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Avid watcher
Is Tim Wonnactt a Cross dresser? Love the show , but why doesn't he shop for clothes in a mens outfitters? He looks so ridiculous.
Nick( Australia ) 8:39am Fri 17 Feb
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Everytime Charlie Ross is on i have to turn down the brightness, he looks like he's been tangoed. He makes dale Winton look anaemic .
moggy. 10:20pm Thu 16 Feb
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Natasha Raskin
Hopefully once the current series has aired she won't be used again. She is absolutely dreadful as an expert or presenter
So disapointed 4:46pm Thu 16 Feb
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Its a shame the girl is so intense all the time, waving her arms about and standing with her mouth open at the drop of a hat.Calm down and stick to auctioneering please.
LUKE. 2:50pm Thu 16 Feb
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Please please get rid of Natasha she is dreadful.
Long time viewer 1:04pm Thu 16 Feb
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narasha raskin
I guess its switch off day, you know who is on
oscar 12:49pm Thu 16 Feb
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Time for things to change, before its to late and all the experts and presenters should stick to auctioneering. start afresh with new blood and new format.
psh 10:47am Wed 15 Feb
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Why is it when David Harper is on bh he always acts like a movie star, so contrived with everything he does.The mans so over the top and loves himself to bits???.
Ivor 5:55pm Mon 13 Feb
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anita. .
Anitas flippin hair, its been tonged to within an inch of its life . Unchanged in 50 year's . Still she can take it off at night and put it on a wig holder by her bed.
sergeant bash. 2:19pm Mon 13 Feb
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I will say it again
anita stop behaving as though you are rehearsing for an acting job in the national theatre you are a pain in the a**e
mossie 1:08pm Mon 13 Feb
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Natasha fan
I agree with my husband - be fair
Mrs Riddler 1:01pm Mon 13 Feb
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narasha raskin
I guess its switch off day, you know who is on
oscar 12:17pm Mon 13 Feb
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I dont know about dead wood, more like a complete forest on BH needs a total revamp ???.
CAPYBARA. 3:44pm Sun 12 Feb
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dead wood.
Get rid of the dead wood . Serrell and plant. It's all about what THEY want to buy. Anything that's farm related and woodworm infested with serrell and expensive Japanese tat that was made 5 minutes ago with plant.
moggy. 2:25pm Sun 12 Feb
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When will the dramatics and clowning cease from certain experts and presenters , and return to a decent programme.
viking 10:24am Sun 12 Feb
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Will all contestants from now on take note of todays programme and spend more to make a profit.Instead of penny pinching with loads of tat.
ZEUS 1:36pm Fri 10 Feb
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anita manning
Oh Anita, stick to auctioneering
0scar 12:34pm Fri 10 Feb
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stale .
As stale as last week's bread. Bogtail, more like bog roll.
spotty dog. 3:03pm Thu 9 Feb
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Time to scrap BH
I used to enjoy watching BH in my lunch hour, now I usually switch off unless Eric Knowles is in charge.
Daffodil 12:30pm Thu 9 Feb
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Love what you did there!
get real 11:52am Thu 9 Feb
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These days BH is less entertaining than listen with mother.
JAKE 11:11am Thu 9 Feb
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mk kid
Please please protect viewers from Raskin STUPIDITY she has to giggle at every comment made and so unprofessional and hasn;t got a clue incentive to switch off .
Mk kid 1:35pm Tue 7 Feb
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Sorry tried watching again after a break but it's no good bargain hunt has completely lost its way..
Reet 12:31pm Tue 7 Feb
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Todays new BH was the ultimate in tripe, Caroline Hawley as the expert and two dim dog breeders they spent £44 on three items.They still lost even with the bonus buy what a load of ?????,the other team had no idea either utter tat.
HOBGOBLIN. 3:28pm Mon 6 Feb
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24. 5p
4s 11d is 24 and a half p in todays money, not 60p as Eric said.
observant . 12:40pm Mon 6 Feb
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that should have been Natasha
oscar 1:01pm Wed 1 Feb
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great auctioneer
Great to have a good auctioneer, and no Atasha
oscar 12:52pm Wed 1 Feb
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cannot believe the
c**p the presenters allow the dozy contestants to buy then they get left with a huge amount of money for a bonus buy then spend less than a tenner on them natasha is the worst offender along with laugh a minute Christina
mossie 10:31am Sun 29 Jan
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Time for a clear out BBC all new experts and presenters, plus a new format with teams spending more money on antiques.Before this aged show sinks without trace.
capybara 11:20am Sat 28 Jan
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WHAT A LOAD OF ???????.
Todays new show plunged to new depths, two teams best described as half-wits spent £95 and £53 between them.The two so called experts spent £10 and £15 it was obvious they could not care less, so no profits what a surprise complete drivel.
psh 1:08pm Fri 27 Jan
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Repeat as usual with Thomas Plant that wonderful expert performing, paid £185 for Chinese nephrite disc and it sold for £55 super deal???.
zeus 4:14pm Thu 26 Jan
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Tired, contrived, cheap-to-make tat.
Flipper 11:23am Wed 25 Jan
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The UNloveable rogue Danny sebastians on. He'd pinch the steam off your tea. I bet his wife goes to bed with one eye open, in case he steals her purse that she has hidden under her pillow.
moggy. 12:41pm Fri 20 Jan
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one and only.
The reds should have said "look plant, this is our one and only time on this show and we will buy what the bloody hell we want, even if it makes a stonking loss "!!!!! Mr bloody Worcester serrell s on again. He's in my lounge that often I'm thinking of charging him rent!
shadow 1 12:59pm Thu 19 Jan
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Even the repeats are repeats. Sick of seeing "Mr Worcester "Phillip serrell. About time he was penshioned off. So should yesterday's offering, Mark "spiteful over the top gay voice "Stacey.
shadow 1 1:34pm Wed 18 Jan
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When will this endless load of repeats cease with Tim Wonnacott as presenter. Each week two new and three repeats endlessly.
CAPYBARA. 1:22pm Wed 18 Jan
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