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Bedlam Comments
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Bring it back
Bring it back best thing ever
Deedee 5:54pm Sat 23 May
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bring it back
For the love of god plz return really miss watching it!
sammie 1982 6:12am Fri 5 Sep
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Bring it back
Naomi 1:00am Sat 26 Jul
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Bedlam series 1&2 was amazing its ashame that your not doing a thrid season.
alucardracula 8:16am Tue 22 Jul
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Love it
sweetdreamer 10:35pm Thu 5 Dec
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Season 3 this year
Last year at the end of the last episode of season 2 im sure they said it will be returning this year. Unfortunately we're still waiting.
Love for Bedlam 6:47pm Thu 26 Sep
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Season three yes or no
Is there going to be a series 3 ever please let me know xx
Kiera1234kk 12:39pm Mon 12 Aug
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Season 3 NC
Look guys bedlam ain't here for s3 so stop wasting ur time postin these comments
Yazzy456 7:43pm Fri 2 Aug
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season three
When will season 3 be aired it's an amazing show I can't stop watching it!
sef 2:27pm Sat 29 Jun
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series 3
when will series 3 be airing????
lealea 5:34pm Sun 16 Jun
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bedlam ????
When is series three on is there going to be one!? I loved 1st and 2nd got to say i loved lacey turner in series two one of my favourite actresses! :)
bedlam lover 2:08pm Mon 13 May
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bedlam ashley madweke
Yes ashley said she wud be returning to bedlam seriez 3 wich starts filmin in laye 2013
tvd fan 7:16pm Sat 11 May
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byu btrf yu
fdvvdb 5:43pm Thu 13 Dec
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loved it
I loved the whole first and second series however if there is a 3rd series I'd sooo love 2 c jed, ryan and max return also I'd like 2 c what happened to molly when she got in that white van xxxx.
titchytish xxxx 10:56pm Sun 9 Dec
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Intentional Plot Hole?
At the end of the first series we see the wing of the building collapse around the mausoleum, but we don't actually see Jed die- all we have is Warren's word at the beginning of series 2, and he's an established liar. But whether he's dead or not, his story MUST be revisited now that he's been revealed as Ellie's brother. I still suspect, for everyone craving Theo James' return to the show, that Jed will make an appearance or two should there be another series.
BedlamWatch 5:36pm Wed 14 Nov
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I think killing off Jed hurt this show. I liked him much better. I don't like the new assistant at ALL.
tv4me 1:47pm Thu 8 Nov
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bedlam season 4
bedlam is also beng picked up for a series 4 which is to be aired in late 2014 there are ru,mours that lacey turners cast will not return in series 4 as lacey turner is filming switch season 2
tvd fan 7:35pm Tue 6 Nov
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Bedlam season 3
I cannot wait for the new season, I love this show, love the actors, and all the stories. Great Job!!!
Jasminallwhite 10:22pm Mon 22 Oct
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Dropping the original caste was such a cop out. This is equivalent to killing the main character at the end, writers block. This no trend in writing, this is just creative laziness. GEEZE.
L!EX 12:38am Mon 22 Oct
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bedlam series 3
yes there is going to be a bedlam series 3 its coming in spring 2013 yeh theres also going to be returnin cast members lacey turner and nikesh patel
tvd fan 4:36pm Fri 12 Oct
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I love bedlam
When is bedlam back on tv? I love watching it. Lacey turner is one of my fav actresses.
shrimp 2:32am Wed 26 Sep
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is their a 3rd season?????
Is their gunna b a 3rd season to this or won't their b???
vampire1887 6:52pm Tue 18 Sep
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Worst acting I've ever seen!
Such a shame that this series, with so much potential, was let down by such awful acting. I've seen better acting in school plays.
Emvee 12:23am Sat 18 Aug
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I think its the best supernatural series we have so lets not lose it and if you dont like it then dont watch it!!!!!!
Ghost 12:20pm Mon 13 Aug
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love it
For the fact that's its a British made series I think its a refreshing change to the American horror programs. Yes its not as good but I really enjoyed it for what it is so please everyone give it a chance. Please make a series 3.
delly 10:15pm Tue 31 Jul
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NK 3:41pm Fri 27 Jul
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really love this programme, been following it ever since it started. haven't missed 1.
NK 2:25pm Thu 26 Jul
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Fab programme love it !!!
Sjl 1:04am Thu 26 Jul
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Great series. Wasn't a fan of eastenders and Lacey Turner but she was ok in this. Max freaked me out! Kept expecting him to turn into a murderer or something, really weird! Hope a 3rd series is commissioned but maybe replace max!!!
Lj 10:21pm Mon 16 Jul
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awful 2nd Series so far
I liked the 1st series, including the ending, but the 2nd Series, so far is absolute garbage. Used to like Lacey Turner but really can't stand her in this. The only worthwhile character to me is Max.
blackhibee 10:38pm Thu 12 Jul
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Keeps getting better
the first season was kinda boring and had terrible acting, but the second season is absoloutely amazing. It has you terrified as you journey through plot twists and ghosts. in the first season, the ghosts didnt do much, but the second season shows vicous, angry, violent ghosts. Of course, not every episode is good but the vast majority leaves you with the thrill of finding out what happens next week also, season 1 episode 5 has the most shocking ending ever. i suggest you watch it and skip to the end btw, a lot of missing characters from season 1 will return, is that helpsanswer your questions.
lol 12:24pm Fri 6 Jul
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Absolute Crap!
One of the worst shows of its kind that I have ever had the misfortune to watch. No real story line and the acting is appalling.Some ghost shows up and someone dies....Next episode some ghost shows up and someone dies....
Critical 3:28am Thu 5 Jul
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Terrible Acting!!!
I loved the first series of Bedlam but I'm sorry to say the acting is so shockingly poor that after watching the third episode (giving it the benefit of the doubt)I'm switching off. The main actress is the only convincing character in the whole show, don't think it will make a third series :(
Jellyfish 10:52pm Tue 26 Jun
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Lost was the most disappointing ending of any series, but people are being negative about this after just one series?? It's awesome; give it time to go through to the end, however may series that may be (and I hope it's lots), before you judge.
Mandown 11:03am Wed 13 Jun
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What happened to molly then?
As series 2 has.now.started they say that molly stayed in thailand with her yoga instructor but wait, what happened when she.got in the white van at the end of series 1?
Confused1 11:02pm Tue 12 Jun
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Loved it, have watched the full season and can't wait for season 2 to start, I'm hooked, great cast and a script that keeps you wanting more.
colbrook from OZ 2:56am Mon 9 Apr
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People complain to much,,
I think bedlam was absolutely brilliant. Yes, the ending of the first series was annoying as hell but in my experience that shows one hell of producing and script writing, Think people. they want you to keep questioning and thinking about it so you can view the second series, all i know is that it has been a year on since it was first brought out and im still thinking about it! i want to know what happens to jed. if that isnt good ascript writing i dont know what is!, as for the people who do ot like the problem may i recommend that you do not watch it then? i personally dont care if you didnt like it and if all the bad points you can think of is that "it was awful" its not a very helpful comment and is therefore un wanted. I would recommend bedlam to anyone who loves a good old spook fest and a tv show they can get their teeth into. Please dont be put off by negative comments that have been put on here randomly, they obviously prefer watching some mindless drivvle about celebrities rather than intellectual tv.
Laura 3:38pm Fri 6 Apr
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Loved bedlam definatley wanting a second series however with spoilers it seems that they make the orginal cast dwindle away which is disappointing as it doesnt answer the questions left from season one :) so as a whole loved season 1 however due to spoliers cringing at the thought of season 2
CharlotteSaltFan!! 9:20pm Sun 4 Mar
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Loved it...
Found this on catch-up when trying to avoid reality tv. The paranormal theme and interesting twists made this a winner for me. More please!
Pocco 7:16pm Tue 10 Jan
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a good show...
it wasnt the best show ever, but it was interesting, something new to watch and with so much potencial, and refreshing comparing the other shows, to the people who didnt like it, simply dont watch it! hopefully theres a second season...
Mexico! 7:14am Sat 17 Dec
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Season 2 is a MUST!
A show is good if the ending makes everyone squeal and need answers! I dont understand why there are so many negative ratings, it was the first season for crying out loud! And six episodes no less! It has great potential and quite honestly I want more, and I want answers. I think it needs more episodes and more time... a second season is a must! Lets give it a chance people! They did damn good for a first season with only six episodes!
Serena 2:18pm Thu 24 Nov
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We want Bedlam 'n' we want it now! Brilliant!!
yes do...show some more, can't wait to find out all the answers from the ending... follow the story on 'n' show Bedlam for what it really was... people went there for help 'n' got something quite different than they expected... yeah i say do it :) we wanna see bedlam back without a doubt!!
mandi minx ;) 1:21pm Tue 22 Nov
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I honestly don't understand why people are hateing on Bedlam. There's the multiple plots to keep the story interesting but not too many that the watcher gets confused. The acting was pretty good throughout. And the show has originality in that it's a supernatural horror which there aren't many of. I thought it was a great show and deffinitely worth watching!
USbedlamFan 7:27pm Thu 10 Nov
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This is one of the best shows on tv in a very long time. Its nothing like I have ever watched before. The ending was a very smart move on their part! They have to leave you hanging a little bit in order for them to do another season! Many questions were answered but they can't answer them all! Loved it and can't wait for season 2!!
Bedlamfan 5:26am Thu 10 Nov
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watched this on sky anytime and really enjoyed it but have no idea what they were doing with the ending!!!!
nicki224 10:06pm Sat 16 Jul
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Did Not Love It
I thought the whole series was poor and Will Young could not act his way out of a paper bag!
Celia X 3:30pm Fri 17 Jun
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Luved It.
The ending was poor, i've been driven mad for an explanation thank goodness there are others like me out there. Will Young was fab as a nerdy, techy, gay guy so leave him alone. Charlotte Salt created a character I grew to hate, isn't that good acting? Did think Jed was responsible when it ended where it did but what about the white van that picked up Molly. If there is a 2nd series PLEASE ANSWER ALL THAT SERIES 1 LEFT UNANSWERED.
Bedfan 7:40pm Tue 14 Jun
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Enjoyed the series but furious at the ending. What a rip-off
Me2 12:04pm Mon 23 May
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much ado......
Got round to watching this at last on catch up. What was it all about.All the comments in your reviews made me think this was something special. It was not! Much ado about nothing.
Penny Hill 5:40pm Wed 4 May
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keeps you hanging on
Great series but confusing ending. Really enjoyed it.
Hammy 1 5:05pm Mon 2 May
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