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Such a shame to see a once brilliant show deteriorate into a pile of hot, stinking crap. All the best shows bow out when they are still on top, but this one is wringing it out to the bitter end. I say do a one off Christmas special with the old characters instead of the new characters, who haven't brought anything remotely funny with them. Adios amigos ??
stottybot 8:56pm Thu 11 Feb

x benidorm fan
what has happened to a brilliant tv series this series is pure crap what can i say about tigers mate to daft to laugh at vary disapointing
bonzi 5:17pm Wed 10 Feb
Total crap
Switch this off
Depressed 11:42pm Tue 9 Feb
give me back my hour of life
Seriously, get rid of new family, and Tiger and friend. Total crap, tv. shame on casting crew.
ex benidorm watcher 11:23pm Tue 9 Feb
Dreadful new characters
Please, plesae what is happening to Benidorm. Please get rid of the new family who are trying to replace the garvey family and the two stupid boys joey and tiger, Awful acting and storylines.
Persian Kitcat 9:21pm Tue 9 Feb
What went wrong???
from the most funniest thing on TV to cringe worthy acting and pathetic storylines - how can they get it so wrong this time. Time to put this one in the waste paper basket.
SusanH 9:57am Tue 9 Feb
Probably went to the same "acting" school as Danny Dyer!
once more 9:36am Tue 9 Feb
dum and dummer
how the hell did joey get an acting job ,all the comments are about him.
jazz 11:26pm Mon 8 Feb
I visit every yr, watching the series hypes me up, not this yr joey is a joke, I could do better, puts learning disability to shame. not laughed once yet. Such ashame.
Bettyboo 11:25pm Mon 8 Feb
The early Benidorm's were good. Great everyday humour. It's really lost it's way. Joey belongs on CITV such a childish character.
Tobe 10:32pm Mon 8 Feb
What a shame, used to be funny with Harvey's etc, new actor boys are shocking. Insulting to watch
Matt midlands 10:03pm Mon 8 Feb
can not watch anymore,Has For joey and his friend,like a couple of 5 year olds,Bring Back the Garveys.
london john 9:52pm Mon 8 Feb
Such a Shame
All the other series were terrific but sadly with the Garveys gone and the new idiot boy in, it's totally gone downhill. What a total shame.
WineGirl18 9:46pm Mon 8 Feb
Tiger and his friend
Tiger and hi friend are very childish????????????????
Mags 9:36pm Mon 8 Feb
Bring back the garveys
Total trash new cast are awful bring back the garveys
James 9:30pm Mon 8 Feb
What has happened to what was a really funny programme!? As for the Joey character words fail me. Noreens alcoholic daughter is the only one that has made me smile......
Maz 9:18pm Mon 8 Feb
Shockingly bad!
Give it up Derren...worse then the last series...and that's saying something!
Steve 10:35pm Wed 3 Feb
Only one character funny
The latest series of Benidorm is the pits. There hasn't been anything funny about it until Noreen's alkie daughter turned up - she is the only one who is reasonably funny... Derren Litten's best bet is to forget about making anymore.
Tombo 10:26pm Mon 1 Feb
Switched off!
Enjoyed the first couple of series but had to switch off the latest episode as absolutely abysmal. The Joey character has to be worst yet!! Definitely won't be bothering to watch any more episodes.
ed30gal 8:29am Sat 30 Jan
Watched this show at the beginning and cannot believe the BBC would waste 'our' money on such trash. Full of innuendo's and sleaze. Don't know how it has lasted so long.
unbelievable 10:33pm Fri 29 Jan
terrible show gone downhull,sherie hewson cannot act
kim 8:13pm Fri 29 Jan
Lost The Plot?
Dreadful,dreadful,dreadful.I Only watched the 1st one after never missing an episode of the old series. If they couldn't or didn't want to have all of the old cast, they shouldn't have bothered. The ones they have kept are valiantly trying hard with terrible clichéd scriptwriting. The new actors if you can call them that are useless. Please don't insult us and take it off our screens.
Moggy 10:15pm Thu 28 Jan
Joey is brilliant
Best new character!
Alex 1:41pm Thu 28 Jan
Litten should learn from Cleese
John Cleese stopped Fawlty Towers at series 2. Derren Litten should have stopped Benidorm when it was really funny, while the Garveys were still in it. It's now absolute crap. The writing's crap, and most of the characters are crap. And that's mainly because the script and characters are literally unbelievable.
ExFan 8:40pm Tue 26 Jan
Dreadfully disappointing
The first of the series was bearable but not brilliant. And it has gone seriously downhill since then. Absolutely awful, crap acting of a badly written script. To be funny it needs to be believable, this certainly is not. Awful.
KevvyP 11:28pm Mon 25 Jan
Joey is terrible!
Had to search to find out if anyone else thought that Joey was terrible, spoils the show!
Ann0304 9:42pm Mon 25 Jan
Shadow of former self
Most of the new characters are terrible, but that Joey takes the cake. How could anybody find him funny? Nothing like the first few seasons
CwoodFC 11:15pm Thu 21 Jan
Little bit poor like
Johny vegas is back might not be too bad, no garveys tho? and yeah the character joey someone like that would have needed a carer.
NiGel 4:55pm Wed 20 Jan
Very Disappointed
Nothing like it used to be. And Joey has to go!! (sorry whoever you are who plays him)
Chelsea Girl 1:30pm Wed 20 Jan
Never seen such trash
I loved Benidorm but it has even put me off the place I never ever want to see it again. And who ever wrote this series wants a new head as its to daft to be even silly. Why Scrap it and save face. That child screeching was the tin hat on it all.
Bebe 7:20pm Tue 19 Jan
new series
What a shame....So very mediocre, lame lines and as for the pairing of tiger and his oh so unfunny mate joey(worst actor ever)...less said the better....RAISE YOUR GAME BENIDORM! !
goggles 6:59pm Tue 19 Jan
Benidorm TV series No1 Fan
I can not believe any of these people have ever been to Benidorm who write on here, Derren has it off to a Tee, well done Derren and all the new cast as well as the old and long may this show keep going it is pure escapism
Benidorm TV series No1 fan 6:55pm Tue 19 Jan
Awful Awful Awful. Not a shadow on previous series
Abs 6:10am Tue 19 Jan
What a shame
I was looking forward to this new series. What happened guys...........
Benny Dormer 10:41pm Mon 18 Jan
I agree darron! They have really dropped the standard if they think hes funny!! Terrible. If he lasts a series i,ll be gob smacked
Jonty 9:54pm Mon 18 Jan
Script ?
Who wrote the script for the programme ?got it totally wrong ? Actors all hasbeens ? Scraping the Barrell I say ? Waist of money ?
Breeze 9:49pm Mon 18 Jan
Whos tigers mate!! What gimp! Last time i seen acting that bad i was watching my kids school play!! Epic fail
Dazzer 9:13pm Mon 18 Jan
Great start to season 8
Really good episode, great new family, they will never replace the Garveys but they are funny. They need to bring Crissy Rock back though as hotel manager.
amiman 6:03pm Thu 14 Jan
So Far, Not So Good :-(
Early days, I guess, but looks to be a shadow of its former self. Many of the characters that made it so successful are now, sadly, missing – what a pity. Maybe the makers should have quite whilst at the top, so to speak?
God 4:24pm Wed 13 Jan
Love Beni
Hoping the series gets better and so glad to see it back on our screens. Lovin the oldies but not so sure on the newbies. Can't wait till Monday.
Boo ;-) 8:53pm Tue 12 Jan
Benidorm let it go
Crap last night
Liz 3:11pm Tue 12 Jan
OMG what a terrible episode this was I don't think there was a funny line in all the show. Who are all these terrible new people? It's clearly time to call it a day.
Yorksguy 7:12am Tue 12 Jan
Benidorm series 8
Absolutely crap bring back series 1 and original actors. So disappointing
Brennie 9:45pm Mon 11 Jan
Brilliant favourite program along with Insp.Montelbano. Derek Litten knows life. Keep writing
Jackie 11:22pm Sun 15 Feb
Love benidorm
Loving this series cried at tonight's :( can't wait for it to start again
Beth 10:03pm Fri 13 Feb
Different writers?
I really liked Benidorm, but the current series 7 (2015) is dreadful. I used to laugh out loud but this series barley raises a smile. Have the writers changed?
Disappointed - turning over 11:54am Wed 11 Feb
Watford Family
Please please get rid of the so called Watford Family, none of them can act and they theie storylines are dreadful They really spoil the show
ilovecats 3:44pm Sun 1 Feb
fridays catch up!
As I missed Fridays episode of Benidorm I went to replay on catch up but found they had put on the wrong episode! How can I find Fri 30th episode?
MMY 1:45pm Sun 1 Feb
for gods sake please please let sherrie go she cant act at all the writers need to give their heads a shake bring back the old cast
switch off 10:17pm Sun 25 Jan
Best show ever
Love Benidorm, especially the swinger from CBeebies
The_ness 5:50pm Fri 16 Jan

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