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I am afraid Benidorm is missing the Garvey's big time. Making Benidorm without them is like making Dads Arm with out Captain Mainwaring
Wally 1:46pm Thu 25 Aug

Way past its best.....
I used to love this series, but the last series was so bad and unfunny I only watched the first episode. Poor writing is to blame in my opinion & poor casting decisions. Lots of characters coming back when they aren't funny any more - needs put to bed now.
Jrd190003 7:14pm Wed 6 Apr
Bad since 6th series
Brilliant series 1 - 4, 5 started the rot with poor casting. Very sad.
Cheesy 11:30pm Sun 27 Mar
Put it out of its misery
Worst series yet unfortunately, the best characters have long gone. Won't bother watching the next series, especially if Joey is back in it - the most irritating character ever.
JF 3:22pm Fri 18 Mar
Clever, fun and well written. Benidorm gets better as it progresses - no wonder it keeps winning awards!
Norfolkungood 8:56pm Sat 12 Mar
Awful - shades of ancient "Eldorado" creeping in - shame !!
I_don't_believe_it 6:08pm Sat 12 Mar
itv needs help
itv is a laughing stock. if this drivel is supposed to be funny,then i am missing the point ,utter crap
john 8:12pm Sun 28 Feb
Very Disappointed
As an avid fan of all the previous series' I was expecting great things of the latest. The writer must have had the pick of hundreds of actors wanting to join the show. How he ended up with these new characters is totally beyond me. They don't interact, their dialogue is not funny, they are not funny in themselves. The new ones should have been able to banter similar to the Garveys. What an utter disappointment!
SteveLeeds 3:14pm Sun 28 Feb
As a great fan of Benidorm I found the last series total drivel except for the last episode can't believe its the same writer.
lodgie 6:00pm Sat 27 Feb
It was once a great program now crap .stop wasting money on bad writing and actors Shane Richie was terrible
big chris coalville 11:51am Fri 26 Feb
Another Series
The writers obviously don't read this columns, because the voice-over at the end of Monday's episode, said there will be a new Series early next year. Sadly I did not recognise Shane Ritchie until the cast appeared at the end.
Fed-Up 6:39pm Thu 25 Feb
Yawn inducing
Loved Benidorm but suffered through latest series. Flashes of humour from old cast members but wooden and uninspiring new characters. Such a shame for the stalwarts to be on the edges of such drivel.
Strawberry lady 1:26pm Thu 25 Feb
Dear oh dear
This programme was always a little cheesy but harmless innocent fun to watch and I enjoyed it.....22nd Feb hit a new low...even my 10 year old thought it was silly. Time for the scriptwriter to retire or re-schedule for children's tv
James 9:47pm Wed 24 Feb
I started watching Benidorm about two years ago and it was great this series is really poor either change the cast or change the writers .A real shame.
Devon Dumpling 6:32am Wed 24 Feb
Long time fan have all the previous box sets. This series was so badly written I thought that it had been written by a different person but apparently not so. The new family was absolutely boring, a hen pecked husband, a wife completely up herself, a spoiled brat of a daughter and a moaning groaning old codger of a grandfather. There was no amusing interaction at all. The only characters worse than them were Tiger and his stupid friend both of them thick as two short planks and not at all funny, and Shane Ritchie who could not have been more irritating if he had tried. We did not even have a nice singer, singing a popular song, as we did in most episodes of previous series . Karaoke performances were dire, consisting of a screeching child, a screeching adult, and two tuneless old codgers. There was no humour at all. Exactly like watching paint dry. It seemed to have been written by a teenager for adolescents. Needless to say I will not be purchasing the box set for this series. If you cannot do better than this do not bother to make another series.
Annie O 12:03am Wed 24 Feb
What is going om how is it allowing this dribble on our screens it's going down faster than the titanic , how can derren put his name to this and sherries bless her she's useless
Benielover 11:10pm Tue 23 Feb
So So Bad
There is no way I will be watching this ever again. It use to be my favourite programme. The new family, Joey and Tiger and now Shane Ritchie please plese go away. Who ever has written this series has a very strange sense of humour
kitty kat 7:04pm Tue 23 Feb
no more please
terrible, I hate the grandfather, tiger and joey. who writes this crap?
bbc 1:23pm Tue 23 Feb
its seems too me they dont know what to right anymore , i used to love watching it when the old team was in , bring it back ,
stud 11:14am Tue 23 Feb
to silly
I was a big fan of Benidorm but its getting to silly now shane Richie way way to stupid it was great upto about the 6th series
fred 10:22am Tue 23 Feb
latast Benidorm series
I enjoyed previous Benidorm series so much, but the latest series is painfully disappointing. It is as if the script writers have been changed or they are script writing to order which is stifling their former humor.
Rob 10:10am Tue 23 Feb
Learn from Fawlty Towers?...
...and quit while you are ahead! - this show should have been buried when it was at it's peak (around Series 3?) - I've stuck with it out of loyalty but the latest series is diabolically UNFUNNY with tedious, childish, and unrealistic characters and storylines, dreadful ham-acting, and possibly three of THE most annoying characters I've ever seen on TV - Joey, Tiger, and the daughter of the new family... Money for old rope. No More!!!
Cabri74 1:11am Tue 23 Feb
Benidorm 2016
Wonderful. Best ever. Can't wait til the next series. Don't know what's wrong with the other viewers
Susie Q 10:06pm Mon 22 Feb
Worst series yet
Watched all the previous series and enjoyed them. This series is really poor i keep watching it thinking it must get better but it actually gets worse! Bring the Garveys back they made it!
Col 9:30pm Mon 22 Feb
What has happened! This series is unbelievably poor!
It's such a shame this series is so badly written and I don't know if it's down to the poor writing but not a single members of the new cast can act! Still love the old cast but the writing in this series is such a let down, leaving it laking the quirkiness and substance it had in previous series. Was a huge fan before but don't think I will be watching any more episodes.
Danna Cooke 9:28pm Mon 22 Feb
Watched every series this last one is terrible. Surely they cant think this is funny. Joey is bloody awful. Bring back the garveys
john 9:25pm Mon 22 Feb
Oh dear
Benidorm R.I.P
Dezzie4 9:17pm Mon 22 Feb
I have watched and enjoyed every other series, I also purchased the full DVD's of every previous series. This one is terrible. The advertisers supporting the programme she have their investments returned. The young man with the frizzy hair will probably never work again, his jokes are unbelievably poor. Surely the writers and producers can see this. Rating Zero.
TomTom 7:13pm Mon 22 Feb
will not waste my time with tonights episode it even sounds awful
ste the para 4:31pm Mon 22 Feb
so disappointed
Was looking forward to the latest episodes of Benidorm. However, they have been extremely diluted into very poor watching. Please get rid of most of the new cast, who have had a seriously negative effect on what was a brilliantly funny programme.
DC 7:21pm Sun 21 Feb
not worth watching
seriously unfunny
sad 10:31pm Fri 19 Feb
Love it
This series is brilliant, I love it! Please keep it coming
Nick 1:58pm Fri 19 Feb
this is so bad know its embarrising.the barmaid or eye candy is the worst actress i have ever seen.please no more ever
fg 9:51pm Thu 18 Feb
Should be the last series
Time to pull the plug - the endings are nearly always the same boring karaoke nights, also missing the Garveys!
soso 9:45pm Thu 18 Feb
Poorest show on tv
Been to Benidorm because we loved the show so much. This series is full of over-acting, rediculous plots and the worst one-liners ever. No more please!!
Benidorm fan 5:17pm Wed 17 Feb
Really sad, I so looked forward to the return of Benidorm but this 2016 series is diabolical. I have tried to stay with it but every episode is equally lacking. Such a shame :(
Emalu 9:32pm Tue 16 Feb
What was writer Derren Litten thinking? Awful script, the characters don't work. Litten is resting on his laurels. Need new writers, this show could be excellent again.
Kit 8:43pm Tue 16 Feb
disappointed x fan
Watched and recorded every episode but would not waste the electric on this new crap
H 8:05pm Tue 16 Feb
Too awful to watch.
We got into Benidorm quite late but have watched all the past series and thought it was hilarious. However, this is really the worst thing I have ever seen. The script is awful, not a funny line at all, and the casting is terrible. I can bear to watch it.
Indie 7:51pm Tue 16 Feb
So sad
Me and the whole family were total fans and never missed an episode, have all the DVDs and even holidayed in Benidorm for the laugh. This latest series is the end of that love affair. Unbearable & unwatchable.
Benidorm Ex fan 6:52pm Tue 16 Feb
painfull the new barmaid is the worst actor ever as is the 3 lads poor and shame on itv
ste the para 4:58pm Tue 16 Feb
What awful casting and script, loved the program up to this series
He greek 2:16pm Tue 16 Feb
End of the line
This series is an insult to anyone with a sense of humour
We are not amused 11:53am Tue 16 Feb
Watched all the series BUT this latest is a pile of crap ! Didn't think they could be anyone worse than Sherie Hewson but now its full of bad actors. Call it a day !
Trigger.D 11:43am Tue 16 Feb
This has turned into the worst show on TV!!!! please don't do another series
Chrissy M 10:17am Tue 16 Feb
bring them back
never will be the same without the Garveys they made the show bring them back plzzzzz
chenzo 10:03am Tue 16 Feb
Not worth watching
Not the least bit funny with stupid, idiotic and ridiculous story lines. Take it off.
TV Watcher 10:27pm Mon 15 Feb
This series of Benidorm is the worst I have ever seen, time to call it a day and sack the globewriters.
never again 10:05pm Mon 15 Feb
Cannot view this any longer, actors and script are the worst i have ever seen
BOD 9:48pm Mon 15 Feb
thank goodness for kenneth and ms hewson and vegas old mam the rest is not funny at all
allie ho 9:41pm Mon 15 Feb

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